Rough Run; Lessons Learned

My seven miler yesterday morning was pretty rough.  I haven’t had a rough run like this in a long time. When this happened, I try to see the positive.

Lessons Learned from Rough Run

#1 – Set Your Alarm for the Right Day


Before going to sleep Saturday night, I checked the weather. 75 degrees at 7:00 a.m? 80 at 8:00?! Ugh. I must get out the door and start pounding pavement by 7:30. Set alarm for 6:15? Check. Set it for the right day? Ch…not so much.

#2 – Eat and Digest a Fueling Breakfast



Arnold Thin w/ a smashed ripe banana on one side and ~ 1 T. Justin’s Maple Almond Butter on the other.  The perfect pre-run breakfast in my book.




It was a great pre-run breakfast, but the time between consumption + running was not long enough. The result was three side cramps. One right when I hit mile two, one at mile four, and by the sixth mile, I was dealing with three different cramps.  Yikes! So I took a couple walking breaks now and then, and rode ran it out.

#3 – Instead of chugging a gallon of water right before walking out the door, rely on Camel Bak a little more.



Refer to lessons learned #2


So it wasn’t a great run. It wasn’t a horrible run either! I averaged 9:39 and finished in 1:07:33 with some walking breaks every now and then. The stats are actually better than how I felt.

When I got back to the house, I was able to do some damage control. My absolutely soaked shirt was a glaring sign that I needed some e-lec-tro-lytes in my life.



In the form of coconut water!

It’s extremely important to replenish electrolytes after a long(er) workout especially if it’s hot, humid, and you’re sweating a lot. Coconut water does a spectacular job!

Freshened up with some ‘cubes n club (soda.)




I read a little bit (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) until my stomach growled that it was ready for some post-run fuel:



In smoothie-form! It’s important to get some fuel as soon as your stomach can tolerate it. After about an hour, my tummy let me know it was OK, and I got my fuel in my favorite way post-workout. This was another Chocolate Mint Green Smoothie!




I love taking leaves from my chocolate mint plant and adding them to smoothies. So delicious! Also included was ice, a frozen banana, Vega Shake and Go Chocolate, maca, and a big handful of spinach.


Topped off with a crumbled homemade granola bar. Perfect!

I had plans of being productive today. I really did. But those plans went out the window when my mom invited me to come over and go shopping with her.

We hit up Sephora



Target, and the grocery store.

Hiiii family:D



After a while, I was back on the road to my hungry husband. Sunday nights are for grillin’ 🙂


Thermos – Cold Matters



While I was out gallivanting from store to store with my madre, I made sure to stay hydrated. It was a thick 90+ degrees in Illinois yesterday, so water was even more of a must. It was the perfect day to test out a product that Maggie from Thermos sent me!


This is a Vacuum Insulated Hydration Bottle. It boasts to keep your beverage cold for 12 hours!!


Obviously, I had to do the ultimate test and bring it with me on a 90 degree day in an even hotter car while shopping. So how’d it do?


  • After 3 + hours of shopping, and leaving it in the car while in the stores, my water was still cold!
  • It fit in all three of my car cup holders
  • The pop-top spout made for ease of drinking
  • The latch on the top ensured no liquid would escape. I could throw it in my purse and not worry about my phone getting water damage
  • It doesn’t sweat. No sweat rings!


  • The size. It’s really not big enough to have to keep something cold for 12 hours. It can only hold 18 ounces.


All in all, I love it! Would you guys want to do a giveaway on one?


Well, I’m off to (hopefully) have a productive day. So much to do!!! It’s what I get for choosing fun over work this weekend. Ahhh it was worth it;)

Coming up, I’m going to talk about a local festival held in my town we had our hand at Friday evening – Beer Fest!

Have a Marvelous Monday, all!!

What is your favorite post-workout meal or snack? Mine’s a smoothie for sure. Covers all the bases!


21 Responses

  1. I love that yoÚ kept a positive attitude about your run. Nice job!

    I love hearty oats after a run. Carbs!

  2. So sorry you didn’t have the best run – but it sounds like you have some great lessons learned here. 🙂 #1 made me LOL. The thermos is pretty cool but I see your point – why stay cold for that long if you can’t hold more thus providing a reason for me to use that feature?? Quite the little Catch 22!

  3. Even though it’s very small, I would use it to keep in the car for my rehydration when I get back to the car from a long bike ride. Even if I completely freeze a bottle to keep in the car, by the time I get back on a hot day after 5 or 6 hours on the bike, it’s completely warm and icky to drink…but I do drink it, ’cause hot water is better than no water!

  4. you have a chocolate mint plant!? amazing! does it taste chocolatey? i love smoothies or a greek yogurt after a workout.

  5. That’s one feature of the iphone I dont like! I cant tell you how many times Ive set it for the wrong day!

  6. Sorry about the run! I do that with my alarm all. the. time. So frustrating.

    That water bottle sounds really cool!

  7. i got that thermos bottle too but haven’t used it. funny you mention the alarm clock thing, my droid has multiple alarms clocks and while it seems convenient.. i always set the wrong one!

  8. That thermos was AMAZING!!

    I wouldn’t have believed that a thermos could keep your beverage that cold in our hot, hot car, but it really did!! I suppose it works for hot beverages in cold weather too, but I don’t wanna think about winter.

  9. Sorry to hear that you had a crummy run – but you did it and that’s the important part! We also waited until way too late to run yesterday and the heat was brutal! I’m looking forward to cooler temps soon.

    Also, where is there a sephora around here? I had no idea! This could be dangerous 🙂

  10. The important thing is you did the “run”…good job! I have those days myself but I figure…i”t’s only temporary and I will do better next run”.

    My favorite post workout snack is definitely either chocolate soymilk or an energy smoothie…always hits the spot.

  11. D’oh, the alarm / date setting- I have totally done that on my iPhone as well!
    Would love to see a Thermos giveaway! The one you reviewed looks pretty cool.
    My favorite post-workout meal or snack is a green monster smoothie. If I don’t have that, I’ll usually drink a huge glass of ice water and eat something with protein and complex carbs, like an egg with whole grain toast.

  12. Your day looks pretty awesome – I hateee a tough run! The run where everything seems to go wrong lol. I think Sephora would have cheered me straight up though! You lucky lucky girl you!!

    I’m terrible at post-run fueling, I normally just wait around to eat lunch :-X

  13. Target-Sephora-Grocery Store=Love.

    In the morning, I’d have to say a fried egg sandwich or overnight oats. It just depends on the day :). If it’s a post-work run, it really doesn’t matter quite as much as long as I wait until ~7 PM to eat.

  14. YES to the thermos!! big time! I love give aways for food products but real stuff i can use forever, that’s a bonus 🙂

    your mint plant…i almost bought one at tj’s today but didnt b/c i dont know what i’d do with ALL That mint it produces LOL

  15. thats a good idea to smush the nanner on the sandwich thin! those things are so good im addicted to them.

    proud of u for getting through your run! yes to the thermos 🙂

    post workouts i like anything carby!

  16. Coconut water is excellent re-hydration tool for regular workouts and fitness due to the high quantity of potassium.

  17. […] the super cool (no pun intended, heh) Thermos bottle I reviewed on the blog the other day? It kept my agua supah cool while shopping in 90 degree heat […]

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