Workouts of the Seasons

Hullo 🙂

How are we on this fine Wednesday?

I just got done with an ab and tricep workout + some elliptical work. Again, I decided to sleep past my alarm, so I intend to get the rest of my workout done after my second client tonight, which will be shoulders and biceps! Splittin’ it up today, yo!

Currently digesting some hot protein oats:



I cannot even fathom eating hot oats after a sweaty run, so I take advantage when my workout doesn’t involve an extreme rise in body temp 🙂



So yesterday was an incredibly long day. It was filled with work and activities, and the busyness made it speed by, but by the end I was one tired chica.

It started out with a quick interval run and moved on into some delicious OOIAJ:


Overnight oats in a jar!


One thing that perplexes me about Overnight Oats is how to get the nut butter good and mixed in. A barely-left empty jar solves that problem. Just scoop a little from the side with each bite! 

Then I was off to work at the BIC for the day. I broke for lunch around noon.


This salad was absolutely amazing. In it was a bed of romaine, topped with the previous night’s tofu, corn, sunflower seeds, craisins, black beans, and a dressing of EVOO + apple cider vinegar + stevia + sea salt.

Snacks included a choco PB Lara Bar, some dark chocolate almonds (love!) and an apple.

After a hard day’s work at the BIC, I had a small break before heading to the gym to train a couple clients. I wasn’t quite ready for dinner yet, but I needed something…


A smoothie in a bowl made a perfect pre-training snack, and by the time I left the gym, I was more than ready for dinner:


Replica of the previous nights’ dinner. Gotta love leftovers on late nights 😀

A handful of almond m&m’s was calling my name afterward:


I answered them promptly, no questions asked 😉


Workouts of the SeasonsSeasons

Here in Central IL, one has to seize the opportunity of outdoor activities during the months of May through October. In my opinion, November through March are just downright unbearable when it comes to Illinois weather. That is precisely why you see so much running going on lately. Yes, I’d like to try all the exciting workout DVD’s coming out, but I know I’ll be itching for something new to do come mid-December when running just simply isn’t an option for me (outdoors, at least.) I’d also like to get in some biking workouts before the summer ends, but I’m still working on getting the hubski to dive into that adventure with me.

Like the change of seasons, I have workout seasons. Winter is workout DVD time – I don’t even feel like driving to the gym when it get impossibly cold and snowy. I also do more yoga in the winter. Spring is definitely running season – the best running season, in my opinion. Summer is still running season, but by now I’ve usually added in riding the bike. And fall is typically gym season. For some reason, I lift the most weights, go to the most classes, and work on the most cardio machines in the fall.

Do you have workout seasons? What season is it now?

Well today’s going to be another busy one – workin’ at the BIC and training two clients. Me<—chuggin’ along 😀


7 Responses

  1. we have the same issue here – not a bad one (I love actually having 4 seasons), but it does make working out tough if you don’t belong to a gym.

    We run when it’s nice outside, but in the dead of winter and through snowstorms like this past winter, I don’t have many options. I need to stock up on DVDs for this coming winter.

  2. I still haven’t made OIAJ!! I need to try it, for realz 🙂

    Workout of the season for me is running right now. I’m in major training mode for my half mary. But after that’s done, I’m going to go Group X crazy.

  3. YES i do way more workout DVD’s during winter! cause its so cold and i dont want to get out! haha. i def exercise outside WAY more in the spring and the summer!!
    LOVE that salad combo!

  4. no four seasons in ca…the biggest deal would be if it rained

  5. the peanut butter in your oats looks so good!

    I never really thought of workout seasons! I never used to do workout DVDs until recently so I am SURE they will be apart of my winter workouts!

  6. May through October are definitely the only seasons that I embrace outdoor sports. I bought cold weather running gear last winter and I ran in temps dipping to 14 degrees. It was rough and it really wore me out. But for some reason it made me feel like a “real” runner

  7. […] But my love of running didn’t waver…and eventually the race bug bit me […]

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