Glowing Sunrise Run

Good morning to yooouuuu! That was sung in the tune to a “good morning” song my pastor once sang during a summer church camp way back from my youth. That song brings back bad memories of unreasonably early mornings, unseasonably cold weather, and unbearably tight pants (I forgot to bring any long pants at all, thus ended up sharing with my best friend’s pants who was half my size, bhaha.) Flashback over!

This morning’s breakfast was a big ole waffle fail! After this morning’s 4 miler, I wanted waffles like nobody’s business. Once I heated up the waffle maker, I realized we were out of whole wheat flour. I didn’t let it stop me, and used oat bran flour instead.


waffle fail. It came out a mess and stuck to each side of the waffle maker, but I was determined to eat it anyway. Is that so wrong?

But with a topping of G.Y. + almond butter + vanilla stevia and a side of iced coffee, it can’t be too bad, right?


Right! So back to the run. I was actually excited to go on my run when I popped out of bed this morning. I had downloaded a fresh play list (think Drake, Eminem, Enrique and Do or Die – when all else fails, Do or Die makes  awesome running music imo) and the weather was amazing. I started out the door just as the sun was going up, and the clouds were literally glowing. I think I like it!  Oh yes I like it!

The run stats weren’t too bad either! 4.25 miles run with an avg. pace of 8:59 – hey that’s still under a 9 min/mile!


Yesterday wasn’t too busy for a Wednesday, and included working at the BIC and training two clients – one of which was a newbie! Her session went wonderfully, and I think she got a lot out of it. Job<—satisfying.

Lunch was a mexican fiesta atop a bed of romaine:


Think the innards of the other night’s enchiladas + a whole ‘nother tomato (I just wrote strawberry…wtf?)

I made dinner after I trained, and it was simple and delicious!



IMG_8511 Sweet potato fries ever so lightly coated in a mix of EVOO, PB, and S&P:



Plus some morning star chick’n nuggets (so does leaving out the “e” in chicken the vegetarian way to spell it or something!?)

I’m late! I’m late! For a very important!…unit meeting.

Today’s “food day” at the BIC where we all bring in something. I was a bit lazy after training last night, so my contribution will be something from Great Harvest Bread. Probably just as well 😉



6 Responses

  1. I think it’s funny that mock meat products are spelled like that, too. I think companies think that if they had the ‘e’ to chicken, people will be confused and thing it’s actually chicken. If people just read the ingredients lists, they wouldn’t be confused!

  2. My two fave veggies. Must. make. soon!!!!

    I had waffles this morning too. With pb + a small drizzle of maple syrup. It was delicious. Still holding over my hunger.

  3. I’ve never made waffles before. Major waffle fail, haha. But your broken one looks terrific!

    That run sounds glorious!

  4. Ah, camp memories! What fun. Did your camp do the “Early Bird” swim? I loved doing that, jumping into a freezing lake was the best way to wake up! Though the ‘unbearably cold’ part was definitely true… haha.

  5. haha i have had an identical waffle fail! i still ate them though 🙂

    missssed you! xo

  6. […] run felt pretty good even though I had a pretty quick negative split run […]

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