A Five Star Restaurant at Home

Good morning friends! Sorry I left ya hangin’ in the dust yesterday. Had a little mix up in plans and it ended up being a very busy Sunday all day long! Actually, life in general is busy lately. No seriously, there is at least one occurrence every week where I’ve double or triple booked myself…it’s impossible not to!

My oh my was this weekend a good one! After the race, I got to hang out with my parents for a while, and then came back home to try and get some work done.

First, post-race fuel.




I’m going to maintain that smoothies make the best fuel after a hard workout. A. lots o nutrients. B. the food is all ready in liquid form – one less step for the bod! 🙂

But this post-race smoothie had a guest star: Attune granola!




My friend, Annelies of Attune, whom I met at the Healthy Living Summit, offered to send me some of their Probiotic granola, and I had to try out the maple flavor.








The most important part – taste!



THIS IS AMAZING. Amazing! Perfectly crunchy and has little yogurt like chips dispersed throughout the crunch. Very sweet. Actually, if I had to call out  one con it might be that it’s a wee bit too sweet. but then again, I like to have a sweet granola on hand.




The flavor goes perfectly with pumpkin pie smoothies 😀


After smoothie-ing and working for just a minute, Shane and I ran some errands. We felt like having a date night, but since the week was a big spending week, we didn’t really want to go out and spend money on an expensive dinner. So instead, we turned our kitchen into a five star restaurant!

For fun, we tried out a couple pumpkin beers to start:




Woodchuck pumpkin beer?! Could it be?!




Put your spirit(s) to the test 😉

Unfortunately, neither of them wowed me. I’ll stick with O’fallon this season. Though I’ve heard Schafly is good too?

I started dinner, which was this fusilli with eggplant and goat cheese. While dinner cooked, we played Uno!




After sticking a bottle of Pinot Noir in the fridge for about 20 minutes, it was perfect temp and we added a little Vino! to our Uno!




And some appies:




When dinner was ready, we put the apps and Uno aside, but kept the pinot along for company;)




Whole wheat fusilli with eggplant, portabella, and goat cheese, with a side of roasted asparagus.




Bad lighting, great food.




We finished it off with some decaf organic coffee and True Blood ( I am LOVING True Blood!!!) and called it a night. TFFD! (Too full for dessert)

What an indulgent night! It felt like a full out fancy date night, but I never left my sweats. Best of both worlds 😀



How was your weekend? What was the most indulgent thing you did or ate?


Have a good Monday, everyone!!


16 Responses

  1. I’m glad you had a great end to the weekend! The most indulgent thing I went for was the cinnamon roll french toast at the blogger brunch- wow….

  2. That pasta dish looks SO incredibly good! Can I come over for dinner sometime? 😛

  3. Aww you guys are too cute!
    I had massive amounts of delicious thin-crust pizza from my favorite place after my 1/2 marathon, and two desserts last night 🙂 It was an indulgent Sunday and I loved it!

  4. Oh my word! I haven’t played UNO since I was a kid. I’m going to pick up the game at Target so I can play it with my husband.

    We are also big fans of True Blood! It’s a pretty intense show.

  5. What a great date night! I think my favorite date nights are spent in with a bottle of wine- it’s much easier to be our goofy selves without other fancy restaurant patrons judging us. 🙂

  6. You are the only other couple that I “know” that plays UNO!! Jason and I love UNO and board games haha. We feel like dorks telling people that we play these games instead of watching TV but it’s fun 🙂 I really, really indulged this weekend with fried onion rings, chocolate covered banana and candy apples!

  7. Haha, so cute that you guys played Uno… my students LOVE to play Uno and I play at least once a day as a result haha so if you ever wanna get your $&^ kicked, I’ll play you for a round 😉

  8. aw- a date night in! I love it. Josh and I need to do that this weekend. The pasta sounds AMAZING. And I love decaf coffee- it is the perfect after dinner treat. I want to try that granola!

  9. Pinot Noir and Uno, watch out – that reminds me of an episode of Sex & The City! Haha!

    Isn’t True Blood great? I am looking forward to when the new season comes out on DVD. Have you read the Sookie Stackhouse books (which inspired the TV series)? They’re really great, dare I say better than the show.

  10. LOVE True Blood – so glad that you found it!

    The most indulgent thing I ate this weekend was probably the frosting I filched off of four pieces of wedding cake at my cousin’s wedding. The cake itself? Not so hot. But that frosting was fantastic.

  11. omg your restaurant at home looks awesome!!! those apps, mmmmm, good!

    LOL = Woodchuck pumpkin beer… haha!


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