The Sneaker Refrigerator

Last night was day two of this week’s meal plan. It’s going strong! I could have easily been persuaded to eat something quick or order take out, as I worked all day at the BIC, went to the gym to crank out a 4 mi. interval run (I know – I actually ran in the evening!) and then trained a client.

Alas, I prevailed! 😀 On tonight’s menu was a RAN-ified version of a recipe in this month’s Clean Eating magazine. The article said it would take only 25 minutes start to finish. I put my faith in that article, as my stomach was eating my backbone.

At approximately 7 pm, I was whirring the food processor to kick off the preparation, and at approximately 7:27, dinna – was served:


I blame the two minute tardiness on the fact that the husband mistakenly read me “step four” when I told him to read me “step three.” His version is I skipped over three and went straight to four, but that’s neither here nor there. 😉

A basil pineapple-lime soy sauce atop a bed of organic whole wheat cous cous and edamame with a salad on the side. It was one of the better ways I’ve ever spent 27 (my favorite number!!) minutes 😉


Droooolage. Great recipe. If you have this month’s CE, I recommend you try it out! Unfortunately, I cannot post it, as the only changes I made were omissions and tiny tweaks.


Sneaker Fridge

A lot of the Healthy Living Summit was spent talking and listening about fitness, nutrition, body image and healthy living. And obviously a big chunk of it was the experience of eating food both during the conference courtesy of the sponsors and that the city had to offer.

However, after the Healthy Living Summit presentations on Saturday, there was a block of a few hours for free time before dinner. A group of us went sight seeing down Michigan Avenue where we got to have a taste of the beautiful sights Chicago has to offer:


On Michigan Avenue, it seems every where you look there is a piece of art in some shape or form.

We of course visited the famous “Bean:”

IMG_8900 IMG_8895


Walked around a water founding resembling that of a big Chicago business building:



Saw beautiful flowers in parks:




but my favorite sight we saw was a refrigerator on the sidewalk. It was a refrigerator covered in sneakers, with plants growing out of them:


A Nike shoe on a 1970’s refrigerator? What?

IMG_8935 A boot with a bloomless flower?


How random. What does it MEAN?!

That’s what I thought at first, but as we were walking I couldn’t get the refrigerator out of my mind. I wonder what it symbolized! The best I could come up with is that is has to do with being environmentally friendly – living a green life with a little carbon footprint. But I’m still perplexed by the refrigerator? Is it irony in that refrigerators use up so much energy?


What do you think the Sneaker Refrigerator symbolizes?


10 Responses

  1. Sounds neat! I’m going to Chicago this fall sometime so I want to see that!

  2. HOW did I miss this awesome bean that I keep seeing everywhere??!?!

  3. I think your interpretations sound perfectly logical!

    Your dinner looks absolutely scrumptious.

  4. I love your interpretation of the sneaker fridge. It was totally random. Chicago was filled so many interesting and artistic displays. Love your pics from our walk!

  5. Sneaker Refrigerator??? I clearly missed this I think I need to go back and explore more!!!

  6. Haha, that’s hilarious! I haven’t seen the sneaker fridge yet…I’ll have to go searching for it. 🙂

  7. I have no idea what that means…..your logic seems good. Seems like there should have been a sign with some sort of description?

  8. that is so cool! man i am the WORST at interpreting art.. but maybe it means she thinks people should recycle things they eat, wear, etc. etc. so that future generations and trees can grow happily!

    now you’ve got be thinkin!

  9. that is so cool! man i am the WORST at interpreting art.. but maybe it means she thinks people should recycle things they eat, wear, etc. etc. so that future generations and trees can grow happily!

    now you’ve got me thinkin!

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