Meta Writing

It’s a technical term. I technically made it up in my head 😉

Hi guys! How ya doin on this fine Tuesday night? I decided to post tonight instead of tomorrow morning, because if I went with the latter, I’m not sure there would be a post to publish. Tomorrow is an endurance day. By that, I mean I’ll be working sunup to sundown. Hardcore.

This morning I had to get in a supah quick run. I’d planned on running a three mile interval run, sprinting for .2 miles and jogging for .1 miles for 3 miles total. Kinda like reverse HIIT. That’s a technical term too 😉 After realizing that I pressed snooze two too many times and I didn’t want to be caught running around the house yelling, “sh!t! I’m late!! Crap!!” I cut it down to 2.5 miles. Actually…who am I kidding, I still ran out the door saying those exact words, but that’s neither here nor there.

Post-run breakfast:


One bigass whole wheat protein waffle with the usual toppings. Guys, this stuffed me to the brim. I didn’t have time to pack a lunch for work, but that’s OK. This held me for five hours until I meandered down to the cafeteria to grab an apple and a banana to eat with a handful of almonds. I just didn’t want anything heavy.

Before heading home, I munched on a chocolate brownie Lara Bar. Lara Bar really hit the mark when concocting these flavors. This was pure excellence. Still rating the cookie dough flavor numero uno out of the ones I’ve had so far (Carrot Cake and the Brownie) but this one falls closely behind. So good, with no artificial-tasting flavor.

I told you guys how I’ve been STARVED lately and just end up making whatever I can get my hands on for dinner, so I played it safe today and made a Green Monster to hold off the hunger beast within.


IMG_0059 It provided some energy to help the hubsky plant the veggies one of my clients gave me!


Sweet peppers, hot peppers, and tomatoes. Grow baby, groooowwww 🙂



Later the husband finally mentioned the word dinner and I was chopping veggies in five seconds flat.



It was a grill night, which meant all I had to do was chop and season the veggies. Perfect.



Mound o’ veggies.IMG_0066

Had them with grilled potatoes, a veggie burger, and a glass of red vino. Totally delicious and nutritious.

Dessert was my book, the patio, and my dog. The ultimate summer evening can be considered a dessert, m’friends.


Mental Stories

Today I realized how much I “write” stuff in my head. Whether it’s for the blog or for another project I’m working on, when I have time to be idle and not concentrating on something, my mind always goes into writing mode. By this I mean, I was writing this post in my head on my walk from the BIC building to my car. As I was planting the plants, and as I was waiting for the husband to talk about dinner (I’m hungry, damnit! 😛 )

Writers (we’ve all got a little writer in us!) do you have a writing dialogue going on in your head when you’re not concentrating on a task at hand? – or while you are…I’ll take a side of ADD with my inner dialogue 😛 Like I said, I do! Sometimes I get so deep in thought that I almost have to shake myself out of it LOL. And I actually thought about this question while mentally writing. What is that, meta mental writing? LOL


Have a fabulous night, everyone, and an even better hump day! See you Thursday morning, and don’t forget to enter my New Flavors of Lara Bar giveaway! 🙂


9 Responses

  1. i write in my head too! i always think of stuff i want to write, or stuff i think that’s funny..i’m not so good at remembering it though!

  2. I’m always writing things in my head. Except sometimes I forget it by the time I can get it down on paper.

  3. I write in my head and then write about 10 drafts, or I put everything in the trash bin for the future (if I remember). Writing is an obsession, and it is an abundance of work. If you love it tho’, it’s fun.
    Grilled fresh veggies go with anything. We had some tonight with turkey smoked sausage, but the veggies were the best part.
    Have a great Wednesday!

  4. “Meta mental writing” – I like that! Yes, I do, and I just realized how incredibly reassuring it is to know I’m not alone in my disease 🙂

  5. I’m forever writing in my head – or is it just talking to myself?! Great blog by the way and I’ve always been curious about the giveaways I see on blogs. Are they just for US folks to enter or can anyone take part?

  6. That waffle looked amazing 🙂
    Too bad I live in Brazil!
    Wish you a great week, love!

  7. Haha I totally write in my head. Especially when I have an article due for work. I’ll take a walk to go grab lunch and will be composing some awesome sounding legalese in my head. By the time I get back to my desk a lot of it is gone because I moved onto the next thought stream.

    I can’t waaaait to try the larabar cookie dough flavor. yumm

  8. I definitely write in my head. I feel like I have so many ideas and even sentences I make up for things I need to write, then when I try to put it down on paper I forget the details and it ends up sounding weird!

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