Coffee Convictions

Hello, hello! How’s your weekend going? So far, mine’s been a lovely stream of fun+relaxation+productivity. OK, I kind of lie on the last one, but anywho.

Every morning, I can count on one thing, no matter what: Coffee. It looks a little like this.



Well, except on days I run half marathons, but that’s another story – one that’s already been told.

No matter what, I know I’ll start my day with two familiar ingredients:




Coffee and cream. No funny business. It’s like the best friend you can always count on…for serious talks. It’s all I need most mornings!

Most mornings.

Occasionally, coffee needs a little fun in its life, too.



I mean how can you resist a stunna shade-wearing raspberry flavored coffee?

Occasionally, I start my day with two different ingredients:




Hello, flava flav-ored coffee and sugar. Nice to see you again! These ingredients are more liken to the friend who knows how to party, but you can only handle in doses 😉

A while back, the husband and I stopped buying Starbucks coffees. It was part of our save money strategy. Now we make fancy drinks at home (using $11 coffee and just as expensive sugar…but I digress) 🙂

When we occasionally feel like switching up the morning coffee routine, I pour 4 parts white chocolate raspberry coffee, 1 part turbinado sugar into the French press, and then pour in the boiling water using my electric kettle.



It makes for a fancy, tasty coffee treat at a fraction a little bit less than the price of a Starbucks latte!

It also makes for delicious Saturday road trips to Chicago beverages:


which the details of I’ll discuss in a later post 😉

For now, I’m off to run a 6.5 miler, train a couple clients, and then head to a volleyball team cookout 😀


What do you drink first thing in the morning? Immediately upon waking up, I must guzzle some water. Then it’s allll about the coffee time 🙂


17 Responses

  1. I love Dunkin Donuts coffee…especially the Vanilla flavored one. I drink it with a little sugar free vanilla syrup and unsweetened vanilla almond milk….delicious!

  2. LOVE my coffee- very necessary! Morning routine depends upon if I’m teaching in the AM or PM. If AM- its to the gym an then return for a shake and coffee. If not teaching, breakfast & coffee right away 😉 Hope your day is great!

  3. I drink coffee first thing too! Before breakfast even. Even though I should have something in my stomach first since coffee’s so mean to my poor tummy! But too good 🙂

  4. I love coffee in the mornings, but I don’t have it every morning. My must have is a green smoothie. Then I might have coffee as a the cherry on top. And I’ve even been known to have my favorite barista put espresso in my green monster. Now we’re talking:)

    Can’t wait to hear more details on this Chicago trip!

  5. I always drink coffee first thing in the morning too! I get a headache now if I don’t 😦

  6. Ok, so I will admit that I’m not a fancy coffee maker-user, but I had no idea you could put the sugar in with the coffee grinds… so interesting to me haha.

    Hope you had a fun trip to Chicago! 🙂

  7. Chug some water, then shower. Every morning… that’s just how I roll. 🙂

    Chi-town roadtrip, huh? Sounds interesting…

  8. I want a french press coffee maker. I love me some coffee. I haven’t been drinking much lately since I can only have decaf and its hot but I sure do miss it.

    Can’t wait to hear about Chicago. 🙂

  9. yes, i must have my coffee in the morning! you do not want to be around me otherwise (lol!) i’ve never heard of turbinado sugar, sounds fancy 🙂

    (p.s. love the name of your blog!)

  10. I used to be a chai latte addict…starbucks only. But after I realized I spent soooo much money on those things every week, i cut them out all together. I just brew coffee with my keurig every morning and I’m cool with that.

  11. I am no a coffee drinker at all! In fact caffeine usually makes me sick to my stomach. I totally drink water as soon as I wake up and most mornings I will drink some green tea 🙂

  12. I love coffee. But like you, when I first wake up, I have to drink water. I don’t actually drink coffee until I get to work – 8:30.

    I also save money by having two french presses (one at work and one at home). I’ve always thought about putting sugar in my french press- does the plunger get it caught?

  13. If I’m really thirsty when I wake up I’ll drink some water, but I usually don’t have my cofffee until I get to work an hour later, immediately followed by my green monster. Then possibly more coffee 🙂

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