Declutter Your Mind

Greetings! Everything OK in your world? I hope so – things are fine here.

I just returned from a quick 2.5 miler(with a 8:45 pace!! I was in a hurry) and am about to down some oooovernight oats. It’s been a while.



Yesterday after I took a nap lay awake in bed for an hour, I got up with a fierce craving for hot oats. This is rare in the hot summer heat, so I went with the craving.



Craving=solved and it was a lovely bowl of oats indeed. A dollop of Greek yogurt does wonders to hot oats in the summer. It’s the perfect way to cool them down without going so far as to making them overnight oat-esque.




A load or two of laundry and some scrapbooking later and I fueled up before heading to the gym:


Half a peanut butter chocolate Lara Bar.


It was all I had not to finish the whole thing. I stuck the rest in my purse to eat post workout/pre-training session. After an intense 3.5 interval run followed by back and biceps work, I trained a client, chatted up the owner, and headed home.

I had another errand to tend to. This one’s a doozy.



Getting this one to the vet. She actually didn’t do too bad! And got copious amounts of Greenies when she returned. All is well in the tough life of Clarabelle. Although I do think it’s a load of crap for my county to instill a law that I pay a fee each year to have my INDOOR cat registered for rabies. Whatev.

Still on minimal sleep, I trucked on. Lunch helped!


I had leftovers of this, but the leftovers pic turned out to be way less appetizing looking than this one.

Dessert was even more unappetizing-looking.

 IMG_8215But it was good, nonetheless. I intended to have a green monster, but I was gluttonous and ate all the frozen bananas in my banana soft serve I had the night before. So I got my protein in protein cookie dough form (protein powder, a little almond milk, a            tsp. PB, sea salt, cocao powder) Yum! 🙂

I glowered at my to-do list when I saw what was next: scrubbing the floors. Once a month I get down on my hands and knees with some rubber gloves and a bucket of hot water and soap and scrub ‘til I’m mad. It’s so rewarding, though.

My reward:


Pretty sure this is the last Kombucha in my city. Wah!

By this time, I was so beat, the thought of going back to work seemed like a sin! I almost rescheduled for tomorrow, but then I thought of how I’d feel about that tomorrow, and changed my mind 😉 It’s always fun, but getting there is sometimes a challenge.

Before I left for my client’s house, I made a little dinner for the hubski and me:


Taco salad! Taco taco; burrito burrrito; taco taco!


I actually got this recipe out of my Hungry Girl cook book. I was feeling uninspired with the usuals, and haven’t made anything from that cookbook from a while because there’s usually chemical-laden/not whole foods ingredients in the recipes like Splenda or egg white substitute. Of course I tweaked it a bunch, but the overall concept was from her recipe;)


I added some tempeh on top to mine. I love tempeh!

When I got home from training my last client of the day, I started winding down immediately. I didn’t want another restless night like Sunday night. I had a small dessert of some ice cream and then made some sleepy time tea. Finally, I prepared this morning’s coffee, shut down the kitchen, and laid everything out for today. It majorly helped declutter the mind. Another thing that helps is writing down what you need to do the following day right before you head to bed. That way, instead of thinking about it and trying not to forget it when you’re head hits the pillow, it’s already all laid out for ya!

Well I’m off to eat some breakfast and head to work. Catch ya lata 😀


What helps you declutter your mind before calling it a night? If tea and a list don’t help, I put on some lavender-scented lotion. The calming aroma does wonders to calm the brain 🙂


15 Responses

  1. I just tried the cookie dough larabar yesterday and loved it! I really don’t like larabars so I was excited. Trying the chocolate pb today!

  2. I try to get things cleaned up and ready for the next day, but it is much easier now than it was when I worked full time. You’ve got a better plan than I ever did though. Good ideas, girl!
    I now pack Lara bars when I work part time; love those natural ingredients.

  3. Mmm that protein cookie dough looks devine!!

    I have a lavendar pillow spray that I love- not sure it really helps me sleep, but the smell is SO comforting!! 🙂

  4. Seriously. That picture of the larabar is KILLING me! How do I get samples of the new flavors? 🙂 It takes FOREVER for the new ones to get here. We JUST got the tropical fruit tart one and they don’t even have it all the time.

    Decluttering at the end of the day:
    I try to do anything and everything for the next day that I can (pack lunch, prep breakfast, work on dinner stuff, etc).
    Make a LIST of things I’m thinking about, need to do, etc, and cross stuff off if I’m done with them. Actually crossing things off seems to get them out of my head.

  5. It might sound weird but it helps…since I was little if something were stuck in my head and I couldn’t sleep (excitement or worry), I would visualize a rake/broom literally sweeping it out of my brain and I would continue doing that until it went away and I could sleep. Weird I know.

  6. The soft serve looks good!

  7. I NEED to scrub my floors like that regularly but I don’t. It’s bad.

    And I agree that adding some yogurt is the way to go. I don’t care for overnight oats but love the “yoatgurt” combo.

  8. We hafta take our BIG (18 lb.) indoor kitty for her shot next Monday! I bet Clarabelle doesn’t get bazaar-wild-crazy like our cat. She gets happy pills an hour before, or we couldn’t get her out of the house.

  9. Now I’m craving oats! Thanks! 🙂 I like your approach on thinking that maybe you’ll just do something tomorrow– I should think that way. Like I could write a story for the paper tomorrow– but if I do it right now- I won’t have to!

  10. I totally agree with getting everything you need for the next day, set up the night before. I also have a pad an a pen next to my bed so I can right things down…otherwise I won’t be able to stop thinking about it!

  11. Taco salad = perfection!

    Yoga does wonders to declutter my mind before bed. Not in the keep-up-with-a-podcast version, but in the hold a few poses for as long as feels comfortable and then crawl into my bed well-stretched and ready to sprawl out manner!

  12. oats with greek yogurt is definitely the best!

  13. Smart idea, to do a yoga pose before getting into bed. I find a yoga pose or three before you get out of bed helps too.

  14. Your photos give me inspiration….I’m going to go make something for lunch.’
    Love YA Aunt Bobbie

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