Yesterday I Lied

How is it already August? Every year on August 1st, a little piece of my dies inside. August means it’s the last month of summer (well, you know what I mean.) Call me crazy, but I’d be one satisfied sista if summer were the only season of the year. Why I live in Illinois still we’ll never know…


So. I’m extremely tired today but can’t seem to nap. You see, yesterday I lied.

I didn’t train clients.

I didn’t shop.

But the means justified the end…of keeping the surprise party a secret!



Kim and her fiancé Jason, Shane and myself all drove to Chicago to surprise the heck out of our best friend, Destiny. It was so difficult talking to her on the phone! I felt pretty bad for keeping the convo short – on her birthday – for fear of letting it slip.


It was worth it 😉

On the drive up, I packed a salad w/ romaine, chopped tomatoes, a hardboiled egg, feta, and balsamic vinegar:


Shane and I got there a little early, so we hit up Trader Joes (!!!) and had a dance party in a random church parking lot before the big surprise

IMG_0149 IMG_0150



Totally necessary.

Then it was surprise time!




A couple hours later, we were walking to a cute little beer garden and restaurant called Fat Duck.



Errr DuckFat, rather. Not an appetizing name if you ask me, but it did have appetizing food!

We started with a round of drinks. I had a ginger basil mojito.

IMG_0161 IMG_0163

It was good, but I’m pretty sure they forgot the ginger and basil :-/

And I ordered a vegetable wrap for…2nd lunch?


Those sweet potato fries were outstanding!

IMG_0166Look at the flaked sea salt! Love 🙂

After lunch, and a couple hours of catchin’ up there were more surprises! We all headed over the the real party, where Destiny was greeted by all her family and friends!


Plus she got to see her mom’s new weiner dog that I was thisclose to putting in my purse and making a run for it:


All at once now…awwwww 😀

She was very much genuinely surprised.

At the party, I had a few wine spritzers (wine + club soda)




I also had a mozzarella and tomato skewer which was phenomenal!

At this point, I was getting pretty tired, but it was a birthday and the show must go on! Of course, we had to say “prune” for the camera:


Evidenced by the look on Jason’s face in the pictures, our significant others definitely think we’re quite odd. Well, we are.

A little later, the game plan changed and we hit up a couple local pubs where dancing the night away ensued.

Another half a wrap may or may not have been consumed before hitting the sheets 🙂

Shane and I headed back to town pretty early today. I think I fail at being a good wife because I fell asleep the minute we started driving home only to wake up 2.5 hrs later when we were turning onto our street back in Normal. Shane said it was the longest drive of his life. Doh!

Back home, I made an energizing juice using 1 beet + 2 carrots + 1 apple:


And then finished it off with an oat bran waffle. Whole wheat flour trumps oat bran flour when it comes to waffles, guys.


Topping ingredients:





I’ve been trying to muster up some motivation to make today a work day since yesterday was all fun, but productivity has yet to rear its head.

But I’m off to keep on trying 😀 Perhaps a nap will help… 😉

How was your guys’ weekends?! Do anything fun? Get any relaxation in?

Well I should probably go make myself somewhat presentable. My parents watched Niko for the night while we were gone and are bringing her back in here in a few, and we’re planning on going out for Mexican food while they’re here. Actually, I think I’ll try to convince them that pizza is definitely a better choice today. A thin, crispy, sourdough veggie pizza. Yes, please!


PS – How do you like my new header? It’s the first time I’ve changed it in…ever! 😀


13 Responses

  1. Aww what a sweet & fun surprise!!

  2. Hey roomie! lol.

    What a fun day and how sweet of you guys to plan the surprise!

    I definitely would have dognapped that little weiner dog. He is too cute!

    Only 13 more days ’till HLS!

  3. awweee POOOOGGEE 🙂
    thank you so so so so much! u, the fam, steve and the girls MADE my birthday !!! such an amazing time! totally worth lying to the RAN viewers! sorry guys— but my friends RULE. thanks for driven shane- so my poogie could get her beauty rest!! xoxo

    love d

  4. i LOVE the pics from the dance party in the church parking lot. that’s hilarious. those sweet potato fries look ridiculously good. i had a relaxing weekend until i randomly decided to start painting my bedroom. that was HARD!

  5. Love the new header! Very creative and looks nice with your overall layout and theme.

  6. The new header is awesome!

    What a beautiful surprise party, “Happy 26th D.”

  7. Totally “awwed” out loud at that puppy pic! LOVE the new header!! Also love all the waffles happening up on here lately 😉

  8. I like the new header, very cool! Surprise parties are so fun 🙂 I was at the beach (very un-MTV jersey shore part of the jersey shore haha) all weekend at my parents beach house relaxing.

    I am curious how you like the trader joe’s agave maple syrup — I have another organic brand and it’s not very flavorful!

  9. How fantastic are you? What a GREAT surprise!!!!!! The sweet potato fries look awesome, as does the rest of the party food. And that weiner dog? awwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Weekend was good- worked far too much 😦 But what can ya do?

  10. Surprise parties are so fun! Your friend must have been so happy!

  11. aw that puppy just melted my heart!

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