Chocolate Covered Crack

Hi all! I just finished training two early morning clients, followed by a walk with Niko on the gloriously warm and sunny day. 🙂

So I think we all agreed that it’s just best overall to avoid extreme temperatures – hot and cold. However, I believe most of you said you’d prefer cold because you can always add another layer! Well, until you begin to look like a marshmallow and can’t move. That kinda defeats the point. But I digress…


So it’s Friday! This week sped by at the speed of light! This week has been a busy one for me. As always anymore, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were go-go-go, and I had a lot of to-do’s to get to-done. All is well, though.

I have managed to get in a little relaxation along the way 😉


By the way, sitting on countertops is one of my favorite things ever. So much more fun than sitting in a chair, no? No?

Before I go on, I must tell you all about my favorite cheap wine. I never knew I was a pinot grigio girl until I tried this wine.


Fetzer Pinot Grigio. $6 at Jewel Osco. Love it.


Anyway, the hubski helped out a couple nights this week by taking care of dinner:


Grilled veggies and a veggie burger:




There is indeed a veggie burger alongside that heap of veggies.


I see it!

Since Shane’s a lightweight and couldn’t eat his weight in roasted veggies, I had his leftovers in my dinner the next night!


Fajitas! Meat for the boy and veggie for the girl. All I did was add some spice (cumin, chili powder, cayenne, onion powder, sea salt,) diced tomatoes and beans.

IMG_7866In bowl form, because I still don’t know when to stop when it comes to filling a tortilla shell.


There were also chocolate covered banana chips a-plenty.



I should just call these crack. It’s dangerous for me to have these in the house. I get like this with certain foods. Last year it was Annie’s Bunny Graham Friends. Two years ago it was HFCS laden Cinnamon Wheat Thins (which they stopped making and my heart broke.)

And although there were several breakfasts this week in wrap-form eaten on the go from work to work…


(these usually comprise of one whole banana smothered in a mixture of almond butter, jay robb brown rice protein powder, and a splash of almond milk…so good)

…I still managed to make some breakfasts to enjoy leisurely as well.

IMG_7868Whole wheat protein waffles, which I will be posting the recipe for soon.


IMG_7869 I’m still loving the greek yogurt + maple syrup + almond butter combo for waffle topping.

Overnight Oats which actually looked somewhat appetizing,


IMG_7841 IMG_7842              

And of course, oatmeal.


Well I’m off to do some cardio and take a shower before heading back to train another client. Yesterday morning I did a kick booty four mile interval run which left my anterior tibialis a little sore, so I’m guessing the elliptical or a bike ride’s in my future today.


Do you get on food kicks? Where you eat the crap out of a certain food for a period of time and then later want nothing to do with it? What’s your current food kick?


19 Responses

  1. Glad to see I’m not the only one who loves sitting on the counter 🙂

    My latest food kick that is actually on it’s way out is red pepper, lettuce, sliced hard-bolied egg on a wrap or sandwich thin. Quick and easy!

  2. I definitely get on food kicks. Lately, I’ve been digging cottage cheese with organic preserves. Oh, and CSA salads covered with spicy veggie burgers!

  3. Watermelon! I have to have one cut up in the fridg and one still whole waiting to be next. I also just started buying the turkey mignons from Schwan’s. They are real turkey, not processed, and they only take about ten minutes on the Foreman Grill, YUM.
    Did your vb game get cancelled?

  4. Ooh ooh!! Can’t wait for the protein waffle recipe! You know I’m always on the lookout for those 😉 I do a similar topping with cottage cheese instead of greek yogurt, sometimes with some cinnamon and raisins, mega good too 🙂

    Right now I’m obsessed with using hummus as a salad dressing. And runny egg yolks.But I can see how those chocolate banana chips would be a problem 😉

    Have a great Friday Paige!!!

  5. I get on SO MANY food kicks it’s not even funny! Right now it’s sweet potatoes (made into sweet potato fries, natch). The last one was broccoli – I ate it almost DAILY! Green monsters are always a kick, of course.

  6. I baked an now I have a bag of chocolate chips in the freezer. I. can’t. stay. out. of. them!

  7. Right now I can’t get enough of eggs on an English muffin. But for a long time I had this obsession with kabocha dipped in hummus and I think I overdid it. It’ll be awhile until I buy more.

  8. Yes….I get on kicks all of the time! Ususally it involves tuna sandwiches. 🙂

  9. Oh yes I get on food kicks! Right now I am rocking my raw fruit and nut bark like no bodies business!!

    Ok, whenever I hear pinot grigio I think of Ramona from the real housewives….lol, do you watch it??


  10. Coffee has always been my vice. My super crave food right now is Fresh Market sushi. Brown rice Tuna & Salmon Avacado roll….YUM!

  11. After posting my reply yesterday, I went to Kroger’s and bought a bag of brussel sprouts. Your pics of them made me crave ’em. I also love that navy blue top you are wearing on the kitchen counter! Where can I get one?

  12. since i got that loaf of great harvest bread, i’ve been making a sandwich every day. so good!

  13. I start my computer day with your blog. Love it. See you soon
    Love Aunt Bobbie

  14. Greek yogurt and cereal. I would really like to know, how do you get your oatmeal so fluffy???:)

    When i make mine it looks totally lifeless.

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