Indian Din, Euchre Win

Hey there! Still adjusting from the long weekend? Are we all? 😉

Last day to enter my cool Thermos giveaway! A winner will be chosen tonight at midnight.

For the morning after a long weekend, I surprised myself this morning. I set my alarm for 5:00 to run…and I actually got out of bed!! (around 5:07) It was still dark, and even though I told myself I wouldn’t be afraid to run in the dark, I headed to the gym. It’s safe there! I proceeded to crank out a 5×800 training run. Done and done!


Over the long weekend, I got a text from my mom saying she needed a Von Maur fix. This happens about once a month. Unfortunately for her, there’s no Von Maur in her town. Fortunately, for me, this means she visits me at least once a month! 😀 Usually my dad tags along:




When they arrived to my house, I was just finishing up a batch of granola bars for them (Bronwyn, I made double this time:) )



While I didn’t have much luck at Von Maur (just a cute scarf,) my mom scored a pair of her favorite jeans that were on a secret sale! By this I mean, when the cashier (my friend, Stacy) rang them up, they were on sale! Bonus:)

Shopping works up an appetite 😉


IMG_0383 IMG_0382

Can’t eat on an empty stomach!


Spring rolls?



We totally thought they wouldn’t be deep fried. However, somehow they disappeared 😉

Yellow Dal for me + some Roti:




It was an ok meal. I’m not a big fan of this Indian restaurant – I like the other one in town better. However, my pop prefers otherwise, so.

We left feeling full and satisfied:)

Still not ready to call it a night, we made use of the last of the day light and played some Euchre out on the patio:


Winner hand?




Niko didn’t have much luck either 😉


You guys are goin’ down!



My parents only live about 45 minutes away, so I get to visit with them several times per month 🙂 I’m not sure how I would/will handle living far away from my family…

Well I’m off to go work, work, work! Have a lovely Tuesday, everyone 😀

How often do you get to see family?


12 Responses

  1. Awww… your parents are too cute! Glad you had a great visit with them!

    I get to see mine this weekend! Since I’ve moved to Chicago, I don’t seen them near the amount that I used to (it was very convenient that my college town was only a little over an hour away). I’d say I get to see both of them at least 5 or 6 times a year. And then my mom pops in for an extra visit or two when she rides with her sister (I have cousins who also live in the area).

  2. I am exactly the same, 45 minutes without traffic from my parents and I see them several times a month. I love visiting them for a full weekend, it is always a nice break from the house and cleaning and I love their food and wine!

    I do wish we lived a bit closer though. Have a great week!

  3. awww you look just like your mom! food looks great! 🙂

  4. All the time, I work with them 😀

    It was hard though when I lived out of state. I know that anytime I could get a long weekend, I would drive the seven hours to come and visit.

  5. I see my family a lot, usually around once a week. Love it!

  6. My parents live 3 minutes away so we see them fairly often, it’s fun!

    I love indian food. Now I’m craving it again!

  7. not nearly enough! I live in Ohio and my parents and brother are out in Arizona. I miss them terribly, but the distance makes the time together that much more special!

  8. Not often enough. I did spend 2 1/2 months in Colorado though with my 3 youngest treasures.

  9. I see my family once a month or once every two months…I’ll be honest – that’s enough for me!

  10. I definitely choose the treadmill over the dark for morning runs. it’s one of the things I’ll miss about summer.

    I live at home…so my family is always with me! I’m also very close to my extended family and see my aunts, cousins, and grandparents at least once a week.

  11. card games on the front porch, that is sooo midwestern and i love it, reminds me of my childhood!! i am getting all sentimental now!

    have a great week honey!

  12. mmmm the indian looks great! how fun. and i love niko. i see my parents at least once a week. i just moved back to my home town after getting married and so it is fun to see my mom a lot!

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