Kicking Bad Habits to the Curb

Howwwdy ho!

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What a gorgeous morning here in central Illinois! I’ve already been in it and out of it, because it’s about to get H-O-T!

Last night my two clients cancelled on me, so I had the whole night free!!! This is unheard of on a Thursday night, so I took full advantage by actually cooking dinner!

For starters, I made a delicious and summery salad:


This was a spinach salad topped with fresh organic strawberries, raw chopped pecans, and this organic feta:


The dressing was my staple sweet dressing of EVOO + apple cider vinegar + stevia + sea salt. Perfect!

To go with the salad, I made my savory veggie quinoa casserole:



Topped with more feta…because it made it that much betta 😉



Wellll…almost perfect 😉



After dinner, the hubski and I headed to the basement for a movie night. We watched Inglorious Bastards, and while out there (such is Quiten Terrintino) it was awesome! I really loved it. So much that I got mad when the husband said it was just “pretty good.” Pretty good?! It was awesome, husband!


This morning I woke up super early to train a client. Afterwards, I got in a killer chest and legs weight session.

It went a lil’ sumthin like this:

Deadlifts Olympic bar + 2 10 lb. plates on each side; 10 reps 3 sets
Pushups 10 reps, 3 sets
Single leg stiff leg deadlifts 35 lb kettlebell, 3 sets 10 reps each side
Incline chest press 40 lb. barbell, 3×10
Bulgarian split squats holding 15 lb. dumbbells, 3×10 each side
Decline chest press 40 lb. barbell, 3×10

Done and done!

I returned home, starving of course, and made a little protein OIAJ:



                               IMG_0076  IMG_0078       

With some iced coffee:



Just finished watering ALL the plants and flowers, and now I’m about to do some laundry before heading back to the gym for some cardio (running) and another client. Good times!

The rest of the day will entail grocery shopping, a little work, and hopefully cleaning out my car! Tonight we might be having a euchre night with some friends:)



I’ve never mentioned this on the blog before, but the husband is a smoker. Not two packs a day or anything, but he smokes daily. He quit once before, and made it all the way up to about two months after we got married before he reverted back to smoking (when he wasn’t smoking, he was chewing the nicotine gum.) We got married almost two years ago, so he’s been smoking again for about a year and a half.


Well yesterday we had a serious talk, and he decided he’s going to quit again. This time he’s going a different route, slowly decreasing the amount of ciggarettes he smokes per day until he eventually gets down to zero. He’s also using an electronic cigerette (you blow out vapor, rather than carcinogens.) Last time he went cold turkey, and just chewed the gum.

Either way, I am SO proud of him just for making the decision to quit again. I was beginning to grow impatient, and a huge weight is lifted off my shoulders too, now that he’s going to quit again. Any words of encouragement?

Any readers that are former smokers and have any advice for quitting? This is extremely challenging for the husband, so he would hugely appreciate any and all advice (and support!!) you could give him!!! 🙂 He needs all the encouragement he can get right now 😀

What bad habbit did you give up to lead a healthier, happier life? There’s TONS of other habits that could be changed to better our lives. A couple that I’ve made throughout my life are:

  • I stopped counting calories and having an obsessive mindset about food
  • I stopped binge drinking after college in order to feel healthier and protect my heart and body
  • I stopped being a cardio-maniac and started incorporated strength training into my exercise routine

24 Responses

  1. gah, I need that maple ab!

    Congrats to him for making this change!

  2. It took me 3x before I was able to quit smoking for good! It was NYE and I seriously smoked 2 whole packs which was enough to kill my throat. I woke up the next morning not ever wanting to look at another cigarette again. Sadly that only last about a week! The cravings are killer… what worked for me though was my bf reverse psychologising me and saying I would never be able to quit. That was a challenge I accepted! Every time I wanted to smoke I remembered the challenge and realized I wanted to be right even more! haha, this probably doesn’t give you any useable info but it’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Come January 1st I’ll be smoke-free for 8 years. Thank God – worst habit EVER!

  3. Good luck to your hubby on kicking the habit! He can do it with you by his side, I’m sure of it! I kicked the calorie counting/food diary habit a couple years ago and feel in SUCH a better place, have a better relationship with food now, etc. It was a healthy habit change 🙂

  4. Great salad combo! I love strawberries, feta and nuts in my spinach salads!

    I quit smoking over 5 years ago, after smoking for 4 years (mostly during high school). I quit cold turkey. My boyfriend at the time HATED smoking, with a passion, and told me that if I wanted to continue to date him I needed to quit… I must have really liked him because I quit the next day!

    The hardest party was replacing the habit with something else… like, I smoked in the car while driving, this was then replaced with a massive amount of scotch mints in the car. I also found it helpful to hold an IKEA pencil in my hand like a cigarette (weird, I know).

    Anyhoo enough rambling… I wish your husband the best of luck! It is one the healthiest changes you can make!

  5. Good luck to the hubbie. Like you, I quit being a cardio-only junkie, and have balanced workouts with strength training and rest days. I also quit having cake with icing every night before bed. (Yes, every night.) I still have something but now it’s a protein bar or bowl of cereal. Better for my arteries and blood sugars. 🙂

  6. Good luck to the hubs! I think the slow approach sounds like a great one. As far as bad habits I have given up – I think I can just sum it up with no longer being so obsessive.

  7. AMEN to the last one! i did that too!! SO worth it, right?
    love your summer-y salad! those are the best!

  8. thats so graet that yourhubs is commiting to quit. This is a HUGE step to be able to say that “I want to quit” something I think this will be great!!!

  9. My husband used to smoke (way before we started dating) and he said he used the nicorette gum to quit. I wish him luck!!! HE CAN DO IT!

  10. My mom used to smoke before I was born and she says that she is so glad that she chose to quit. She said that it was very difficult at first, but you basically have to change your day so that there is no time to take a smoke break. I will be thinking about your husband and I wish him the best of luck with quitting!! 🙂

  11. Oh that salad looks delicious!

  12. I’m making that EXACT salad for a blogger potluck brunch tomorrow! 🙂

    So glad your husband is quitting. Growing up, both my parents smoked. My mother quit when I was around nine and my father quit around three years ago. I hated it. It made me hate anything that had to do with smoking. I don’t really understand why people still start smoking now when they know it’s so bad for them!

  13. I smoked for 13years and haven’t smoked in 5
    I took Wellbutrin to quit. Helps curb the side effects and I dropped a bunch of weight too…not sure he needs that though =) Best of luck you should tell him once he quits in only takes the lungs 7years to get back to the way they were before you started smoking…the longer he takes to quit the longer the healing process!

  14. When we start smoking as teens, we are just so cool and just so stupid. Quitting is very difficult (it’s a DRUG), even more so if you smoked for a long time. Just ask yourself if you are intelligent enough to quit. As a one time smoker myself, I can’t believe I was smart enough to quit. And your dad is a smart guy, but it took him 5 times and several years. If the health risks aren’t incentive enough, or the second and third hand smoke risks to your family aren’t guilt for your brain cells, figure the math at costs per year or even per month! Do you like money? Wanna be thin? Go to a gym!
    Then, if you start up again, QUIT AGAIN AND AGAIN.
    Good luck; all one time smokers feel your pain.

  15. I quit 7 years ago after smoking for almost 20 years. It took many times but the nicotine patch and discovering my love of running finally worked. But what really made me quit was having children! I started smoking after each pregnancy but when they got old enough to understand what I was doing I absolutely had to quit to set a good example & to be healthy for them.

  16. So, if Shane doesn’t like to run…I’m reading The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo, and the main character (not the girl) decided to begin lifting weights and knew he had to quit smoking.
    Also, figure out how much is spent a week on the things and put that much money in a special fund, say a vacation etc.

  17. One of my good friends who was a smoker had an unrelated health issue and could not smoke on the medication she was on. The doctors basically told her she just couldn’t. So she didn’t and never started again so far. A few of my co-workers quit using the prescription med Chantix. They always recommend it to people. Might be worth looking into. Good luck Shane! I haven’t been there personally, but know a lot of people that have and it’s a hard road, but stay strong.

    I decided I was done with diet soda about a year ago. I wasn’t enjoying the taste and was doing it out of habit. I was only drinking 1 can or so a day, but we have saved money over time because of it. Soda is expensive.

    Salad looks delish! I have been making similar salads with fruits and nommy cheeses.

  18. best of luck to your husband – i used to smoke 2 packs a day and quit. i also used to binge eat/drink/do drugs/bite my nails/crack my knuckles (i still do that, actually). i have a very addictive personality, but i was able to shed it all….some cold turkey, but for the most part (as my shrink tells me) you have to replace addictions, you can’t just stop.

  19. My boyfriend was a smoker too. For the first few months of our relationship he had stopped but then I drove him back to the addiction! Last September he quit cold turkey and he has hard time being around smokers but he says his asmtha got better and he feels great! And in 3 years we’re both non-smokers! So good luck to your husband!

  20. I am new to your blog, and I just love it! I am also from central IL. It took me five tries to quit smoking, but I have been smoke-free for three years. Two tips for your hubbby:
    1. Use the nicotine patch! It works, it is easy, and totally worth the money. Just make sure to start with the right dose.
    2. Never think you have it totally kicked. The minute I think I can have one “socially” or occasionally, I am back at it full-time. Stay away from it!
    Good luck to your husband and to you!

  21. Great post. Quitting smoking is so hard, even when you get over the physical addiction the mental change is a lot to deal with. You don’t get the extra break during the day or the instant calm.

    I have found that reinforcement is a big help. I downloaded a free ebook, 29 DAYS… to a habit you want! by Richard Fast, pretty much because it was free, and it turned out to be a big help.

  22. […] Helped my husband quit smoking (still smoke free!!) […]

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