Anniversary Weekend

G’moooooorning! Thanks for all the anniversary wishes, guys. It’s not until Monday but who doesn’t love celebrating early ?? 🙂

I loved reading all of your Friday fill in the blank anticipations!! I hope everyone’s Fridays lived up to your standards 😉

Mine did! By the end of the day, I was RELIEVED. All of the sudden, I was tackling my to-do list, and I even fit in an hour during breakfast and lunch to watch Glee (SO GOOD!!! Can’t wait for next week’s episode :D)

Once the stores were open, I booked it to PetCo to save my cat who was about to die of starvation (remember the tidbid about dramatics?)

And then I saw this… IMG_0394


*the clouds parted and sun shown down right after I took this picture*

I walked in, walked around. And around. And walked out. That’s pretty crazy coming from a girl who used to be obsessed with makeup. I think I kept MAC, NARS, and Chanel in business one summer. Obviously, I’ve learned to tame myself. The husband was pretty proud 😉

The rest of the day consisted of a quick four mile run + full body weights, cleaning, writing, putting up a Fitconomy post about low back pain, and training a client. Let me say, that I ran my four mile run at noon and the weather was absolutely perfect. I aimed for an easy four miles, and wound up running 4.14 in 35:57 – average pace of 8:41. All I have to say is that speed work WORKS, guys. I know this isn’t fast for a lot of people, but it’s dang fast for me!

Anyway, so after training a client, when I got home, I walked in to this:




Um, Hiiiii big presents addressed to Paige!

Apparently the husband bought it when I told him we should exchange presents early so we could enjoy them over the weekend 😀

One of the gifts was something totally unexpected, a wine decanter!



I’ve been wanting one of these things ever since our wine tasting 101 class, and was very psyched.

Thus, the bottle  of wine went down.




(don’t mind the half nude Calvin Klein model…cotton is the traditional gift for second anniversaries 😉 ha!)




Ok, fine. TWO bottle! (two bottles?!)IMG_9493

Luckily, Shane’s friend Jason stopped by to help us celebrate the second bottle.

The second, larger present bestowed even more excitement. Much, much more excitement.




Hint: It made this morning’s breakfast possible




in less than 30 seconds. And I never knew a smoothie could be soooo smooth




CUBS GAME TODAY!! Going with our friends, Kevin and Carmody, and hoping to see one of my fave Chicago blogging girls while I’m up there even if she is a Cardinals fan 😉

Have a fantastic Saturday, everyone!!!


9 Responses

  1. Happy almost anniversary! What fun gifts – I take it the other was a new blender? Lucky lucky gal!

  2. I love Ulta. It’s a magical place.

    Did the aerator make the wine taste more yummy?! That’s the word, I’ve always wondered if it’s worth the $$

  3. I’m guessing a blender. Maybe a super fancy VitaMix?!

    I love the decanter thing. I keep thinking I need to get one but always forget. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Have a fun day at the game! I am going to Chicago for work and staying the weekend in October. Anything particular that I must do while I am there? I have never been!

    Happy Anniversary!

  5. aaaahhhhh- I’m sad I missed you! Did you get my text? Or did I screw up the number and send it to someone unknown wondering why Amy B was telling them to meet up at Murphy’s Bleachers… ugh!

  6. First off, you have such a pretty kitchen (Calvin Klein model included 😉 ) Second: what is a wine decanter? I’m glad you got a gift that you wanted! That’s always exciting! And when you say speedwork WORKS, do you mean doing sprints to increase your speed?? Just wondering! 😀

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