Uptown Stroll


Yesterday was all about working on the fitness. Not mine though. I took a rest day!
But I was up bright dark and early to train a few clients, and then headed back to the gym to watch it for the owner and train another client. I also met with a client to discuss a business matter. It was a lovely afternoon!
Afterward, I met up with the hubski for a little golf attempt.

Clearly, I don’t know the difference between golf and baseball. IMG_0019

The range we hit at is really cool, though. It’s a two-tiered range:


We swung up an appetite, and hit up where we’re sure we’re going to become regulars for pizza.

I am loving the uptown/downtown (used to be downtown, but now they’re trying to call it uptown…whatev) area of our town. They’ve been doing tons of work to it, and it seems to get better each time I visit!



We started with a beer.



Then each got a small pizza:


Veggie Supreme!


And finished with some ice cream and a walk:


This was some sort of vanilla, strawberry, cherry, chocolate mix. It was bueno, but I ate too much.

Strolling around the center fountain…



Bueno times.

I just now finished a pre-run snack.


PB on seedy hemp bread:


I’m getting ready to run the longest run since my half marathon! I’ll be out on an 8 miler. It’s going to be a long 8 miler, too because it will be iPod-less. I brought it over to a clients house to use during a work out, and now I can’t find it anywhere 😦

Have a super Saturday, all!                


11 Responses

  1. I love all the pictures of our town. 🙂 I hope your 8 Miler went well! Are you racing Park to Park tomorrow? I’ll keep an eye out for you.


  2. Aww what a FUN day!!! love the pizzas and golf 🙂 have fun on your big run!

  3. I’ve been craving pizza for awhile now..your veggie one looks great!

  4. Good luck on your run!! I’m off for my long run as well – longest run in over a year. We can do it! :-

  5. That veggie pizza looks amazing! All the pics are good.
    I had a pretty long walk/run today too, in Coal Miners. Part of the walk was w/your bro’s dog, but this time I let Dad bring her to meet me. No clawed leg that way:-)
    Hope you find your iPod. Let me know how the 8 miler went.

  6. Ooo I want pizza now!! Sounds like an awesome night! Hope you had a great run!

  7. Dad’s bragging. He said, ” Okay, looks from you, but her love of ice cream is from ME!”

  8. i’ve been talking a lot about visiting a driving range lately – looks fun!

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