Traditionally Untraditional

Oh my wedding! What a weekend! It was busy and fabulous and perfect and ironic. But not ironic in the grammatically correct sense, but in the Alanis Morissette sense. But more on that later – perhaps in another post tonight, because we all know there’s lots to say about wedding weekends. 😀

How are you guys? Hopefully had and are having a fantastic weekend.

Let me tell ya bout it. I’ll skip the minor deets and go straight to the guts of the weekend.

Friday was a great day. I was off from the BIC and only had to train two clients, so it felt more like a Saturday. Plus, Shane only had a half day, and we had stuff to do, things to rehearse!


Jessica (my childhood BFF) had her rehearsal dinner at the winery she was getting married, so the husband and I decided to head about a few minutes early and enjoy a glass or two of wine beforehand.


and enjoy the scenery:

IMG_8350IMG_8330 IMG_8352IMG_8340




The breeze was a perfect means to cooling everyone off, but when it got time to rehearse, it was downright hot.



Everyone rolled with it though, and it went down without a hitch. That’s what rehearsals are for right?

Shane played an excellent photographer throughout the whole shindig 🙂




After the rehearsal, we all headed to a small church and had a few readings and some good eats. I didn’t photog because the groom’s family is pretty conservative. Thought it might be pretty rude to bust out the Cannon 40D between prayers 😉 It was very nice though. And I was actually able to eat several of the options – the salad, a doughy whole wheat roll, a perfectly sized potato (ha) and even sherbet!

When everyone finished eating, Jessica and Clint gave out the bridal party gifts, which were very cool and extremely thoughtful. For the guys, they hand made some quality bag sets painted with their favorite baseball teams’ logos, and for the girls, they made super cute customized dog bowls!


Seriously, how adorable is that?! The even sanded and stained the wood, too! Heh…the only thing is, we gave it a test run with Niko and she’s scared of it. Seriously Niko, seriously?! No worries though…we like the looks of it so much that we decided we were going to put Clarabelle’s food in there instead:


Clarabelle dug right in 😉 It actually works out because we have to keep the cat’s food up or else Niko will eat it anyway, and since Niko’s scared to go near this frightening contraption (heh) it works perfectly!

IMG_8477But I digress!

At this point, Shane dropped me off at my parents’ house and headed back into town. So Jessica, Clint, and I finished her guest book and talked about the day to come.


Jessica and Clint are really anything but traditional -that’s one of the reasons I love her so much! – they didn’t have a problem seeing each other the night before. Jessica’s always been one to follow her own path, and it definitely shined in the wedding festivities this weekend. It definitely made it their own, which is a good thing. It was traditionally untraditional in a sense. 

Wedding Morning

still in the same post so far! woot!

I slept on my old futon at my parents’ house, so it wasn’t exactly a restful sleep, but I got a solid six hours. Not bad considering all the excitement going on! Although the bride arranged for a brunch at the hair salon in a couple hours, I was glad to see my mom had all the ingredients to make banana yogurt oats.


(and coffee!)


Gotta be prepared unless you wanna be a hungry vegetarian 😉

The brunch spread:


I ended up eating about half this croissant and some strawbs anyway 🙂


It was actually a lot of fun getting our hair done. There was a LOT of reminiscing going on and we were all so excited 😀



Le bridal party

It only took a couple hours to get everyone done up and purty, so afterward, we all just headed to the winery for make up, some sips of wine, and pictures, but not first before taking the obligatory classy wedding day pictures in Hobby Lobby for a last minute stop 😉


Right next to the decorative lamps, obviously.

And then we were off to the wedding site! But I shall talk about this part in another post…this one’s already getting a bit wordy!

Besides, I need to shower and get ready to train a couple clients. I was able to get up and run a quick 3.1 miler this morning (with a negative split – woot!) I danced the night away last night, but probably only had 2 cups of beer and a half glass of champagne, so I was happy to not be hung over today. I told Shane I’d be the DD since I knew approximately 5 x’s as many people as he did at the wedding 😉 Fair enough, right?

Probably going to consider today a work day since I slacked the past couple of days. I only have 2 clients, but then have a meeting with a client-turned-business partner to get some work done!

Hope you all have a wonderful end to your weekends!

Regarding weddings, how traditional were you/do you think you’ll be? I was untraditional in the fact that my wedding was on a beach and we were all barefoot, but I was traditional by not seeing the groom the day of the wedding – which was pretty hard being cooped up inside when there’s a beach outside! I think I should have reconsidered that part, haha


6 Responses

  1. Congrats to your friend. I can’t wait to hear how the speech went. 😉

    I was traditional by saying the traditional vows and not seeing hubs the day of. I was untraditional by also saying our own vows with the traditional ones and getting married on a mountainside. I also had a horse take me to the aisle.

  2. looks like you had a blast!! Our wedding was pretty traditional. We omitted and added a few things here or there, but for the most part we stuck with a lot of the pasttimes 🙂

  3. i was uber untraditional. not only did we get married in a theater via a movie, we had a cocktail party as our reception, which pissed some people off, but OH WELL!!!

  4. […] So where did I leave off? Ah, yes – there was part of a bridal party in Hobby Lobby. […]

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