The Past is Good for Two Things

Mornin’ friends!

Ready for your Thursday? Let’s doooo it 🙂

I just got back from a HOT and HUMID 4.5 miler. The only way I can describe it is thick and muggy. The air was literally so thick that it added resistance! haha. I normally don’t take my Camelbak with me unless I’m going to be running more than 6 miles, but when I turned on the weather and it said the heat index was already in the upper 80’s before 5:30 a.m., I knew I had to bring it along. It’s a good thing I did, too, becuase I drained it! I seriously don’t know if I could have made it without it – I sweat more on this run than I ever have on any 4-5 milers. I was soaked! It was almost as grubby as that one time when I played 2 hours of volleyball in the humid heat (minus the sand in my hoo-ha part hah..)
Anyway, despite the heat, I cranked out a 4.5 miler with an average pace of 9:10. Felt glorious…after a shower.

Yesterday was my busy busy day, but it was also good for the most part…

I started my morning with an early a.m. client. Since it was just one client, for one hour, I packed my breakfast in to-go form to be eaten when finished training.

The night before, I combined the ingredients:


1 scoop of Jay Robb brown rice protein powder, 1 T. carob powder, dash of sea salt, maca, and a banana.

Then I added 1.5 T. natural PB and a little almond milk + some black berries


In the morning, I took the sludge above and wrapped it up in a Flat Out tortilla! It’s kind of like Overnight Oats, sub a tortilla for the Oats 😉

I’m kinda digging the snacking through my work day when I work at the BIC. It’s hard to pack lunches and snacks, so bringing a sufficient amount of snacks to hold me over through the day works out well. Plus, I never get that “omg I’m so full I don’t want to be here” feeling.

Some of the snacks:

IMG_8135Green monster

IMG_0065veggies and hummus. Also had were a Lara Bar and some banana chips.

I stopped by the store on the way home so I could get the fixin’s to make the hubski tacos for dinner, so by the time I was done I only had about 15 minutes to leave to train a client and go to a business meeting. So, in a clean pan I sauteed some onion and red peppers, and then added the leftover veggies from the previous night’s dinner, added a little seasoning – and viola!


Topped it with avocado and wrapped it up, and I was out the door!



I got thinking about the past and what all it entails today. I think the past can bring both good and bad feelings, both productive and unproductive thoughts, and both lessons learned and forgetfulness (remember that one night? ha..) The past can be tricky, because it can be so very useless. If we spend too much time worrying about the past, we’ll accomplish nothing but anxiety.

Like Dr. Zimmerman once said, the past is only good for two things, memories and to learn from our mistakes.

I have to remind myself of this from time to time. I’ll waste precious moments thinking, “omg, that sucked. What if I had done this? or things would be different if this happened. Or even WHY? Why? why did I do that?” Well you know what? I didn’t pick the what if, things weren’t different, and yes, I did it.

The point I’m trying to make is we can’t change the past. Whether it’s over something monumental or something we’ll forget about the next day anyway.

What try to do when something  unfortunate happens, I ask myself two questions:

  • Can I go back and rectify the situation?
    • If yes, go back and rectify. If no, read on to second question.
  • What can I learn from it?
    • Learn the lesson, and move on. Done dealing.

Try this question-answer scenario next time you’re wasting time worrying about a situation you can’t change! See if it brings you some relief. And then tell me about it 🙂

Do you have any special mantras or reminders when worrying about the past? What’s your view on situations that already happened and can’t be changed?


Have a fabulous day, all!

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5 Responses

  1. I dwell on the past so much sometimes. I usually think the same – learn lesson, and give myself permission to move on!


    Your dad lives by those two great questions you asked, and I wish I could be more like that. If you can change it, change it. If you can’t, learn from your mistake.

    Here’s another similar thought by Mark Twain: I’ve lived through some terrible experiences in my life, some of which really happened.

  3. That overnight banana mash thing is such a good idea! And sounds delish!

    Hakuna matata, that’s my motto 🙂

  4. Extremely true that the past is only meant to learn from and hold onto fond memories. I know I’ve had times where I overanalyzed the past and it did me no good whatsoever.

  5. I tend to always think about the past too, but try not to bc whats important is the here now and afuture!
    I love the idea of that banana mash INSIDE a wrap!!

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