Leaning Tower of Libby’s

Hey there 🙂 Glad you guys all loved the empowering Nike ad. I think we can all agree that there needs to be more ads like this!!

Lookie lookie what I fouuuuunnndd


The leaning tower of Libby’s

IMG_9347 IMG_9351

Hooray! I haven’t been able to find any Libby’s pumpkin this year until this weekend. This surprised me because I only live 25 minutes away from Libby’s Farm! In fact, I ran in a 10k last year that was sponsored by Libby’s 😀

Hey….what’s that doing there?!


I also had the first pumpkin beer of the season:)



(yes, I was worrying about it o’ – FALL – ing when I took this pic 😉 )

This was REALLY good! Could have been a tad more pumpkin-y, but yummy nonetheless:)

Naturally, I wanted to dig into the canned pumpkin ASAP. It got its debut in breakfast form.


I made a usual batch of oats, but the star was this topping:


1/4 c. pumpkin + 1/4 c. plain Oikos Greek yogurt + 5 drops of vanilla stevia



However, there was a dilemma. I still had half a can of pumpkin to use up (shhh I know I keeps in the fridge for a few days.)

Solution? Matt’s Vegan Pumpkin Bread!




This (VEGAN) is amazing!!! I followed Matt’s recipe except for I didn’t have any applesauce – so I subbed it for 1/2 c. more of pumpkin. It worked wonderfully.


It made two loaves, one of which I planned to give away, but now I’m not so sure 😉

Nevertheless, we still have a situation on our hands, as this recipe called for the rest of the can of pumpkin and then some.


I know what today’s breakfast will be 😉


Have you had a taste of fall yet this year? I was trying to hold out until the end of September, but I couldn’t resist!

Have a terrific Tuesday, all!! 😀


25 Responses

  1. you found Libby’s already?! in the Chicago area, the grocery stores say they won’t have any until October.

  2. I’ve tried to get into Pumpkin. I really have. Last night I even got a shot of pumpkin spice in my Starbucks…but no go – just not a fan :/

  3. Yay! Which store did you find the pumpkin at?! I have been waiting (not so) patiently for it! I ‘m going to go get some today!

  4. Yum! Love fall foods. Yes, I have already decorated our house for fall, eaten squash and loving the apples right now!

    I do think it is strange that canned pumpkin isn’t around yearly for you. It is stocked all year here. Weird, huh?

  5. I’m glad you found it! I’ve been looking every once in a while, and had not seen the Libby’s make an appearance yet!

  6. Oh yummy. My first “taste” of pumpkin has only been smell..I just bought my first pumpkin scented candle. Last year I was obsessed with everything pumpkin, and I think my boyfriend gets the hint that that obsession is starting again, haha 😀 I think I may buy a couple cans of Libby’s and bake some of that bread!! Great idea putting Oikos and pumpkin together! Have a good day!

  7. Can’t wait to get more pumpkin! I think I’m going to buy some real pumpkins and make my own puree this year. We’ll see!

  8. I, too, love my pumpkin season 🙂

  9. Gotta be honest, I don’t really like pumpkin. I do like it in baked good sometimes though, so may have to try that bread.

    Loving the leaning tower!

  10. I hope I find some soon… I need to make vegan brownies!

  11. I adore pumpkin and have been on the search for Libby’s as well. I found some random brand at the store today and got one can to use in something I’m baking for tomorrow…but didn’t get more for myself. I’m just too loyal to Libbys. I must find it though!

  12. That looks so good!! Believe it or not, I found a stray can of Libby’s pumpkin in my pantry that I had no idea I had. And I still haven’t used it because I haven’t found the perfect use for it. This pumpkin bread looks like it may be it. Delish.

  13. More good news: The pumpkin crop around Morton looks great this year!

  14. I went grocery shopping yesterday and as soon as I got home I realized that I didn’t buy Libby’s. So sad! I cannot wait for the many pumpkin breakfasts of fall. That bread looks so moist and tasty.

  15. I need to go to the store for Libby’s now!!

  16. just found your blog from an eatliverun post… looks like I have a new website to check out 🙂 love your stuff! anyhow… PUMPKIN!!!! I’ve been running around MAD looking for it! I’m so jealous of your oatmeal! it’s not fall until the pumpkin finds the oats…and then finds my mouth. grrr.

  17. Hello, gorgeous! I haven’t been able to find it at our grocery store but it isn’t in yet – I can’t wait!

    So jealous! Enjoy all of your pumpkin goodies!

  18. hey girlie!!
    woohooo pumpkin!! I’ve got a stash hoarded in my pantry! I am waiting until classes start next week to bust into my supplies 😉
    gahhh it’s taking a lot of self control! thanks so much for posting the pumpkin bread recipe from matt’s site, his recipes are all so tasty!
    I hope your week is off to a great start!

  19. that pumpkin bread look awesome and im not even the hugest pumpk lover…but i did get a free sample of a starbucks pumpkin frap and it was soo good! sweet but great and probably not vegan but it was just a lil dixie cup sample cup 🙂

    thanks for the sweetest comment today saying i am a great mom…awww, too kind.

    you will be a great mom one day too if that’s on your life plan 🙂

  20. Yesterday I had my pumpkin oats. Well, butternut squash oats, but for me, it’s all the same yummy thing 🙂
    Can’t wait for more pumpkins, and baking goods with them

  21. i love the tower! i love pumpkin so much… i definitely need to stock up this year though!

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