Mental Multi-Tasking

Morning:D Happy Friiiiiiday! Since it’s Friday, I had a little fun with my typical whole wheat protein waffle breakfast:




I’ve been adding currants to EVERYTHING. Ever since I had them in my granola bars, I’ve become obsessed.


IMG_9170In fact, tomorrow I’m going to use them in an entirely new way in a breakfast recipe – can’t wait:)

Although this week was a busy one, I feel relatively calm.

Some weeks speed by for me, and I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast the day before. All the sudden it will be Thursday, and Monday – Wednesday will be a unmemorable three days that passed by in a flash. Then for some reason I wake up on Friday, panting and with my heart about to jump through my chest.

This week wasn’t like that.

This week I remember each an every day, and am grateful for each one. I felt calm this morning and woke up two minutes for my alarm with a low heart rate.

By nature, I’m a planner. Actually, by trade I’m a planner in my part-time job, too. But I digress. I’m sure a lot of you probably are the same way. You plan on paper, plan in your head, thinking about what’s coming next and how you’re going to tackle what’s coming next – in what order. It can get exhausting. It’s an energy zapper and a time zapper.

I’m at my worst when driving places. For me the time spent in a car is when I try to create my mental to do list, call the people I need to call, and just think about the bagillion things going on in the day. There are times when I really don’t even remember the drive into work. Sound familiar? Anyone?

Not this week.

This week I implemented one simple rule into my way of thinking un-thinking:

  • Give 100% of your mind and yourself 100% of the time

Instead of busying my mind with all these thoughts and plans, that mostly get forgotten five minutes later anyway, I’ve been concentrating on the task at hand and only the task at hand. The type A personality that I am, I want to do well at what I’m doing, so why not give 100% of myself to the task at hand? It’s impossible to give 100% to anything when your mind is thinking about other things. Even if it’s driving down the road, going to work. Concentrate on the cars around you, the lights, how your car feels, how you feel in your car, etc. Reading a book? Really savor the words, dive into the plot, and imagine the characters. Give your all to everything you do.

Like many things, this is easy to say, but not so easy to do. With that said, I have one huge tip that works for me for decluttering your mind.

  • Get the biggest item off your to-do list first

If you keep putting off that uncomfortable phone call to a client all day, it’s just going to way on your mind. Additionally, it’s not going to be any easier to make the call at 9:00 pm than 9:00 a.m. Check it off your to-do list first, and you won’t be burdened from it “weighing on your chest” all day long.


What tips do you have to put mental multitasking to a stop?

Well today is a day of errands for me!  – Niko’s going to the groomers, training a client, getting a training run in, meeting a friend, and taking Niko to the groomers.

Have a fantastic Friday, everyone!!


7 Responses

  1. You make a really good point. Sometimes I get myself all hyped up about things that I’m thinking about that I have no control over that day. I really need to start focusing on one thing at a time… it might make me spazz out less!

  2. You’ve got to EAT THAT FROG! like Brian Tracy says. You’ve reminded me I want to pull out my copy of that book again for a refresher. It really does help to get that ugly chore done first. It’s never as bad as you think it’s going to be…it’s the waiting around and building it up in your head that usually makes it so awful.

    Love your “unthinking” rule!!

  3. I’m reading a book right now called “Battlefield of the Mind” and it’s about turning your mind (like yours and mine, always running) into a “normal” state and be more relaxed to enjoy the moments. It’s hard because I’m a list maker and hate to forget things so my mind is always going, but I’m trying to quiet it!
    Can’t wait to see your new “currant” breakfast tomorrow!

  4. I’ve been concentrating on the task at hand and only the task at hand.

    such good advice. and it came at a great time for me.

  5. this has been a never-ending week for me, too. great tips for mental organization! hope you have a fun, relaxing weekend. xoxo

  6. Sometimes I have a really hard time turning my mind off. The easiest way for me to stay focused is through my notebook. I have a little notebook and I scribble little things down all the time. Once it’s on paper, I don’t think about it again until it’s time. Then I can open my notebook and get to it.

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