The Easy Way Out’s OK w/ Me


Today I woke up to a pain in my ass. Literally. I did a pretty intense superset-style weights workout yesterday that left the tops of my glutes, my chest, and my back siiiiiinging the chorus today.

Here’s what I did:

1a. Walking lunges length of gym   2 sets w/ 25 lb plates
1b. Overhead press 2 sets w/ 15 lb. dumbbells
2a. Single leg stiff deadlift 2 sets w/ 35 lb. kettlebell
2b. Single point row 2 sets w/ 25 lb. dumbbells
3a. Deadlifts 3 sets w/ 45 lb. olympic bar + 20 lbs
3b. Lat pulldowns 3 sets w/ lat pulldown machine @ 35 lbs
4a. Prisoner jump squats 2 sets 10 reps
4b. Pushups 2 sets 10 reps
5. Swiss ball jack knifes  


Ahhhh it was a good workout. Wait ‘til you see what I had as a post workout snack…

IMG_8030well, an epic fail of HEAB’s protein ice cream (I neeeed a vitamix. NEED. Hear that, husband?! 😉 )

But THEN, I had a new Carrot Cake Lara Bar!!


Sarah over at Lara Bar sent me the new flavors to try out, and Carrot Cake tastes amazing! If you liked the tropical flavor from last year, you’ll love the Carrot Cake flavor! The only thing I wasn’t so sure about it was that it tasted more like pineapple than carrot cake. It was still amazing, nonetheless, and only stood about 10 seconds against me. Its ingredients are: dates, almonds, walnuts, raisins, pineapple, coconut, carrots, cinnamon, and coconut oil. Yummy stuff! 😀

Yesterday was pretty much an insanely busy day that started with a pre-dawn client, followed by four more. In between clients, I had to take Niko to the groomers, work a little at home on BIC stuff, and get ready to host bunco!

I took the easy way out.

IMG_8033When in doubt, order Jimmy John’s. Life philosophy lesson right there folks. Only on RAN.

I also took the easy way out for dessert. Janetha told me this dessert was easy and 100% guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser. It’s a good thing I trust her.

I made the crust…

IMG_8032  Topped it with the sauce and fruits…


And watched it disappear before my eyes!

IMG_8035 DEFINITEY a crowd pleaser. Janetha, so many people loved this!

While making, I munched on some veggies and hummus:


Bunco was a blast, and I ended up winning my money back for being the biggest loser (most losses,) wahoo!

Today’s supposed to be my long run day: 9 miles. I’ve yet to find my iPod (tear…) so my question for you all today is this:

What’s worse: running outdoors for 9 miles without an iPod or running on a treadmill for 9 miles while watching your show? I can’t decide! It wasn’t bad for eight miles on a treadmill last weekend, but I don’t know if I can do it twice!

Stay tuned on Monday morning for an amazing blog anniversary giveaway (yes, I can still celebrate from last week! 🙂 ) Hint: It has something to do with what I reviewed above 😉


11 Responses

  1. That fruit topped dessert looks wonderful, but I bet it isn’t the giveaway:-) Jimmy John’s sandwiches are perfect for a crowd, no guilt there. I bet they went fast.

    Today’s weather begs for an early outside run, but if you’re addicted to ipod running and sleep in, the gym is usually cooler. Good luck.

  2. I did a half-marathon without an iPod. I think it really changed my perspective on running without any music and now it’s not quite as bad.

  3. Your workout sounds awesome! Personally, music motivates me to keep going– so I’d go with the treadmill. Hope you find your iPod!

  4. Could ya keep your eyes out for my ipod, too 😦 It’s no where to be found x 2 weeks. Ugh.

  5. I was VERRRRY tempted to buy the Carrot Cake flavor, but when I saw coconut in the ingredients backed off. Is it very similar to the tropical flavor? I hated that one! But I do like carrot cake!

    Ooooh that’s a tough question. At first I’d say outside without an ipod. But TMs are the devil. I think it’d be mentally harder outside but I’d get bored on the TM.

  6. dude, it never fails! loooove bunco! and love you!

  7. OMG carrot cake larabar! must try that!!!

  8. Noooooooooo!! There’s pineapple in the carrot Lara??? I’m allergic, and I LOVE carrot cake. That makes me sad 😦

    Anyways, congrats on being a v-ball champ!! And I like the idea of changing it up and doing 9 miles outside. Maybe pick an entertaining route so you have some fun things to look at 🙂

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