Saucy Summer Date Night

Heya 🙂 Happy weekend 😉

Holidays, sports games, birthdays, vacations, anniversaries. Books, TV shows, dates, shopping. We all like to look forward to things, big or small. Just knowing that something exciting will happen in the future – big or small- puts an extra hop in my step.

On any given day, I like to try to have two things to look forward to – one long term and one short term.

I’ll get to the long term event in another post, but yesterday, I had a skip to my step because I knew tonight was date night! (ok, Fridays tend to make me skip as well in general.)

Typically, the husband and I will choose either Friday or Saturday to go out to eat, hit up the town, or meet out with a few friends. Sticking to one night keeps it an exciting, out of the norm activity, and also keeps our wallets happy.

After the husband got home from work and I finished cleaning the house, we headed out. First, to buy a coffee maker. I love the French Press, however, the husband hates the process of using it, so I’m always the one who makes the morning French Press coffee. Since he’s been waking up before me lately, this means he typically doesn’t get coffee until he’s running out the door, if at all. heh That said, we decided to get a grind and brew coffee maker that we can program to have coffee ready when we he wakes up.



Where was I? Oh right, date night.

After the coffee maker + beans buying excursion, we headed to one of our favorite little pizza joints in town, Firehouse Grill:


It’s a modern looking fire house-type that serves pizza with the most amazing sauce.






Getting saucy!!



Mmm. This should really be called a salad pizza, no?

With our pizzas, we each had a beer:



Sad face because I got a summer shandy, soon to be a thing of the past. (until next summer…)



After pizza, we had a wild and rambunctious night of setting up our new coffee and brewing the first cup (despite it being 9 p.m…)


We know how to par-tay par-tay 😉 haha


      This morning, I did something I haven’t done in a loooong time.



I made bacon for the husband! I’m not a fan of bacon (even cooking it or looking at it.) I know that’s probably a sin to say considering how popular bacon is right now in America. Regardless, it’s true. It just never suited my fancy. Didn’t rock my boat. Plus it leaves you smelling like bacon perfume (I’m assuming this is real) the rest of the day. But I digress. My point is, I was a good wifey and cooked bacon for my husband for the first time in years.

I had some whole wheat protein pancakes! While reading Susan’s blog the other day, I saw that she just uses her same waffle recipe for her pancakes. I tried this, realized that mine were too dry for pancakes, and added more almond milk.


Maybe a little too much?



They were a little runny and crumbly. But the PB + Greek yog + smashed banana topping made up for it 😉




Now I’m tworkin’ it at the gym, training a few clients, and doing my weekend thang. Today’s a work day, but I’m planning for tomorrow to be 90% fun day! 🙂

What are your plans for the Labor Day weekend??

Have a fantastical Saturday, guys!! 🙂


Oh, and don’t forget to enter the Thermos giveaway 🙂


11 Responses

  1. That pizza looks amazing, I love the more toppings the better! But my husband is all about meat, meat and more meat. I now will only make turkey bacon for my husband and he didn’t even notice at first and is fine with it now.

  2. I don’t mind the taste of bacon and I’ll eat it when I’m out, but the smell it leaves in the house drives me nuts! You were a very sweet wife!

  3. I am so sad summer shandy is nowhere to be seen anymore. My favorite beer!

  4. the topping on those pancakes looks soooo good. I’ve got to try that!

  5. I am studying away! AKA commenting on blogs! Yay HLS shirt :)!

  6. Mmmmmm pizza! Looks like a fun night!

  7. HI, Running Around Normal!! I am new to your blog and I think it is great and the name for that matter! We have a lot in common. I am a tainer in LA and also post recipes on my site. We have a lot of the same interests in fitness and recipes!
    THat pizza looks amazing! Well done. 🙂 I love the topping for those pancakes, great idea. I look forward to checking in with you- Happy Labor Day Weekend to you too!

  8. hey girlie!
    I hope your fun day was fabulous! heck yes for date night! 🙂
    grind+brew coffee makers=amazing, I have a k-cups which brews almost instantly as well, there is nothing better than fresh coffee right after waking up!

  9. i find french press coffee to be overrated..i dunno girl, it’s alot of cleanup for coffee that to me isnt that much better, but maybe i just suck at the french press. haha!

    enjoy your new coffee maker whatever you get!! it will be way less cleanup and all those grounds the F.P. leaves behind!


  10. I love date night with the husband. And that pizza looks fantastic. I love mine loaded with veggies. I love my coffee maker. Having a timer is an amazing thing. Hope you guys enjoy the new pot! Labor day= catching back up and going to a baseball game!

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