Can I Get a Cantaloupe? (And Giveaway Winner!)

Hey lovelies! How’s the start to your week going? Mine’s been pretty dandy! Yesterday was a doozy though. Nothing bad, just long, and one of those days where I’m going from here to there so much that I had to split dinner into two parts!

Part 1: Homemade Brown Rice Lentil Veggie Burger before training



With some Blues Terra chips – these things are amazing! Can’t believe I hadn’t tried them before.


Only one more burger left in the fridge…tear. But there are more in the freezer for later 😀

And some banana soft serve w/ almond butter post training.


When you add almond butter to the mix it makes it more meal-like 😀


And chocolate chips don’t hurt either 😉

I did finally get a start to packing for the Healthy Living Summit though. Whoop whoop!

Also,  I completely forgot to announce the winner of the Terra chips giveaway yesterday, so I’ll make sure to do that at the end of this post 😀


Can you believe I’ve never bought a cantaloupe before? I actually didn’t like cantaloupe growing up. I didn’t even like it last year! However, a couple weeks ago I was at a wedding where it was one of the only vegetarian options being served. All of the sudden  I was in love! Not sure if it was because hunger’s the tastiest spice or because my taste buds changed, but I knew I had to have it again!



This past weekend, I stopped by the cantaloupe rack (you know, right next to the banana rack! 😛 ) picked one up, acted like I knew what I was doing by smelling it and tossing it up in the air a little bit, and took it home with me.



and hacked into it.



Bliss! It was just as delicious as I imagined! Then I got a bright idea. I remembered seeing a honeydew melon made into a breakfast bowl on Taylor’s blog, and knew I had to incorporate it into my breakfast the next day.



In a small bowl, I mixed together some Kashi cereal, oats, chia seeds, maca, almond butter, and jay robb brown rice protein powder, put it in the hollowed out cantaloupe, and poured in some milk.






I was surprised at how well the melon held the milk. I figured it would absorb the liquid right up, but I was wrong!



My next victim will be the honeydew melon:D

Off for to a 4.5 miler! Tata!


…Oh, that’s right, the giveaway 😉

Congrats to Hillary!


Hillary, please shoot me an email with your information so I can have Stephanie get your loot off to ya!

Have a fabulous Wednesday, all!

Is there a fruit you don’t like? Have you tried it recently? I also had/have somewhat of an aversion to tomatoes. I still don’t like them by themselves, but now like to eat them on sandwiches and in salads.


19 Responses

  1. I love canteloupe, but the thing with them is that you can really go wrong if you get one that’s not ripe. Grrr. I hate wasting my money like that. But when you get a good one, OH MY – they are so fantastic!!

    I have a hard time with liking papaya. I guess I should try it again.

  2. I had a question about soft serve. I see so many people post meals involving soft serve, and I was wondering do you need a soft serve machine to make it at home?

  3. HA I’ve never done that with a cantaloupe! I’ve put cottage cheese in the middle but this looks really good!

  4. LOVE cantaloupe. I’ve never used it as a bowl though. Looks delicious.

    Hope your run went well.

  5. I never liked grapefruits growing up. I was a lot heavier and ate a lot of sugar and therefore didn’t have enough sugar to make me happy but I decided to try it in April and I now love it. It’s funny how your tastebuds change when you give up processed foods and make a lifestyle change.

  6. I didn’t used to like cantaloupe either, but I kind of enjoy it now. If you can find a Desert Owl melon give that a shot, they’re delicious!

  7. Everyone’s making this banana soft serve… I totally need to jump on the train 🙂 I can’t get into cantaloupe. just not a big fan. I’ll eat it in a fruit salad though, does that count??

  8. Oh my goodness you’ve never had a honeydew either?! Girl you’re missing out!! Melon bowls are my favorite thing – especially with yogurt and nut butter.

  9. genious way to eat cereal! I love it.

    I also didnt like canteloupe growing up and I’ve just started coming around to it the past few years.

  10. You’ve got to try a honeydew! I love ’em. My favorite fruit is watermelon, and the season is about to end:-( However, I could skip ever eating a papaya, a mango or a kiwi.

  11. YUM that looks so perfect for summertime!! i love the idea os using fruit as the bowl!! 🙂 it would be delicious with honey dew as well!

  12. I absolutely love cantaloupe! Surpringly, so does one of my cats. She never begs for any kind of food, but she can smell cantaloupe a mile away. Any time I’m cutting one up in the kitchen, she’ll strut right in and make the “I’m cute and I want some” face until I give her a little piece.

    As for fruits I don’t like, I’d have to say peaches. It’s not that I don’t like the taste, the fuzzy skin just kind of weirds me out!

  13. We also had a cat in the family that loved canteloupe so much he would make himself sick on it.
    My Huskie also loves it…but she’ll eat anything and everything!

  14. First of many to come hopefully. That cantaloupe looks perfect. I am in and out with them though. It comes down to knowing how to pick them and I haven’t figures that out yet.

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