Happy Monday  long weekend to those who live in the US:)

Even though it’s a long weekend for most, I’m heading into the gym to work today. I have a couple clients, and I told the owner I’d watch the gym.

Saturday night Shane and I had plans of grilling out and heading to the dog park. Big night😉

This weekend was also the last weekend for home games for our town’s minor league baseball team. Just so happened that while working at the gym, I met one of the players from the opposing team to offered up two free box seat tickets for Shane and I! Instant (and cheap!) Saturday night plans!




Before heading to the game, it was grill time!

Snacks for pre-dinner + cocktails:


IMG_9268 IMG_9272






I’ll miss grilling out…



We’ve grilled out countless times this summer. At least once per week – that’s more than we ever have before!



Sourdough garlic bread, okra, veg burg w/ ‘cado + green tomato + pickle!


Okra beans. They’ll be the next new superfood, just you wait! haha

Around 7, we got out the bikes to ride to the game




Pump it up!

We grabbed a beer, and then our seats.


IMG_0365 IMG_0369


It was a pretty good game!


But we left early to get ice cream before it got too dark.



Unfortunately, September = too dark too early, so we didn’t beat the night sky which left us ffffrreeezing and not being able to see much on the way home.



But the fro yo was worth it! By the way, reason #42 why I want to move away from Illinois: instead of having fun places like “self serve frozen yogurt shops” we have ice cream shops where the cashiers give you the oogly eye if you ask for one flavor on top of another. Hence, the two cups above. When I asked if I could have a small bit of raspberry on top, she just shook her head slowly and said “no.” She was a joy.


I showed her!




Worth it;)


How much did you grill out this summer? See above:D

What’s your favorite thing to grill out? I loooove making veggie packs (as evidenced on the blog) with potatoes, carrots, and onions~ yum!


Only one more day to enter my Thermos giveaway!


Have a happy Labor Day to my US readers!!!


20 Responses

  1. I’m totally in agreement with you about needing a self-serve froyo place here. I am seriously jealous of all of the ones I keep seeing around the blog world. There is a place in Urbana though, near the U of I campus. I haven’t eaten there yet, so I don’t know how good it is, but if you get really desperate you could give it a shot!

  2. I didn’t grill a ton at home, but I’m really excited because I bought a mini gas BBQ. So now I can BBQ here where I live. And it stays pretty warm all year, so that’s possible 🙂

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend! We grill out quite a bit, too and will definitely miss it. I love vege packs too- my fav is potato, mushroom, onions.. and chicken, of course. I’m at work (oops), so not quite a long weekend for me, either.

  4. I always love baseball games- no matter what the team!

    And that’s lame customer service for ice cream girl… I probably would have been a pain and did the “why not?” argument until she gave in. Because no one messes with me and my dessert…

  5. I hate situations like the ice cream one – too many unnecessary rules! When I lived in Thailand there were always crazy rules that I didn’t understand. One time I went to a place that sold soft drinks, and told them I wanted just a cup with ice. They told me they couldn’t sell me that. I even told them I’d pay full price and just to leave out the soda (I was desperate:), and they still wouldn’t sell it to me! It was crazy.

    Anyway, looks like you guys had a great time at the game! I love okra, and I haven’t had it in so long.

  6. The ice cream lady has a control problem. LOL

    Looks like you had a good weekend even though you still have to do some work today.

  7. Michelle beat me to the punch, but you are just in the wrong part of Central Illinois. Cocomero on the Champaign side of campus is amazing!

  8. I love grilling veggies, too! Come fall, roasting is the new grilling.

    What’s with the weird ice cream workers?! We get the same attitude around here. I guess they aren’t keeping up with the blogs!

  9. I love grilling veggies and fish, especially halibut. So good!

  10. That really stinks. I was going to go and get some ice cream tonight, but I will need to find a place that will give me two flavors at one time. Which ice cream place did you go to last night, was it Carl’s??

  11. Curious, what was the bottom flavor??

  12. Im going to miss out on grilling big time…but I still have a while before the snow comes!

  13. Oh, the Cornbelters 🙂 I really would like to know who thought a ginormous piece of Rastafarian corn would make an excellent mascot–and what substance they were under the influence of! lol. It looks like you had a fabulous Labor Day! Any day that ends in ice cream is awesome in my book!

    My favorite thing to grill is definitely portobella mushrooms, but veggie packs are YUM too! Couldn’t agree more on the fro-yo in Blo-No! We need to start a petition or something to get a cool frozen yogurt place (where mixing flavors isn’t a crime!).

  14. Your ice cream server reminds me of a waitress in a Jack Nicholson movie. Anyone ever see FIVE EASY PIECES? It’s old but a winner.

  15. haha, what, i cant believe she wouldn’t do that for you. i am glad you stuck it to her by dumping it on top! love you!

  16. Another +1 for Cocomero in CU!

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