Gooooood morning! How’s everyone doing on this fine Tuesday?

Still catching up from the weekend? I went on a cute date and lost my camera and then found my camera and visited a beautiful winery!

Yesterday started out early, as most Mondays do. I had an early morning client to train, and then went on a long (relatively) run.

Pre session and run, I had 3/4 of a banana with PB:


To make my banana “buns” I just slice out a section of the banana length-wise, as shown above. It makes a fun little split! I took the other portion of the banana + PB and stuck it in the freezer. I had post-workout plans for that part of the banana.

My plan for the run was to maintain a pace between 9:30 and 10:00 for seven miles. It’s crazy. Every time I looked down at my Garmin, it was either super fast, like 8:39 or slow, like 10:10. Never where I wanted it to be. But somehow, magically when I finished, my average pace was spot on at 9:45. LOL

Post workout deliciousness:


Cold bananas and PB! Angela talked about eating this as a post-run snack, and it sounded genius and I had to try it. It was delightful! I ate it alongside a nectarine:


And then had a green monster protein smoothie to go along with.IMG_7913 So filling!


After working on some desk stuff, I headed to train my next client. I never thought I’d be hungry again after that green monster, but low and behold, my tummy started rumbling shortly after noon. Luckily, I had Indian leftovers from the night before!


Mmmmm. Dal might be my new fave.



And for dessert, my weight in watermelon.


I may or may not have finished all but one piece!


The rest of the day, I moved my office to the kitchen table, and plugged away. A very productive day, and I got to hang out with the pets! (They’re not allowed upstairs)

  IMG_7923 Snacks:


Trail mix from my $13 bag of Fresh Market mix. No, literally it was $13.


Later I prepared dinner before going to my last client’s house for the day to do some BOSU training with her. It was a blast. I love BOSU training. 😀 Great way to mix it up.

Dinner was entirely delicious.

I made some sweet corn and fresh green beans before I left



And marinated some tofu for while I was gone. Then once home, I heated the veggies, baked the tofu, and stuck a crusty rosemary and sea salt roll in the oven.



Anything better than melted butter on a crusty, white, dense roll?


I usually stick with whole grains, but sometimes ya just need a little white bread in your life. Agree?

Well I’m off to continue getting ready for work. It’s my loooong day today. I have to split up my exercise today. This morning I did a full body weights session, but I need to get in a run too. I hate splitting up my workouts because that means two showers, but every now and then I don’t mind.

Do you ever split up your workouts into two throughout the day? I like to get it all done in one session, like I said above 🙂

Ciao! Have a terrific Tuesday, all!


13 Responses

  1. Mmmm that banana and PB looks yummy!

    I always split my workouts. I work out at home in the morning (4:30am) and then work out again in the evening when I get home from work. I’d rather do it all at once because of the whole shower issue, but don’t have enough time to get it all in one session.

  2. I prefer getting my workout to be done all at once, but sometimes split workouts are a must, usually due to that four-letter word, WORK. I try to do the most demanding early in the day and the easier part later in the day. Next semester I will have to do split workouts every T/TH, but I will be free on MWF:-) It’s called retirement.
    I love PB and bananas! What do you use to marinate your tofu? I copied your fresh vegetable side last night and had fresh brussel sprouts, cabbage, onion and carrots altogether with seasonings…yum.

  3. Good job with the run! And I love cold bananas! I’ll stick em in the freezer for like 30 minutes and chow. So good!

  4. It sounds like you had a great weekend! Besides the whole camera debacle – but at least you found it 🙂

    I hate splitting my workouts, mainly because of the two shower thing. I hate wasting water!

  5. I usually like doing my workouts all at once but sometimes I’ll “double” and do one long cardio in the AM and then weights at night, but usually I like to cram it all into the morning if I can. Depends on the workout, too. And PS. I can TOTALLY eat my weight in watermelon on any given day. SO GOOD!

  6. I actually really LOVE splitting up my workouts. And I’m gross and just don’t shower after the weights session if I do split it up. I haven’t done splits in a long time though because of time constraints.

    Sounds like you had a good weekend. And fresh fruit…I’ve been eating my weight in it as well. So good during summer!

  7. I do not like splitting up my workouts because of the getting ready part. I workout/run in the mornings before work and then sometimes go for a walk when I get home. I don’t like having to take another shower in the evenings.

    I need to try the cold banana!

  8. god that watermelon is SO PINK!!!

  9. What are the brown shiny things in your nut mix? I got a bag of nut mix today too! Yum.

  10. Yep – I call them 2 a days just like soccer practice in high school 🙂

  11. Oh ouch – that’s one pricey bag of trail mix!

    I only do one workout a day…although, on weekends, I may do a strong run in the morning and some yoga late in the evening. I just don’t have time to go twice – not to mention I’m too vain to go straight from ratty, disheveled gym rat mess to anything actually functional in society!

  12. Hello! Glad you got in a nice run. Its funny how your body just wants to run at the pace it wants to run…sometimes its just best to go with the flow vs. fight it. I love the idea of the frozen nana chunks. And I have no melon portion control 🙂 I like to do my workouts all at one time. Hope you have a nice 4th

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