Revisiting Routes

Hi there! Happy Friday, guys! 😀

I am loving this cool front moving in the past couple of days! It’s still going to get up to 90 today, but this morning it’s in the 60’s! Perfect for running…

Quick and Hilly 7 6 Mile run

Since the end of May, I’ve been jumping on the trail to run my longer runs. There’s ample shade and minimal hills, and with the heat we’re having this year, it’s the only way to make it bearable! With the cooler than normal temps this morning, I took it as a chance to change up the scenery and run my fall 7 mile route.

Mile 1: 9:28

Mile 2: 8:58

Mile 3: 8:55

Mile 4: 9:17 (lots of hills!!)

Mile 5: 9:06 (the hills continued)

Mile 6: 8:35 (the hills flattened out + a burst at the end!)

Total: 6 miles in 54:17 🙂

What’s that? That’s only 6 miles? Apparently it’s been so long since I’ve run a long (6+ mile) run off the trail that I forgot the route was only 6! I needed to go an extra block through (ISU) campus to make it 7. Ah well 🙂 Good run either way.

About an hour before leaving, I munched on some Great Harvest 9 grain bread with a banana + PB + maca combo topping:


And when my Camel bak was dry (I threw it in the wash since it got drenched after my last longer run) I was off!

The run felt pretty good even though I had a pretty quick negative split run yesterday!

Yesterday at work was a food day – and the Great Harvest Bars I brought in got gobbled up STAT. My teammates know how to demolish some food! haha

I did a pretty good job of staying away from the food table. I grabbed up some hummus and crackers, plus half of a peach GHB bar, but that’s about it. For lunch, I ate an egg salad sandwich I threw together the night before.


This was seriously a little of this and a little of that. I have no specific measurements, but the ingredients were 1.5 hard boiled eggs, chopped, some greek yogurt,hummus, some mustard, vinegar, sea salt, cayenne, pepper, and lemon juice. Ta-da.

IMG_8514 IMG_8515


It was good! A little heavy on the cayenne, but still really good!

I didn’t have any clients to train after work yesterday, so Shane and I decided to go on a bike ride!!


Twas a beautiful day

IMG_0132(pause for dramatic effect)

Do you know how long I’ve been trying to get this man to go on a bike ride with me?



All. Summer. (we stopped at Jewel and had some technical difficulties with the bag on the way home 😉 )

It must be the lack of cigarettes. For those of you who missed it, my husband has been an on again off again smoker. He quit right before we got married, but started back up about a year ago. As of today, he is on Day Six of being smoke free. This is pretty dang monumental, folks. And he hasn’t even been being a jerkface!! 😀 haha

After the bike ride, my girl Missy came over to drop off Arizona, her puppy aka Niko’s bestie to play while she went to a meeting.



Meanwhile, the hubski cooked dinner on the grill!



Chopped sweet potatoes, carrots, onion, and ‘sparagus:



burger on a GHB 9 grain slice.

IMG_8525 Nomtastic.

Dessert was an undocumented slice of paradise. I warmed up the other half of the GHB bar, and topped with with a scoop of frozen yogurt. Sorry you can’t witness the beauty of this simple dessert. A. La. Freakin. Mode.


Well I’m off to do a little website work, train a client, clean, and then get my shop on! I spent the better half of this morning (before my run) browsing fashion blogs, and now I’m inspired to go spend $$!! ha

Any plans for the weekend? I have lots of work to catch up on and get my booty workin’ on some CEC’s.             

I think the addition of a 1 year old spaztastic dog made these two appreciate each other a little more:



They’re secret lover-buddies.

Lata Tayta’s!


6 Responses

  1. yay for day #6!!! Big congrats to him!

    I seriously need Great Harvest in my life.

  2. Six days, wonderful! The rewards will be worth it.

    Very cute pic of Niko and Clarabelle:-)

  3. That’s awesome that he’s quitting again! And that you were able to con him into a bike ride 🙂

    Cute pic! I love doggie and kitty love.

  4. Looks like 6 is the lucky number today – six miles and six smoke free days – cheers to that!

  5. That’s awesome that Shane is quitting! My husband used to chew, and he quit in February after years of me nagging him on and off.

    I’m planning on hitting the local farmer’s market tomorrow morning and then meeting some co-workers for a night out. My only other plans are getting some paperwork done that has been sitting on my desk for a few weeks, and I really should finish before I go on maternity leave!

  6. Congrats to Shane for being smoke-free!! I quit smoking 4.5 years ago, and will say the first three days were the hardest. After two weeks I noticed a significant decrease in my habitual cravings (ie, like wanting to stand outside for 10 minutes bringing my hand to my mouth 😛 )

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