Fill In The _______

Hi friends……happy FRIDAY! 😀

What a week! I think I deserve a




Last night after working the third day at the BIC & training clients, I did just that. It was the last (pumpkin) beer in the fridge (thankfully) I can’t wait to pick our and try out another this weekend!

For dinner last night, all I wanted was a bunch of:




I hadn’t had hardly any veggies all day (besides what was mixed in my black bean burger for lunch) and the craving was something:




(fierce, for you slow ones who haven’t had your




yet) 😉

The veggie craving was squashed after roasting and was eaten along side some almond butter encrusted sweet potato (yam?) fries!





I’m so thankful today’s Friday. I only have one client today, so I have alllll day to get to my





But first, it’s time for some



because it’s actually a little chilly outside this morning!

However, then it’s time to go run some errands, including – and most importantly




Clarabelle, like her mother, gets dramatic when hungry






Have a lovely Friday everyone!


Today, my Friday is __<RELIEVING>____ ( now you fill in the blank!!!!)


15 Responses

  1. My Friday is __LONG___! My friend’s wedding festivities start tonight. I’m going to be a dead woman walking by the end of the weekend.

    And I’m channeling you. I still don’t have a toast written. 😉

  2. Your pumpkin beer looks way more delicious than the corona I had last night. But hey, relaxation bears no flavor 😉

    My Friday is Peaceful/Joyful. I’m excited for a productive day at work and getting off EARLY!!

  3. My Friday will be (LONG) but (FUN). 🙂

    “clarabelle, like her mother, gets dramatic when hungry” Amen sister… don’t we all? lol

  4. Today, my Friday is ______

    but also ______

    Lots of work to do, but finishing up by hanging out with one of my buddies.

    • It did not show the blanks, so a small edit:
      Today, my Friday is HECTIC

      but also FUN

      Lots of work to do, but finishing up by hanging out with one of my buddies.

  5. Today, my Friday is going to be looking forward to Happy hour tonight!!!

  6. Cute post! Today my Friday is having an identity crisis. It doesn’t feel like Friday! Have a good one!

  7. Hehe 🙂 I loved this post. And yay for pumpkin beer! Hopefully it’s made it’s way into our stores! Hope your Friday is great and ‘relieving’ 😉 My Friday is …….!

  8. Pumpkin beer, I will definitely have to be checking out 🙂 My Friday is my first day off in awhile so I’m veggin out 😉 Awesome post!

  9. Fun post!

    My Friday was ___awesome___but at the same time ___exhausting!__

    I am *finally*, at 11:38PM, done with work! Wahoo!

  10. My friday was pretty awesome.
    I would so like to try a pumpkin beer, but of course, I can’t buy it over here 😦

  11. holy crap. this was the most clever post EVER. can i copy you sometime? i love it! and i NEED pumpkin beer, havent had any yet!

  12. Oh, Clarabelle…I think we might have the same hangry eyes.

    My Friday was Fabulous!

  13. […] loved reading all of your Friday fill in the blank anticipations!! I hope everyone’s Fridays lived up to your […]

  14. […] pea’s treats! i also find inspiration for themed posts from other bloggers. i recently starred paige’s “fill in the blank with a photo” post.. great idea! i am going to copy you, […]

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