Juicin’ Up and Lara Bar Winners

Hiiii guys! This is gonna be a quickie post because this girl needs a nap. I slept horribly last night but luckily, I have a few hours until my next client…

Yesterday turned out to be pretty busy for a Sunday! I was at the gym training and getting a workout in myself from about 8:30 until 12:30.

I came home and promptly juiced up.


Apple, 2 carrots, 1 small beet



Mmmm- such a great combination!

I drank the juice alongside a deliciously fresh salad.


IMG_8182 IMG_8185










A salad dressed in balsamic + EVOO, topped with shrooms, kamlata olives, feta, and tempeh.



For dessert, my hand snuck in Shane’s animal crackers:

IMG_8187 A seal!



Ooh, a lion!


With food in belly, I mustered up some motivation to get a little desk work done. I have a couple projects going on that need much more attention than I’ve been giving them lately. My 4 miler + weights sesh must have revved up my metabolism, because at 5:00 I was down stairs cooking dinner!


I peeled and chopped an eggplant and sauteed it with an onion. Next, I made my very own Tikka Masala sauce completely on a whim. You can imagine my surprise when I discovered it actually tasted wonderful! I’ll post the recipe soon in the recipes tab.



Yay for Indian food!

Eaten alongside asparagus and a jalepeno cheddar roll.

IMG_8191   This meal was hot-hot-hot!


So hot, that it called for a cool down a few hours later. This my friends, is banana soft serve w/ dark chocolate chips mixed in.

IMG_8199 Utterly amazing.


And now for the winners of the variety pack of the new Lara Bar flavors giveaway!

Before I announce it, I just wanna say how much I appreciate the comments about the blog – and for the lurkers to step in and say “hi!” I’m very thankful for every one of my readers – even those who aren’t commenters 😀 Thanks for the participation, ya’ll 🙂

OK, and the two winners of the Lara Bar variety packs are…











reader Lauren and Morgan from Healthy Happy Place 

Congrats on winning some FABULOUS new Lara Bar flavors, ladies!


Have a good Monday all – See ya’s! 8)


12 Responses

  1. Congrats to the winners!! Don’t eat them all at once now!

    You should pose the animal crackers in different locations around your house. That would be HILARIOUS!

  2. I definitely want that Tikka Masala recipe! Lurve Indian food!!

  3. JEALOUS of the winners 🙂
    i need a juicer!!!

  4. I need a nap too!!! Great juice- its so pretty. And the sauce on dinner looks incredible. I cannot wait for the recipe. Congrats to the winners

  5. My new roomies has a juicer!! I’m eager to try it, but buying the produce and setting it up feels like a lot of work to me 😛

    Animal crackers = love.

  6. Congrats to the winners…Lara Bars are sooooo good.
    I need that Tikka Masala recipe too.

  7. Yay! I’m so excited! I read your blog everyday even though I don’t always comment. How do I go about claiming my prize? 🙂

  8. I have that soft serve every night…it’s good!

  9. haven’t had animal crackers in so long that i can’t even remember what kinds of animals i liked when i ate them!

  10. Animal crackers make me smile! Your dinner looks delicious. I’m craving Indian food!

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