Winner’s High

Kinda like a runner’s high, but it’s still there the next day 😉




Last night after working at the BIC and training a client, I came home starving! Weird, because it was only 5:30!


Flat bread pizzas are one of the best quickie dinner ever, f’reals. And! I’ve finally used up all the leftover veggie baked beans!


After dinner, I tooled around with Niko and the hubski for a bit, watched a One Tree Hill episode, and then headed over to the courts. The sand courts!



Last week the tournament started and this week was the final four and the championship game. We were ranked first seat so we played our first game at 8:00 and then played the winner of who was playing on the other court at 9:00. The 8:00 game was pretty easy. I still got a good workout, but we got it over with in about 45 minutes. Now the second game – the championship game – was a little different. This one took forever, and was three games to 25 long. Luckily we pulled out ahead and won it all! It felt amazing! I was beaming! And luckily, the hubski got a few good pictures of it, too.

I wasn’t really hungry when I got home, but knew I planned on waking up and getting in a workout in before work, so I had some Kashi and almond milk before calling it quits.


Woke up this morning (at 6:45!! on a school day!!) and guzzled some iced cold deliciousness:


before heading out on a 3 mile interval run. I did a quarter mile warm up, and then a down and back of…

mile 1: 9:06

mile 2: 8:59

mile 3: 8:57

and then a quarter mile cool down. Not too shabby!

I’m going to go devour some overnight oats that are chillin’ for me in the fridge…mmmm 🙂 Got a long one today – lots of clients and work at the BIC. Catch ya on the flip side!


Are you competitive against other people? I am pretty competitive. I played sports all my life, and I just love winning. I just do. I’m not mean about it, but I’ll play my little heart out to win. Even in running, I’ll pick someone out that I really want to beat, and try, try, try. That said, I’m generally just competitive with myself (in life) and actually wish for others’ prosperity/success!


10 Responses

  1. Like I mentioned on a recent post, I have tried to stop being so competitive. It is natural for me but I think I’ve been competitive in ways that aren’t helpful. I do think there are always areas it can be helpful. And competition should always be involved in games otherwise they wouldn’t be fun. Congrats on the win!

  2. YAY for winning! 🙂 Ugh I’m so competitive when it comes to sports or games even though I hate to be…I can’t help it!

  3. Congratulations! I bet those games were hot! It was so humid last night. I like your attitude about competitiveness without the mean part.
    One of the Williams sisters just wrote a book about how participating in team sports helps people in all walks of life, not just professional athletes. Now there are two very, competitive sisters.

    love that u put sweet taters on that pizza looking thing!! thats awesome!

  5. i’m the total opposite of competitive….i wonder if i would book more jobs if i were? i just want everyone to be happy!!!

  6. It looks like a lot of sand on your knees in that pic. I know you can spike and block, but it looks like you tried some digs too. Did you make any?

  7. Oh I am HORRIBLY competitive! I’m always motivating myself with mini rivalries.

  8. […] Won First Place in my summer league volleyball […]

  9. […] Monday night I got to relive one of my highest passions. In high school and my first year of college, I played indoor volleyball, and loved it. It was my thing…and I’ve never found anything that could replace it. Even this summer I played sand volleyball… […]

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