Surprise! Libby’s Pumpkin Festival 10K Race

Good morning! Today my alarm went off at 5:00 a.m. and it wasn’t a mistake. Today I ran the Morton Pumpkin Festival 10k!



This event is sponsored by Libby’s. Yes, THE Libby’s! And no, the goody bag didn’t come with cans of pumpkin or pumpkin flavored donuts OR pumpkin ice cream:





In fact, I signed up so late that I didn’t even get a shirt! But I got so much more…

Around 6:30, I headed into town to meet my dad in Morton, where the race was held. We had about a half hour so we chatted for a bit, and then I chatted up the crowd, spotting a few people I knew.



Promptly at 7:30, the gun went off, and so did we. Kind of. After the first 30 seconds of walking/shuffling, dodging to the sidewalk to get ahead.

My goal was to start off with a conservative pace and run each mile faster than the other. My goal was to finish with a pace of under a 9 minute mile.


Mile one was a breeze, as I struggled not to unleash my inner competitive beast. I kept an easy 9:00 pace as I watched those around me zoom by. Aint no thang. My two I sped it up to an 8:45 pace. I was in the zone, passing a few people who had already lost wind. Around mile 3, I kicked it up to 8:30, passing more and more runners who sped by on mile one. There were two water breaks during the course, and I took just a quick sip at each one. I didn’t stop running, though, so more water got on my chin and shirt, than in my mouth. It’s fine.

After mile three I knew it was time to kick it in to high gear. Up until mile 3.5 it was purely physical. After that I had to tap into the mental aspect of running to help me out. The gorgeous weather helped, I’m sure. Mile four I started to hurt, but I knew it was nearing the end. And at mile 5, I really dug deep and gave it my all until I passed the 6 mile marker, and started sprinting. It got to a point where I didn’t know whose legs they were because they felt like they were going so fast!




Thinking just don’t puke, just don’t puke.


Thinking, holy sh!t, I passed my goal time … by a LOT!

Total time: 52:45

Average pace: 8:27

Mile 1: 9:07

Mile 2: 8:41

Mile 3: 8:30

Mile 4: 8:25

Mile 5: 8:25

Mile 6: 8:00

Mile 6-6.25: 6:27




I declared it my best race yet! (Wellll…tied with the half marathon.)

Thanks to my dad for playing photographer and showing up to support me! 😀




Have a fantastic day, everyone! I’m using today as a work day because the rest of the weekend, play time is on the agenda!


21 Responses

  1. Great job on your race! I am so jealous of all the pumpkins in IL right now – I am yet to see any in CA!

    Hope you quickly felt better after your race!

  2. Congrats Paige, that’s awesome!!! Man, I can’t believe you didn’t get showered with gifts of canned pumpkin….

  3. Yay! Great job!
    So awesome that you Pa was out there to support you! 🙂

  4. Great race! Dad took great pics too:-)

  5. Your dad is cute. 🙂 Good job on the race! Way to go!

  6. Congrats on your race, you did awesome!

    I think it is great that your dad showed up to support you. It’s nice to realize people in your life back you in the things you do:)

  7. Paige, you are amazing runner!! You are going to have to let me know about future races that I can try to get too!! 🙂

  8. What a fun race – you did great! How fun that your dad was there too!

    Have a great rest of your weekend 🙂

  9. Great job on your time! My husband and I ran it too -although we were considerably slower. We accidentally slept in and made it there just in time for the race! Nothing like an early morning adrenaline rush to get you ready for a race!

  10. Congrats lady, that’s awesome!!!

  11. Wow, congrats! You made some amazing time with your negative splits!
    No canned pumpkin! Do they at least have a gift shop or something at which to stock up on Libby’s?

  12. Congratulations on the awesome race! What an accomplishment. 🙂

    PS – i want a pumpkin donut now. LOL

  13. Congrats on the good race, lady! That’s always the best feeling 🙂

  14. Congrats on an incredible race and new PR! You had a great strategy. I am anxious to run a 10K. It seems like a really fun race distance, but we never have many around here.

  15. Amazing!!! Congrats on such a fabulous race!!! You’re obviously doing something right 😉

  16. Wow – congrats on the race!

  17. YES! good job, lady! i am proud of ya!

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