College Nostalgia

Heyyyy friends! How’s the rest of your weekend going? Hopefully you had a fun one rounded out with a day of relaxation today 🙂

Yesterday turned out to be quite a fun day in these parts!

After playing camera, Shane and I got down the bikes and rode into town for some lunch.

IMG_0229 Weee!



After a quick 20 minute ride, we were in downtown Normal, picking a place to eat.


I love downtown Normal. There’s something for everyone! Like a vegetarian cafe for me, and a sandwich shoppe for Shane!


We parked it at a table between the two, and dined al fresco.


I’ve never had tebouli before (and I’m still not 100% sure what it is) so I ordered it on a whim.



It came in a chewy whole wheat pita with hummus, cucumbers, tomatoes, and some kind of sauce.



They literally STUFFED the pita with tebouli. It was realllly good!

With full bellies, the ride home was a little bit more difficult. Full belly + uphill = a slower ride home.

Plus, we made a detour through my Alma Mater’s quad:



Pretty ISU flowers.


The college kids are moving in soon, and I always get SO nostalgic around this time. Oh, college…


A little closer to home, we were riding past our favorite ice cream shoppe, and before I knew it, we were making a turn for it!




Shane got a vanilla cone, but I was still too full from lunch! I got some water – riding back was a workout!




Besides, I may or may not have bought a vegan chocolate chip cookie at the coffeehouse for dessert ; )



Unfortunately it was just “meh.” It’s the kind of cookie that gives vegan baked goods a not so good name. Hopefully I just got a dud!

Once home and showered, the adventures continued. We were planning on going to an anniversary party in Peoria that night, and wanted to get a nice bottle of wine for the couple. Where else to go but Friar Tuck?IMG_0246

Friar Tuck is a Midwest liquor store that is absolutely HUMUNGOUS. The beer and wine selection there is outrageous. Plus, they have tastings on Saturday afternoons 😀


They sold me on the Apricot beer and one of the bottles of wine, heh heh.

Three bottles of wine, one 6 pack of beer, and $80 later and we were on our way to Peoria.


Before we headed to the party, we got some Qudoba.


That was a not-so-stellar burrito bowl of black beans, a little rice, guac, a squash mix, and cheese – the works.

But what I was looking forward to was seeing these lovely girls!


Some of my best friends from home. LOVE love love. Recognize one sunny sista in that group?? 😉

We stayed for a few hours, but had to head back that night, so we kept it low key. Shane played bags – an inevitable game when we get together we old friends.


And I played flippy cup with water. No, really. I’m that crazy! Obviously I can’t turn down a game of flippy cup, but I also wasn’t sure if I was driving or not – and didn’t want to be hungover this morning. Playing flippy cup also makes me nostalgic for college! So I downed my cup of water, flipped it, and helped the girls’ team beat the guys’ teams’ booties 😉

When we got home, I probably had a couple handfuls of chocolate covered banana chips. Probably.

What a fun Saturday! Bike rides + good eats + wine tastings + friends? Sounds like the perfect summer Saturday to me!

Do you get any sort of nostalgia around this time of year? Whenever August comes around, not only do I get nostalgic about college, but I also get nostalgic about summer! Summer is my favorite season, and I every August I wish the next month were May again. It would be May through August (ok maybe April through September) year round in my perfect world!


10 Responses

  1. I always get nostalgic for my college days around this time. I have only been back to my alma mater (penn state) once since I graduated 4 years ago. sad.

  2. I can’t believe it’s already back-to-school time! My husband now works at the university we both graduated from, so whenever he starts getting ready for the new school year, I start getting a little nostalgic for the old days (there are definitely pros and cons to being out in the “real world” now).

    P.S. My favorite drinking game of all time is flippy cup!!! I haven’t played it in years, though. 😦 Way better than beer pong!

  3. Woo-hoo! I rode my bike today, too!

  4. OK, what is flippy cup and how do you play? (I wasnt traditional when it comes to college, was in the Army so I did all tha stuff late and out of order, lol!)

    • haha – it’s a silly/fun drinking game where you have two teams who have to one by one flip their cups on the edge of the table from right side up to upside down. Spelling it out like that -it’s a lot more fun than it sounds! lol

  5. I also get nostalgic for college as the fall semester starts. It’s just something about that time in one’s life that is so full of possibilities and excitement of what is yet to come. Being “post college” still has exciting times, but in a different way.

    I *love* flip cup!

  6. At my age, I’m nostolgic about everything:-)

    I love all the beautiful pictures on this post!

  7. I start getting really nostalgiac when the seasons change and it gets chilly outside. I am always sad to see summer go also.

  8. LOVE tabbouleh! super easy to make at home too! it’s the only thing i know how to make w/bulgur :\

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