One for the Books

Nothin’ like a cold breakfast bowl on a hot summer morning:




OK…so I’m going to pull out the “summer morning/afternoon/evening” as long as I can.

Morning rainclouds stole my lighting:(


Overnight oats – 1/3 c. oats, 1 T. chia, 1 t. maca powder, sea salt + stevia, 1/2 scoop Jay Robb, 1/4 c. plain oikos, 1/2 c. of milk – went into the fridge and chilled over night. This morning, I added another 1/2 c. of milk, a handful of Kashi, and some puffed millet. I like when there’s extra milk. This way is also a lot like Gina’s breakfast cookie dough cereal, which looks delicious as well 🙂

Sidenote: I had all intentions of eating this after a hot morning run this morning – I know! I even woke up on with just enough time to strap on my Garmin and head out doors for a 35 minute tempo run. Except I woke up, started the coffee, and then realized it was POURING. So, the run will wait until tonight after my client I s’pose.

August is still most definitely full fledge summer season in my opinion. But for some reason when the month changes from August to September, all of the sudden, it’s really happening: fall is coming. Another year goes by that I don’t somehow find a magic power to make the next month May. Not that September is a bad month – I got married in September…but not in Illinois 😉


There’s something magical about walking outside no matter what you’re wearing (albeit wearing clothes) and not worry about the temperature.



And about the abundant and bountiful produce




IMG_8767 IMG_8823



Don’t get me wrong, I love fall. Love, love, love. I love all one week of it 😉 At least here in Central Illinois, it seems fall lasts about that long – a week. And then…there’s six months of cold.

This year, instead of hanging on the every last string of summer and wrinkling my nose at the premature Halloween decorations flooding the stores, I’m going to take a moment to celebrate this summer.

It was one for the books…

I ran my first half marathon

I quit my full time desk job

And experienced three weeks of pure bliss

Then I went back to my desk job, but with the amount of working hours cut in half

Drank lots of wine

I fell out of the race loop

But my love of running didn’t waver…and eventually the race bug bit me

Celebrated a year of blogging

And Watched my best friend marry the man of her dreams

Helped my husband quit smoking (still smoke free!!)

Welcomed my best friend home from Afghanistan

Won First Place in my summer league volleyball

Posted my first vlog

And created lots of yummy recipes

Helped make my friends birthday a surprise hit

And went on several cute out door dates with the husband

Went to Healthy Living Summit!


You notice I didn’t take any outrageous summer vacations or really even a summer trip, but it was how I felt internally that made it so blissful! This summer I learned how to slow down and savor life and just keep a positive attitude in general.

Oh, Summer, it was a fun one, and I’ll see you next year.

And technically, there’s still 23 days left of summer 😉

What is your best memory from this summer? What made it special for you?


12 Responses

  1. Oh I LOVE fall!! I’m like you- I wish it would last longer! Perfect temperature, fresh air- love it!

  2. fall is my favorite. I’m a little obsessed w/the season!

  3. You make a good point. We still have 3 weeks. I’m squeezing as much out of them as possible!

  4. Best memories are of family camping trips! It’s the one big thing we ONLY do in the summer and it’s hard to say goodbye to it until next year.

  5. My best memory this summer was my good friend’s wedding and being able to visit Philly while there. I can’t wait for fall…but will miss the fresh fruit of summer!

  6. your macro shots always make my DAY. they are gorgeous!

  7. I feel the same way about this summer – blissful! Gorgeous weather where I live, some great memories with friends and family and just a generally awesome, jam-packed summer. I felt like I really “lived” this summer…and not to mention have been working my tail off for the half marathon at the end of Sept and that feels like an accomplishment in and of itself…even though I have yet to run the race and all 😉
    PS. I love your wedding pic, so pretty!

  8. I am excited for fall in New England, but it was an especially great summer. I’m sad to see it go, too.

  9. I can’t believe that I just read all these posts!!! Love your writing, it’s so fun to read! 😀
    congrats on running the half. I’m running my first one in two weeks and I can totally understand your love for running! 😀

  10. The in-between of summer and fall is such a magical time–it’s like getting the best of both worlds. You get the relief from the summer heat and excitement for the fall. Not to mention all the great fall scents start popping up (mmmm…pumpkin pie) 🙂

    Your wedding dress was gorgeous! I hope you post some more pics as your anniversary rolls around the corner 🙂

    You were definitely a busy bee this summer! The best memory from my summer: the end of it. That’s when my life started moving in the right direction! Before that it was stagnant–waiting for a job, waiting to move, etc. I did get introduced to blogging, which has been nothing short of an AWESOME experience, so the summer wasn’t all that bland.

  11. […] Sad face because I got a summer shandy, soon to be a thing of the past. (until next summer…) […]

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