Tapas for Two

Saturday passed by in such a flash! I enjoyed it pretty thoroughly, but was still surprised to look at the clock and have it say 9:00 pm all of the sudden!

I spent the afternoon training clients, pedicuring (heh,) and shopping with a friend. The final stop was at  Fresh Market where I left with a basil plant, an heirloom tomato, and some gelato. You know, staples.

IMG_9183 IMG_9187

Why not?


Once back at the home front, it was still fairly early, but Shane and I were all ready hungry for dinner.

Solution? Tapas for two!


There were five small plates (on two…very large plates, hm) and it made the perfect light early dinner.

I started off the prep work by making a balsamic reduction.


Making balsamic reduction could quite possibly be one of the easier tasks I’ve ever completed. Pour some balsamic in a saucepan, let it simmer, and keep an eye on it until it reduces down to a syrup-like consistency. Done!

The balsamic reduction was used for two dishes –


Honeydew! Just chopped honeydew with balsamic drizzled on top. The balsamic also gets a little sweeter (or is that just my imagination?) when it reduces, so it works wonderfully on fruits like melon or peaches.

And for the second…can you guess?


Oh you know I dug right into that bad boy.


It’s poor red cousin pales in comparison.


Fact: I hate eating regular tomatoes plain. Fact: I could eat an heirloom tomato just like an apple!

However, last night, I ate it a la mozzarella , balsamic reduction, and fresh organic basil:


No words.



On the next plate, I had cut up two 6 inch soft pitas into 8 triangular squares, and toasted them at 425 degrees for about 5 minutes. Then, I topped half of them with a crab meat/sour cream/spinach mixture for Shane, and left half nekkid (for skinny hummus dipping) for me.


(the recipe for the crab mixture can be found in this month’s Clean Eating magazine)

Save the best (and simplest!) for last, raw cheddar + tart jam


I love this! I want to make raw cheddar and jam sandwiches now!




Who wouldn’t want yumberries?!

But we didn’t stop for long.

After relaxing on the couch and taking a leisurely walk with NIko, we were ready for dessert. The beauty of small plates is it’s tough to get too full for dessert!


Again, no words


Just pictures.




THEN, we were done 🙂

Have a fantastic Sunday, everyone!! I’m off for a 7 miler this morning. Looking forward to it:D

What’s your favorite way to eat a tomato? I love the heirlooms, but as far as regulars go, I’d have to say on a pizza! haha 😛


6 Responses

  1. that entire meal looks amazing!! I didn’t realize making a balsamic reduction was so simple!

  2. oh, FUN! i love your couples tapas spread. tomatoes? i love them all ways! maybe in a salsa with lots of cilantro, still very chunky. yum.

  3. What a fun meal – looks delicious!

    Hope you’re seven miler went well!

  4. What a gorgeous meal! I love making tapas-style dinners for Marcus and I. I wish I could tell you what my favorite way to eat a tomato is, but that would require choosing, and I don’t know that I can actually do that.

    If you serve me a tomato, unless it’s some terrible, mealy, rotten thing, I will always eat it.

  5. I love eating tomatoes sliced and plain. Or on sandwiches. I really love them any way though. I crave them!!

    I felt like my Saturday went like that too.

  6. I agree, I’ve been eating tomatoes totally naked this week and loving it… no salt, nothing! If only they were that good year round!!

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