New Lara Bar Flavors Blogiversary Giveaway

Hey, hey, heyyyy!

Yesterday seriously went by in a blink of an eye.
I made some waffles, and all the sudden it was dinner time.


OK. well some things happened in between the two.

I went to the gym for some strength training (shoulders, quads, biceps, triceps) before training a client, and after that we met with a photographer to take some pictures for a project we’re working on. I’ll show you a picture when she sends them to me πŸ™‚

When I got home, it was already 11:00 a.m. but I was determined to get a run in. So I headed out in the heat to crank out 4.15 miles in 38:45. Felt great, but I was pretty dehydrated. In fact, I’m still trying to catch up!

Post-run lunch:


Indian leftovers!


Watermelon…And an invisible fruit pizza square from Bunco.
This lead to a full-belly induced watching of the Hills marathon (back in the LC days) for a couple episodes before I did some computer work and blog maintenance.

Work, snack, work.


Ok, and THEN it was dinner time.
Shane and I have had an Olive Garden gift card for about a year now, so we decided to put it to good use. Everyone’s seen OG’s salad and breadsticks, but for my main course, I got the eggplant parmesan

Β Β Β Β Β Β  IMG_0035

Let’s just say I’m glad this meal was free, because it wasn’t good. I ate most of the whole wheat linguine pasta though!
Came home to a glass of wine and some chill time. Good Sunday πŸ™‚
OK, OK – now to what we’ve all been waiting for…..

the 1 year Blogiversary giveaway!

Up for grabs….


The NEW Lara Bar flavors!

Two lucky readers will win a variety pack of SIXTEEN Lara Bars in the newest flavors…

So far, I’ve had the Carrot Cake bar, which I reviewed here. I’ll be reviewing the others before choosing winners.

IMG_8131Β Β 

You have a few ways to enter.

1. Leave a comment telling me when you first started reading the blog (or if you’re a newbie – Hi!! πŸ™‚ )
2. Tweet about the giveaway: ” @PaigeRAN is having a Lara Bar giveaway for her Blogiversary” and leave a comment letting me know you tweeted.
3. Go to the Lara Bar website and comment which flavor you would most like to try (doesn’t have to be one of the new flavors)

This contest is open to US entrants only (sorry 😦 ) and I will pick two winners next Monday morning.

Thanks for participating!! πŸ™‚


Well I’m out! Got lots of clients and lots of work, but most importantly, my BFF Kim comes home from Afghanistan today!!!!!!!! Can’t WAIT to see her πŸ˜€


122 Responses

  1. i started reading the blog a couple of months ago- i believe i found it on someone else’s blogroll and i’ve been coming back ever since : )

  2. i’d love to try all the new lara bar flavors but peanut butter chocolate chip tops the list!

  3. I think I first started reading late last year? Maybe November?

  4. i’d love to try chocolate chip cookie dough!!!! yum

  5. I started reading after you were my blogger secret santa!

  6. I started reading your blog last summer in August – you’ve come a looong way!

  7. Chocolate chip brownie would be a great evening sweet, but the carrot cake with my fav fruit PINEAPPLE would be # 1.

    I had leftovers from my Indian food last night too. They were surprisingly good for the second day!

    Your own pictures are so great, but I guess if you want to have both of you in some pictures, you would need a photographer. Can’t wait to see them.

  8. I started reading your blog last year. I am not sure of the exact month, but I am pretty sure I found it when someone had linked back to your blog!! πŸ™‚

  9. I am pretty sure that I would LOVE to try the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Larabars. They sound AMAZING!! πŸ™‚

  10. started reading the blog probably about two weeks ago, but already definitely hooked. i love your updates and your sense of humor! oh, and the yummy food. that too.

  11. …also, i would definitely go for the peanut butter choco chip first & foremost. peanut butter = heaven. though that tropical tart looks pretty dang good on this hot/muggy day…

  12. …and i def just tweeted about this. what can i say, i love me some larabars πŸ™‚

  13. Hi –
    I started reading your blog last month.
    I love Larabars – we like to pack them in on hikes. All the flavors sound so yummy to me.


  14. Love this giveaway. I’ve been wanting to give larabars another shot for a while. I didn’t used to like them.

    I don’t really remember when I started reading your blog. Probably last year sometime. Love it- and subscribed in google reader.

  15. I’d love to try the PB chocolate chip!

  16. I’ve been reading for a long time! Not sure of the exact date, but I’d say probably about a year ago. How the time flies πŸ™‚

    Oh, and that Hills marathon yesterday sucked me in big time, haha.

  17. I tweeted!

  18. I am absolutely dying to try the carrot cake flavor! It will be months before I can find it here though :*( Hope I win!

  19. The waffle looks perfect!!!

    I started reading right after you started the blog!!! It’s been a great year πŸ™‚

  20. oh, and I would LOVE to try the new carrot cake and the chocolate chip cookie flavors!!! They sound amazing.

  21. I found your blog through No Meat Athlete – now I read you all the time. Thanks for offering the give-away – Lara bars are great.

  22. ive been reading your blog since like march!! LOVE it!

  23. i wana try the carrot cake!

  24. Ive been reading since January. Love your blog!

  25. Id love to try the chocolate chip cookie dough. Larabar’s are amazing

  26. Oh I can’t wait to try these πŸ™‚ I would love the chocolate chip cookie dough one.

  27. I started reading about 4 months ago. Love it πŸ™‚

  28. Hi-I started reading about 5 or 6 months ago if I am remembering correctly!

  29. I really want to try the carrot cake flavor. Sounds delicious.

  30. Loooooove Larabar!!!! Let’s see – I first started reading your blog just a couple weeks ago as I started to re-think my career and switching over to something I’m passionate about (um, that would be fitness, ha) -I’m totally inspired by you and have loved reading about your journey so far!

  31. I started reading your blog about a year or so ago! Keep up the good work!

  32. I started reading about 5 months ago – love the blog!

  33. hello mrs “normal”
    i have been a dedicated fan of RAN since the VERY beginning, and i can NOT believe it has been a year. (time sure does FLY when your having FUN!) so much in fact you have your very own spot on my book marked favorites!! (whooo way to make the list, right up there with CNN and JJB!!)

    I remember when you were telling me that you really wanted to start a blog and didnt know about what…… and we threw out ideas into the weee hours of the morning πŸ™‚
    well honey u have chosen your true calling, and i am so proud of you for doing exactly what you have set your mind to! good for you paige πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    a forever dedicated fan of you and your bloggy
    – destiny

  34. I think I started reading your blog a few months ago or more. I like it :-).

  35. I’d like to try the Coconut Cream Pie Flavor!

  36. Hello!! I’m a fairly new reader of a couple of weeks! Love it! The new flavors look way too good.

  37. Hmmm…I think I started reading your blog about 5-6 months ago or so? I know it was one of the first ones I got into reading when I stared Faith, Fitness, and Fun. And I’ve loved it ever since. πŸ™‚

  38. And flavor I am most interested in trying would hands down be carrot cake. I am a carrot cake fanatic!

  39. I have been wanting to try some of the new flavors! Yum. Hmm, I started reading a while ago…maybe last fall?

  40. Hi! I’ve only been reading for a couple of weeks now, but I’m certainly enjoying so far! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway…I would love to try the new flavors!

  41. I started reading about a month ago and I love all of your exercise/recipe ideas!

  42. And I think the peanut butter chocolate chip flavor sounds delicious! It must be if it has peanut butter in it πŸ™‚

  43. i’m a newbie to your blog, but I’ll definitely be trying some recipes! Thanks!

  44. oh and I think the the chocolate/coconut, cinnamon roll, apple pie, and banana bread sound delish! well i’ll be honest, they all sound scrumptious!!

  45. I started reading about a month ago! but I haven’t commented yet, so I’m kind of a newbie? anyway, hi! πŸ™‚

  46. and I’d love to try the chocolate chip cookie dough Larabar because, really, very few things are better than cookie dough. πŸ˜‰ thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  47. Hi! I’ve been reading your blog for a little over a month and you used to start my mornings! That is until you went back to BIC and are busier! I love your blog, it’s always a lot of fun to read and has inspiring comments that help me stay on track with my new healthier lifestyle πŸ™‚

  48. I tweeted your giveaway!

  49. Oh man I just learned larabar has a ginger snap flavor? That is awesome. I would definitely love to try that flavor! Ginger is definitely in my top ten list of flavors.

  50. I started reading your blog a few months ago. I found it through TheFitnessista and I love it.

  51. I’m a pretty new reader – I found your blog about a month ago. Love it so far. πŸ™‚

  52. I think the cookie dough flavor sounds fantastic. Hopefully it lives up to my expectations!

  53. ohh great giveaway! i have been reading your blog for months now and its on my reader of course πŸ™‚

  54. i want to try the cookie dough!!!!

  55. I’m a newbie. Just found your blog today.

  56. I’d love to try the Cocoa Mole bar.

  57. Haha, I hate when days zip by before you know it! NOT! Especially when they’re laced with all those yummy eats πŸ˜‰

    I’d love to enter! I began reading your blog just a few months ago, but I’m already hooked!

  58. The cinnamon roll flavor definitely has my name written all over it!

  59. I actually just started reading the blog today! πŸ™‚

  60. The cookie dough flavor looks amazing, I’d love to try it!

  61. Oh geeze, I can’t remember!! hehe. Probably about a year ago. But I LOVE it!! πŸ˜€

  62. With giveaways like this, I had to say hi and not be a lurker any longer ;]

    I started reading your blog, maybe around January?

  63. all the new flavors look terrific. cookie dough! peanutbutter choc chip!

  64. i think ive been reading you for almost the whole time! maybe since about august?

  65. tweeted

    and can i just say i can’t believe it’s been a year! my 1 yr either just came or is about to (i dont even know!) can you believe weve been at this for a year, my friend?!!


  66. Hi!! I believe I started reading RAN in the winter of 2009…..been a loyal fan ever since!!

  67. i started reading your blog a few months ago! very cute!

  68. i really really want to try the carrot cake flavor!

  69. I started reading your blog when you first started b/c I started mine a couple days before! Always loved your blog, being from the midwest and bein a Personal Trainer, we have a lot in common!

  70. Okay, I honestly have no idea when I started reading. November maybe?? Before I decided to do my PT training, but not that long before. Let’s go with November. I can’t remember how I got here either. The usual I guess – clicked over and immediately loved your blogging style, food and best of all – personality!!! πŸ™‚

  71. Most excited to try chocolate chip cookie dough πŸ™‚

  72. I’ve been reading your blog since last summer. You’re definitely one of my faves πŸ™‚ It was fun to read about you deciding to get the personal training certification and then having the courage to pursue it professionally. Way to be πŸ™‚

  73. I am a “Newbie” reader of your blog! (Have been “tuning” in for about 2 weeks now!) Love the inspiration I get from you to actually complete my long runs! These Lara Bars sound delicious! Thanks for sharing!

  74. Your blog was one of the first I started reading–way back in September πŸ™‚

  75. I tweeted!!

  76. I’d love to try the cookie dough!!! YUMMMM!

  77. All of the new flavors sound amazing, but peanut butter choco chip sounds especially delicious! pb & chocolate is definitely one of the best combos ever discovered!!

  78. I started reading the blog last year, not sure of the month but it has been a while.

  79. the peanut butter chocolate chip is making me drool. Can’t go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate.

  80. i’ve been reading for a few weeks–i think i saw a comment you left on loveveggiesandyoga!

  81. i have been searching high and low for the carrot cake flavor–it looks SO GOOD!!!

  82. i’ve been reading your blog for at least 6 months – probably more! i can’t even remember how i started but i’m glad i did!

  83. oh and i would LOVE to try the carrot cake flavor

  84. I actually started reading your blog last fall. I went to ISU and just started getting into healthy living blogs. I googled to see if there was anyone in the area who blogged and found you!

  85. I think I found your blog in February and instanlty enjoyed it….and it has been on my blog list ever since then!

  86. […] heading home, I munched on a chocolate brownie Lara Bar. Lara Bar really hit the mark when concocting these flavors. This was pure excellence. Still rating […]

  87. I just started reading this blog right now! I found it when I was looking for reviews of the new flavors and it seems like I got here just in time:) I’d love to win this giveaway – I can’t find these new ones anywhere around me!

  88. and I wanna try the cookie dough flavor SO badly – nothing could be better than healthy cookies dough for me!

  89. I tweeted AND added you to my google reader.. can’t believe I’m just now finding your blog! definitely going to be a reader now on!

  90. I’m a newbie, but plan on frequenting your blog quite a bit (seeing as you’ve just been added to my reader ;))

    I love the content of your site, and being a fellow runner, really appreciate your post topics! Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity!

  91. And as far as flavors… I’m totally craving the chocolate chip brownie lara bar… if it’s anything like the chocolate brownie pure bar, then I’m going to be in heaven!

  92. I love your blog and have been reading for about a year now! I love all of the great fitness advice,uplifting posts, and of course the great recipe ideas! Keep blogging cause you’ve got a longterm reader here!

  93. I believe I started reading right about the time you started writing! I am not sure how I stumbled on your blog…but I have kept reading!

  94. There are so many flavors…I want to try them all! But the banana bread and chocolate coconut stand out…and of course, anything with peanut butter!!! Great giveaway!

  95. Hi Paige – Happy Blog Anniversary to you! I have been a daily reader of your blog since the very start. I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon it, but I love it! You have a great attitude and food/recipe ideas. πŸ™‚

    Excited about the giveaway – I have been meaning to leave a comment, but just now getting to it for the giveaway.

  96. I think I first started reading maybe six months ago?

    I haven’t been able to find those larabar flavors anywhere. I really want to try them.

  97. I’m a newbie, and I would LOVE to try the carrot cake and cookie dough Laras.

  98. I started reading the blog a couple of weeks ago (newbie)- love it!

  99. I’ve actually never tried a larabar (gasp!). I hear the peanut butter cookie is delicious, so I’d love to try that.

  100. I stumbled upon your blog through another blog’s blogroll! Glad I did! πŸ™‚

  101. I am DYING to try the Carrot Cake flavor!

  102. Tweeted! (I’m @vivalameaganx3)

  103. found your blog a few months ago linked from another blog. Not only do I enjoy your fitness tips, but as a former ISU student (1985-1989)its fun to get glimpses of a place from my past. would love to win the larabars for me & my gluten free husband.

  104. I started reading your blog about a week ago πŸ˜‰

  105. excited to try chocolate chip cookie dough!!

  106. i started reading maybe in may sometime? and i am excited to try carrot cake!!

  107. I’m a newbie.

  108. Carrot Cake flavor sounds great.

  109. I started reading your blog a few weeks ago and I really enjoy it.

  110. Hi. Regular reader of RAN for about a month. I’d love to try the new Cookie dough flavor! Yum!

  111. I am a relatively new-ish follower of your blog, but since I have found it, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! I really enjoy reading your honest posts about what you eat and your runs. Thanks, they both really inspire me!

  112. I started reading your blog last fall. I work for a BIC too and have enjoyed reading about all of the changes you’ve made to get out of the BIC!!

    I’m all about the peanut butter chocolate crisp. I mean PB & Chocolate? That’s just a no fail combo!

  113. Tweeted! @andionthego (before it’s too late… can’t believe I didn’t tweet it earlier!)

  114. I have had you on my blogroll for about 1 year now- I need to comment more! I hate that I missed this giveaway- I LOVE larabars!! πŸ˜€

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