How to Do an Elevated Lunge (a Vlog?)

*I just wrote how to do an elevated lunCH, btw. mahaha*

Goooood morning! Happy Thursday – and happy book release week to Caitlin, the creator of operation beautiful! She’ll be on the Today Show talking about Operation Beautiful the book at 8:30 EST so make sure to tune in if you can!!! 😀

I’m about to head out on a 4.5 miler, but wish me luck. It’s fog city outside. Infact I’ve still got a debate going on in the depths of my brain over whether I should run outside or run on the treadmill. Fog makes me think of scary men in vans…

Anyway, enough of my issues! Last night I did a lovely self recording of an Elevated Lunge – this is somewhat of an advanced exercise. I would start with a regular lunge before progressing to an elevated lunge if I were a beginner.

Disclaimer: Again – I’m not a doctor, just a personal trainer. Please check with your health professional before doing this exercise or beginning any exercise program.

second disclaimer – please ignore my humidity induced crazy hair and lack of makeup going on! The heat index was above 100 degrees yesterday 😉

And for kicks, my lunch salad that I referenced in the vid.



Don’t forget to enter my TERRA chips accomplishments giveaway! I am absolutely loving hearing everyone’s accomplishments – big or small, might as well celebrate it:D

OK well I’m off for my run – outside. They wouldn’t cancel a race do to fog now would they!


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  1. I just watched Caitlin on Today; she was great! I’m going to leave a nice post it somewhere today.

    BTW Your legs look amazing in that video:-)

  2. I like the vlog! That’s a good move and one of my favorites as well!

  3. Love the video of the exercise!

    Have you ever done a one-legged squat before with the elevated foot in front? I just discovered these last week and love lower body resistance training as well – so you may enjoy too.

    I had a box behind me (the tall ones that you do step ups on – height wise this box came up to mid-thigh level). Then I held out one of my legs slightly in front of me not allowing my elevated foot to touch the ground throughout the exercise and then lowered down just so my butt touched the box and then lifted right back up. I have very weak stabilization muscles in my core so this really helped those muscles as well.

    Sorry if this description was no good. 🙂

  4. Love that exercise. It never fails to hit my legs just right and give me a bit of DOMS the next day.

  5. Hehe I love the vlog 🙂

  6. LOVE the vlogs! It’s so interesting to hear the blogger’s actual voices!

    Boooo to elevated lunges. I mean good workout but boooo

  7. I cannot tell you how many times I have accidentally typed or written “lunch” instead of “lunge”! I’m pretty sure I wrote it in a patient’s chart at work last week, actually! 😀

  8. Agree with your mom, your legs look awesome 😉 I usually do this off a bench, but I love the idea of extra instability created by the ball… am definitely trying this one!

  9. […] This is where I stopped, but you could also use the bench as your elevated surface for some elevated lunges […]

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