Not Your Frozen Veggie Burger

Evening! Two posts in one day? Who is this? Paige the Blogger from 2009?

I guess maybe I’m just caught up in all the excitement from Caitlin’s appearance on the Today Show promoting Operation Beautiful this morning! How awesome was that? Definitely an inspiration.

Before watching her segment, I had my head in the clouds – literally! I sucked it up and took my 4.25 miler outside in the dense, dense fog. I should have taken a picture. It was dense! Dense (I just had to say it again.) It was an OK run and my average pace was 9:  . Not my best, but in my opinion any time you get out there and do it should be considered a good run🙂 Am I right?

I’m glad you all enjoyed the elevated lunge vlog post! It’s a killer exercise that’s great because it can be modified based on your fitness levels 🙂

For dinner tonight I cooked up one of my favorites. The hubski wanted to cook on the grill, but I just didn’t want to eat a frozen veggie burger (or frozen disc as Shane jokingly refers to them) for dinner tonight. I had an extra hour due to a client cancellation at the last minute and darnit, I wouldn’t waste it on a frozen veggie burger.

Brown Rice Lentil Burgers, anyone?


Every time I make these, I tell myself I should have doubled the batch.


I should have doubled the batch!


Not nearly enough.

IMG_8632 IMG_8636


(I do intend on freezing some of these, and they will not be your average frozen veggie disc burger! 🙂 )

The rice + lentils + peppers + spice combination about knocks my head off. Plus, their so juicy and mm..mmmo…the m word that’s synonymous with juicy (which I can’t stand)– without being too soggy.


Tonight I had one atop a bed of romaine and spinach, with a side of a small red potato


I dressed the salad with a dollop of hummus and some balsamic – yum 😀


Well I’m going to get a bit of studying in before I go kill the new brain cells attained from it by watching Jersey Shore. 😉

Tomorrow I will be updating the heck out of my recipes tab! I’ll letcha all know which new ones are up 😀


Make sure to stop by and enter the giveaway for a load of delicious TERRA chips!


Plans for the weekend? I’ve convinced the husband that we should go to IKEA and I’m also going to get to see a BFF I haven’t seen in FOREVER 😀 Should be a good one!



6 Responses

  1. I agree- Caitlin was awesome on the Today show! And homemade bean or lentil burgers are way better than any frozen/boxed version. Yours look fabulous. Sounds like a great weekend! Josh’s parents and brother are here- so I am looking forward to spending time with them!!

  2. Have fun at IKEA, I am sure that you will have a great time and I hope you find some great items there. I also think that your husbands description of veggies burgers is frozen hockey pucks, but I totally agree. I think that if you overcook them by even a few seconds they taste horrible and do NOT fill you up what so ever!! 😦

  3. Those look terrific! Homemade ones are always better.

  4. Looks great… I gotta try cooking lentils one of these days. BTW, why is your husband “hubski”?

  5. […] night after dinner, the husband and I took advantage of the mild summer evening and sat out back on the patio to enjoy […]

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