Productive Relaxation

Morning loves!

Do you know what I realized yesterday? I completely forgot to write about it in my post, but a year ago yesterday was my very first race!


More nostalgia! That night I also went to my first Buffet concert, haha.

Yesterday was a great mix of relaxation and productivity. I had a client at 9:00 (or so I thought) so upon waking up, I immediately coffee’d and was out the door for a quickie 3 mile run. Average pace of 8:54 had my run last a total of 26:43 before I was in the shower getting ready to train my client. Only until I got out and saw a voicemail that she had to cancel. Trainer confidence isn’t the best right now, as I’ve had probably 5 cancellations this week. What gives?!

I made it better with a breakfast that I’ll be talking more about in another post…


Cleaned the whole house in two hours, worked diligently on a project, and then broke for a simple and delicious lunch:


Lentil bean dip/spread, hummus, tomato, and zucchini on whole grain bread.


I wish I had two. It was amazing!!IMG_8767


Throughout the day I visited my husband in his new cave. For quitting smoking, his gift to himself was to buy all new computer parts to build his own computer. It’s been a few years since he’s built one, so he went all out.



He even built a separate room in the basement and his own desk, and two HUGE monitors. He’s a happy camper.

A little while later, I met my friend Heidi at the pedicure place where we caught up (it’s been a couple weeks!!) and relaxed and got our toes done. I needed a pedicure badly, and wanted to get one before the Healthy Living Summit. Which I leave for Thursday!!!

On the way home from getting a pedicure, I had the genius idea of picking up Papa Murphy’s pizza’s.


Veggie deluxe for me and meat for him.


I LOVE the abundance of veggies they put on the veggie pizza.

IMG_8780 Especially these lil’ guys.


IMG_8781 My plate + 1 more slice.




In food comas, we headed downstairs to the theatre and watched Hot Tub Time Machine. I’d heard this was hilarious from a number of people, but I thought it was just OK. I think my standards were too high, whereas others might have watched it with lower standards? There were some pretty funny parts, though!

Well I’m off to pack for the HLS, train a couple clients, and get some studying done before training a couple more clients. Busy day!

Don’t forget to enter my TERRA chip giveaway! Only one more day to get your entries in! 😀

What’s your favorite veggie topping on a pizza? Mine’s definitely artichokes, but I love tomatoes, too!


8 Responses

  1. My dad was always into the rebuilding side of computers–Hubby is much more, let’s just throw money at the problem. Which I prefer, despite the expense!!

    Your pizza looks yummy–happy race-a-versary 🙂

  2. We watched Meet the Parents last night (probably the third time, but it’s been a while). Some movies are good enough to watch over and over.
    Does any other pizza place, besides Papa Murphy’s put anchovies on their pizza? That sounds yummy.

  3. Papa Murphy’s looks so good! I wish we had one around here.

  4. I have not tried artichokes on my pizza, I will have to do that. My fav vege I really have 2 spinach and broccoli.

  5. Thats so cool that its been a year since your first race!Sorry to hear about the clients- its the end of the summer so peoples schedules are just all over the place. Its probably just that. What a good looking sandwich! mmm. Favorite veggie pizza topping- onion and peppers!

  6. Happy 1 year race anniversary. How exciting.

    And do you get paid anything when they cancel? That would stink if you don’t get some sort of fee from it.

  7. My fave topping on pizza is definitely pineapple! Any time I get a pizza, it’s always the exact same – pineapple, extra sauce + well done. I like the cheese to be all browned and yummy and the extra sauce makes things so much better. 🙂

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