Lacking Lunch

Welcome Weekend! Hey guys – happy Saturday! And happy birthday to my bestest Destiny!



Looooove you girl!

So yesterday after my run, I showered, and then sat in my robe and towel for four solid hours getting work done. I had an urgent meeting a friend to meet for shopping, so I wanted to get done asmuchasIcould. Success!

Oh, and I also made this little gem of a breakfast:


That would be overnight oats layered with banana softserve, Oh She Glows style.




a cherry on top!


While shopping, I bought this shirt from Von Maur:


It still has the tags on…what do you think, yay or nay?

After a couple hours of shopping which involved several stops, I finally headed home

Did you see lunch anywhere in the mix? I didn’t either. All the sudden it was 4:00 and I realized I hadn’t had lunch, which is totally unlike me! Stomach pangs reminded me that I shouldn’t do that. So did breaking into the first thing I saw as an “appetizer”



We were going out for Indian food around 6:00 and I didn’t want to spoil it, so this worked perfectly with some salsa…and a beer.

Indian Food!!!


Started with the honey gobi – cauliflower (frackin’ delicious)


and the main course was Baighann Bartha with some whole wheat naan (roti?)


Amazing, I can’t lie.

When we got home, Shane had some work to do, and I had a sudden burst of energy! I cleaned up the kitchen, painted my toes, and munched on a few of these for dessert:




Little bursts of deliciousness!

Headed to bed fairly early for a weekend but 11:00 felt like it was 2 in the morning for some reason!

I woke up hungry for breakfast.


Oats n coffee (with blueberries!) for me.


and pancakes for the husband.


Well I’m off to get a leg workout in, work a little, and then SHOP s’more!

Have a wonderful Saturday, guys and gals!! :D               


6 Responses

  1. Yay to the top:-)

  2. Love the top! I’m off for a little Saturday shopping myself. Enjoy!

  3. I love the shirt on you!!

    And Hint of Lime chips are soooo good.

  4. Love the new shirt! And your breakfast looks so cute in your glass.

  5. that shirt is adorable!

    your indian food looks pretty darn tasty! i definitely have a craving for some now! =0)

  6. […] had this one time at a local Indian restaurant and I haven’t been able to get it off my mind […]

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