Camera Confessions

Confession: Since Christmas, I have had all this camera equipment in my position, and I have only played with two lenses:


IMG_0227  IMG_8731 

I know! I know. The camera gods are shaking their heads in SHAME right now. So is my dad, to whom this equipment originally belonged (still belongs?)

I use the camera itself (Canon 40D,) the Canon 50mm lens, the Tamron 18-250 mm lens, and the 420EX Speedlite flash from time to time.



So after taking Niko on a nice long walk and getting in an upper body weights sesh, I decided it was time to change that.

I poured myself a green monster:



…set up camp in the kichen, and for the past three hours have been Googling the crap out of my camera equipment. I now know about my wide-angle lens, filters, teleconverter, and have given myself a little refreshment on ISO and aperture (which I’m still not 100% clear – heh- about.)

Obviously Shane and I didn’t go to IKEA today. Decided we both just didn’t want to spend an extra four hours in the car on our Saturday. Sadly, that means no trip to Trader Joe’s either. On the flip side, it meant getting a little extra shut eye:




And eating breakfast a little more leisurely:


That’s seriously just a big mess in a bowl. A big, delicious mess of dry oats, protein powder (my last of Mr. Robb – tear!) maca, chia seeds, almond milk, kashi, and almond butter! It’s the next era of cereal.

However, it couldn’t beat last night’s dinner… polentil!


It’s a fantastic day here in central Illinois, so the husband and I are planning on riding our bikes to a cute little vegetarian restaurant downtown. Haven’t been there since my birthday!

Have a lovely Saturday, everyone!

Did you get to sleep in on your Saturday? Whatcha up to today??


6 Responses

  1. Super jealous of your camera swag!! I’m dying for a DSLR and just can’t bring my self to spend the $$ quite yet…

  2. That Cheerios pic made me drool… wish I had that at home!

  3. The kids didn’t get up until 8:30 this morning so YES I got to sleep in! 🙂

  4. wowww good luck learning!!! i slept in all weekend 😦 my darn snooze button is so tempting!

  5. I slept in all weekend. It was great! Niko looks like he needed the extra sleep too!

  6. That is some beautiful camera equipment! I’m definitely jealous 🙂 Polentil looks yummy–gonna have to try that one soon! No extra sleep for me this weekend! I was in Austin visiting my sister so it was a non-stop whirlwind of activities. The tiredness is catching up to me now, though!

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