Creative Fuel’s A-Burnin’

Mornin’! How ya feelin’ today?

At the moment, II feel…rushed? I didn’t wake up in time to get my planned 3.5 mile run in, so instead I did a quick n’ speedy 2.5 miler. I managed my time well, too:

Mile 1: (first .5 was warm up at 9:40) 9:33

Mile 2:8:28 (alternating sprints for .2 and recovery jogs for .1)

Mile 2-2.5: 7:51 😀

The weather has cooled off a bit since this weekend, which made for phenomenal running weather!


Yesterday, productivity was the name of the game. After all the weekend festivities, I had a lot of catching up to do.

My day started a bit later than typical Mondays do for me. I got to wake up an hour later than usual because I didn’t have a client this morning and I welcomed the extra sleep. Although I didn’t eat several hours before bed last night, it took a good hour for me to work up an appetite for breakfast. So I walked Niko, did some laundry, and worked on the blog. Finally, hunger set it.

Do I really have to tell you?


whole wheat protein waffles. Switched up the topping a bit by using vanilla stevia instead of maple syrup (because we were out) and I added a half of a banana in there for good measure.


I was so full after eating this. It’s better as a post-run breakfast, since I always come back from a hard run famished. But I’ll take it;)

With fuel in belly, I went upstairs to the office to work, work, work away. My creative fire was a-burnin’ when I woke up, so I took full advantage by working on a project I’m involved in with my client-turned-business partner. It’s one that cannot get pushed to the back burner, so it’s imperative to seize the motivation to work whenever it appears. This is an example of when my to-do list gets thrown out the window. When I feel the need to write, cleaning, creating plans, and grocery shopping can get pushed to the bottom of the list.

I worked up until I headed to the gym to get back/chest workout in, and then hopped on the elliptical for about 20 minutes. I wanted to take it easy on my legs, since Sunday I both ran a tempo run and had a leg strength training sesh. The stems were a wee bit sore yesterday. After training, I had to hit up Target, the post office (Lara Bars are on there way, winners!) and a grocery store.

Purchased this lil’ gem for some quick fuel:


Now, if you’ve been a reader for a while, you know I’m not a calorie counter, but I was very surprised to see that there were 260 calories in this little bottle!! And all it is is fruit juice…craziness I tell ya.

Once home and showered, I made a real lunch:


My favorite part of working part time at the BIC? I get to make real lunches some days during the week!

Tofu marinated in tamari, vanilla stevia, EVOO, sea salt, and apple cider vinegar:

 IMG_8485       IMG_8493  

Sweet potato fries.IMG_8486


Both were roasted on the same pan at 425º, for 30 minutes, flipped half way through.

Then it was time to make the house sparkle. Even though I just scrubbed the floors last week, I had to again yesterday. Typically, I only get down on my hands and knees to scrub the floors once a month, and then once or twice a week, I’ll hit them with the Swiffer wet jet. Well, yesterday while shopping for Swiffer pad refills, I refused to buy them at nearly a dollar per pad. The Swiffer boy cot sounded like a good idea yesterday… haha Even so, nothing’s better than a good scrubbing I suppose.

After some more paper work, PT work, and taxes stuff, it was time to start dinner!

On the Menu:

His and Hers Enchiladas!

Sautéing up the veggies (plus some sweet corn added later)


One veggie enchilada comin’ atcha!


Salsa on one side, sour cream on the other:

IMG_8492 IMG_8491

Dessert was some All Natural Frozen Yogurt:

IMG_8493Pralines and cream – delish 🙂


Well I gotta bounce on outta here! Gotta get ready because today’s going to be a loooong one 🙂



Do you make a “to-do” list? How do you organize it? I typically write it out in the order I want to get the tasks done…that way I won’t worry that I won’t have enough time to complete them and it makes it more realistic in terms of including too many tasks. But like I said, sometimes ya gotta go with how ya feel!


14 Responses

  1. I ALWAYS make to-do lists. I’m the same way in that once motivation to do work strikes, I have to do it right away or it passes in no time flat.

    Glad you had a productive and delicious day! 🙂

  2. I used to make to-do lists more than I do now. Now I just have a running schedule in my head that I try to keep up with. I don’t stress about it as much though.

    Even though your run was shorter, it looks great!

  3. That tofu marinade sounds really good 🙂 I usually write the most important stuff at the top of my to-do list so I see it first & read it everytime, but sometimes I do something further down the list if it’s easier just to make myself feel better 🙂

  4. Good run times!

  5. Great run!!! The weather was a bit better this morning, but of course, it’s not a day we go running in the am 🙂 Funny how that works.

    I ALWAYS have a list going. To do today, to do tonight, stuff for tomorrow, etc. I love being able to cross things off a list, so I always have one – even if it’s just full of stuff like “pack lunch, fold laundry”

    What is this new business talk? Sounds exciting 🙂

  6. I love to-do lists. I usually write them on my calendar in the corresponding day I want to get the items done.

  7. I live for my to-do lists. I made a list and a brief schedule for the following day each night. Even if plans change a little, I know I’ve got it all written down and it helps me fall asleep quickly 🙂

  8. Whenever I make a to-do list, I always include even the teeny, tiny mudane things…that way it guarantees that I’ll have items to cross off! It just makes me feel better to see a bunch of things checked DONE! 🙂

  9. it really depends how MUCH I have to do…for the most part I make my schedule in my head, I always tried to get a planner in college to write my assignements down but year after year it was a waste of money because I always just knew what I had to do…I had a calender of long term dates, but short term? I am pretty good at just using the ole brain 🙂

    the naked juices are so delicious sometimes!!

  10. I don’t know where I would be without to do lists. I keep both one at work/for work and one for personal that I carry around at all times.

    I put the high priority items at the top and that helps me stay on track because I try not to move on to other items on the list until I have crossed off the one at the top.

  11. I feel very rushed today as well! Sounds like you accomplished a lot though. Fantastic breakfast. mmm I haven’t made veggie enchiladas in so long. Hve to get on that. I’m a crazy list maker. I divide tasks by day in the order I plan to do them. Type A much?

  12. Mmmm pralines and cream!!! I miss the praline pecans I had in GA last summer!

  13. […] of the previous nights’ dinner. Gotta love leftovers on late […]

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