Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

One thing that really sticks out from my childhood about my dad is the way he supported me in everything I did. Growing up, he watched every single sports game of mine he could – softball, basketball, volleyball, and even the dreaded cold and rainy soccer games. My mom and dad would even travel to my away games. They even came to my away games when I played college volleyball…which was states away at times!

Aside from getting involved by taking me to and from games, practices, parades, etc, my dad also showed his support in a more literal sense…by coaching my softball team for a number of summers.

(I took these pictures the other day at a baseball diamond near my house. As you can guess, my dad’s extremely supportive of my blog as well. He even let me borrow-for-a-long-time his EOS 40D Cannon – just because he says I’d use it more than him – for the blog. He’s been encouraging me to learn more about it – the artsy schtuff, so I did. And when I saw the baseball diamond I got a little nostalgic, and knew exactly what my next picture subject would be 🙂 )

My dad didn’t really have much coaching experience, so I know he did it just for me.


There were some years I wasn’t even good!


I’d be at the end of the batting list, but he’d still be there, encouraging and supporting me.

IMG_7725 IMG_7728



I eventually got better and better at softball, and even got a home run once or twice!


And he was there…cheering me on:)IMG_7731  IMG_7733    

He’s stand right by first base, telling me what if I should run or stay.


Thanks for always being there for me, cheering me on throughout my life, Dad!



I’ll be back later tonight or tomorrow morning with a recap post of father’s day weekend – with a lot of sun, fun, and FOOD, but wanted to tribute a special post just to the dad’s out there!

Hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend:)


3 Responses

  1. My dad is SOOO similar to yours. He was always there and watched every track meet and gymnastics meet I ever competed in! He even drove with Kentucky to watch a track meet where I didnt do very well, but he was SOOO proud that his little girl could run on varsity!! 🙂

  2. Dad checks your blog several times a day, even though he never posts a reply. You are still the apple of his eye, and there are tears in both his eyes after he read this post.

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