Running Around Chicago

Heya! I’m on the train home now and am blogging from my iPhone! I’m sure I look as funny as I feel with 1 suit case, 1 book bag, 1 camera bag, 1 bag of TJ’s goodies, and 1 bag of Frito Lay products- bahaha. But I’ll be home in two short hours, back with the husband and the petski’s 🙂
While in Chicago, I managed to get up and go for a run all three mornings! My favorite way to take in a new/different place is too run it; and can you believe out of all the times I’ve been to Chicago I haven’t run the Lake front?!
That changed this weekend:)
Each run was different from the next; the first was in Evanstan. My cousin, Bronwyn lives a half mile from the lake, so I had to wake up and take a super quick run down to experience it. Two mile was all I needed!

The second morning, Saturday morning, I decided last minute to join my awesome roomie, Candice, on a three miler on the Lake front path toward the bridge. It was crisp and cool and a lovely run!
This morning was the healthy living summit unofficial fun run. There was a 5k and 10k group. Despite my headache, I decided to go with the 10k for a little more distance. There were about 12 of us and it made the 6 miles pass in a flash!
we paused a couple times for photo ops, but finished in about 55 minutes.

Well it’s nap time for this blogger. My train is out of power and has broken breaks now apparently. Awesome lol


5 Responses

  1. We just recently ran the Lakefront for the first time too. Isn’t it the best?! Chicago is my favorite city. 🙂

  2. It was so nice meeting/chatting with you during the run this morning 🙂 Good luck with the rest of your train ride!

  3. looks like it was so much fun!

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