Revisiting an Old Friend

G’morning! How’d everyone’s start to your week go? Did you get yesterday off for the holiday?

Mondays are usually pretty light for me anyway, but I had two clients cancel on me, so I helped Shane a lot on reorganizing the office. We definitely have a simple style as far as design and organization goes, so whenever we can pare down something we do!

It was pretty nostalgic going through the others. I found a ton of old news paper articles I’d written in college and a few papers from then too. Oh, deadlines 🙂

When we finished, we met my parents for a little Mexican fiesta.IMG_0001

No surprises here, I got some veggie fajitas.


Same ol’ same ol, but oh so delish.


After I stuffed myself silly with veggies, I thought a nice neighborhood walk with Niko would help things settle. Except I had to fight Clarabelle off for the leash!


Heh little trickster. She kept grabbing the end of the leash every time Niko walked. Niko was not amused 😉 We were though, obviously!

I’m currently revisiting an old friend -a delicious, refreshing green monster for breakfast!


It’s warm and muggy this week and nothing hot for breakfast sounded good.


In addition to it being warm and muggy, for a change I didn’t workout right when I woke up this morning. I usually do, and it gets my metabolism revving for a big breakfast. But last night I tossed and turned until about midnight, and when my alarm blasted this morning I immediately made the executive decision that sleep trumped morning workouts, and moved it to tonight. Sleep is so important, guys!


I hope everyone has a delightful day! I’ve got a few nerves in my tummy because I have to call the doctor’s office to get the results from the bloodwork I did yesterday. Nothing major, but anything with doctors, blood, and waiting makes me a nervous Nelly (did I just say nervous Nelly? lol)


4 Responses

  1. Cute pic of Niko and Clarabelle.
    I made it outside this a.m., but it was too humid for a runner. I walked in as much shade as I could find, but the humidity was everywhere.
    Blood tests yuk.

  2. that smoothie looks delicious right about now! it is nearly 100 degrees in boston and I want something cool and frothy! good luck with your blood work!

  3. Those fajitas looks great! I tossed and turned all night too. Sleep definitely trumps exercise!

  4. yeah, doctors calls make me nervous too. hope everything is okay!

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