Tasty Bite, Salad Delight

Hi there! How’s your week going so far? I for one cannot believe it’s already Wednesday! I don’t mind when weeks speed by. It usually happens when the week prior was an expecially grueling one, such as in my case.

Yesterday I had the chance to try out a new product for lunch called Tasty Bite



Tasty Bite offers all kinds of meal inspirations – entrees, sides, sauces, rices – that are all natural and ready to eat in 90 seconds. The products come in microwaveable pouches and are shelf-stable, ready to eat foods.



Loren offered my several samples from the vegetarian line, and I couldn’t wait to try them out.

Yesterday’s lunch was the spiced chickpeas with Basmati rice.



When I opened the chickpeas, I was a little fearful, because the appearance resembled dog food.


IMG_9536 Good thing I don’t judge by looks, because it was outstanding. It took all I had in me not to devour both entire pouches.


   IMG_9531 IMG_9532 IMG_9534

What a fun and convenient idea! The ingredients were pretty stellar too – nothing scary!

I woke up super early this morning again – not to train a client, but to get in a workout myself. The alarm went off and I was off – to the gym- where I did a 40 minute tempo run, followed by some bicep and tricep work. I have to admit, my strength training has been slacking lately. Even though I’m a personal trainer, I have to work to fit it in, too. With running season at its height, it’s my main priority, but strength training is such an important supplement to running.

So last night after I came home from training a couple clients, I didn’t feel like spending much time on dinner. And since our fridge looks like a Tupperware party, leftovers it was. But that wasn’t all. Sure, I had Sunday night’s whole wheat portabella lasagna roll ups, but on the side, I had this stellar salad:



It contained romaine, feta, sesame seeds, a bit of pine nuts, fresh figs (!!!!)  and a dressing of EVOO + apple cider vinegar + sea salt + stevia. It was SO good. It was actually my first time trying a fresh fig, so I was a little weary. But I like the little cuties – sweet, but not too sweet, and with a little crunch, even. Delicious!


Well I just got home from an early morning treadmill sesh at the gym. The training planned for a 40 minute tempo run, so in total, I ran about 50 minutes with the warm up and cool down and covered just over 5 miles. Feeling great!

I’m off to prepare for the day! Have a good one, all!

What’s one new fruit or vegetable that you tried this year? Did you like it? Dislike it?

Only one more day to enter for the Sahale Snacks giveaway!


7 Responses

  1. Ya know, I’ve always wondered how personal trainers keep up their fitness. I find it kind of funny that they have to do it on their own time..the other day I discovered that Jillian Michaels has her OWN personal trainer (why does she need one?!!!) But I guess everyone needs someone to help them stay in line 😀
    I’ve never had a fig, but with all the buzz about them in the blog world, I may just give in and buy some! Have a great day Paige!

  2. New this year for me is Endamame, shelled soy beans; I love them with sea salt as a snack. Thank you for telling me about them.

  3. That salad looks amazing! I tried Saturn peaches for the first time this summer. They were almost milky and a little sweeter than other peaches I’ve had- I liked them!

  4. Aaahh cute name 🙂 🙂

    I’ve never heard of Tasty Bite before. But it sure looks like something I’d like! I tried sweet potatoes for the first time this year! I used to haaaate them as a kid but now can’t get enough of them! xx

  5. Chickpeas and basmati rice make for a great lunch! I will watch for the Tasty Bite products in stores in my area.

    This year, I tried out lemon cucumber, which is basically a round, yellow and teeny cucumber. It tasted not lemony, but like normal cucumber!

  6. I tried ramps for the first time at a restaurant and they were delicious!

    Way to ignore the look of the chickpeas and go for it, lady! Flavor always trumps appearance.

  7. […] Bite sent me some of their vegetarian options to review on the blog. The last one I tried was the spiced chickpeas, and they were […]

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