A Delusional Lazy Sunday Morning

On many a Sunday, I wake up wanting nothing more than a lazy Sunday in bed. Ironically (or due to, I’m not really sure) my long run day is also on Sunday.

Yesterday was no different. I woke up and didn’t want to leave the bed. I wanted to read and watch HGTV while eating my breakfast.

So I pretended:




and ate my pre-run coffee and pre-run breakfast (banana + carb + nut butter = pre-run breakfast) nestled under the covers, book in hand and HGTV on the screen. Ahhh.

And then it was 8:15, and I came back to reality. I needed to run 10 miles, and it would take a good hour and a half. Better get out there. Out there, in the blowing, cold 37 degree morning. Yipe!

So I went from breakfast in bed to ready to run:





And I was off…

Usually on long runs I think, “where did the miles go?!” However, on this particular 10 miler, I felt every minute of every mile. Not to say it was a bad run at all, it just didn’t fly by like it usually does.

Around mile 7, I was more than happy to take a quick pause, stretch, and down some pure honey to boost up my glycogen stores:



I just put the honey in a zip lock, and then tore a hole in the corner with my teeth to get to the honey…graceful woman that I am. 😉

And then finally, I was on the last mile…and then done!




10 miles down!

I try to stick with somewhat of a routine on long run days, and after running yesterday, per the routine, I immediately shed my gear and grabbed a coconut water:




And then showered (I was freeeeezing!) clothed, and made the usual post long-run fuelage.


after I took a picture of my (third day of Vita-Mix meals) breakfast, I looked at the clock and saw that it was only 11:00 a.m! This meant there was still hope – I had an hour left of the morning!



Maybe a lazy Sunday morning isn’t such a delusion after all 😉




I only have four long runs left in this running season. My last race of the year is on November 6th, and I gotta admit, I don’t feel too upset about that right now. I’m actually ready to start cross training, lifting more, taking more classes, and beginning a workout DVD! Oh and having a real lazy Sunday in bed 😉


Well I’m off to train a client and then head to the other job! Have a terrific Tuesday, all!

How often do you have a “lazy morning” on the weekends – one where you lay around and watch tv/read just for pure relaxation for hours on end? My answer? Not nearly enough 😉

My second question is for purely selfish reasons: What do you look for in a gym beyond the equipment and classes? I want to offer my clients and the members of the gym I work at something in addition to the facility. To come up with ideas, I put myself in the members’ shoes and came up with ideas that range from a weekly “healthy living newsletter” to a Biggest Loser competition, but I’d love to get your input, too! Seems like you guys always have ideas to offer in the comments that I hadn’t thought of in regards to my posts in general. I really do appreciate any input 😀


11 Responses

  1. It’s been quite some time since I’ve had a completely lazy weekend morning… I feel like after I’m up, I realize all the things I need to do and start running around like a mad woman! Even this last Sunday was pretty relaxed- but still included errands, cooking, and cleaning. Ugh!

  2. I love that pink running shirt! And yup…my lazy weekend mornings don’t happen nearly enough. Now that fall is here and winter is coming, I should be able to squeeze them in a little more. Of course, cold weather, for us, means condo projects so maybe not 🙂

  3. Yay for a 10 mile run! And that pink shirt is too cute, can you tell a sista where you got it from please?? 😉 I don’t have hardly any lazy Sundays..I could if I wanted but I have the bad habit of always keeping myself busy doing something, even if there is nothing to be done. I need to learn to relax more! As for the workout DVD, are you acting filming one, or using them?? I was a little confused there 😀 At the gym I am interning at, we did a study to see what members wanted, and it turns out they want bootcamp type of fitness option. So next near we are putting in big tires outside, climbing ropes and walls! The biggest loser competition sounds amazing, and I think you’d have a lot of takers there. Now that I’ve written a book in your comments section, I’m gonna go, haha 🙂

  4. I love Stacey’s idea of putting equipment outside, around her gym…a bootcamp. I wish my gym would offer blood pressure and body fat ratio checks one day a week.

  5. I can see being ready for race season to end and take some of the pressure off.

    I WISH I could have a lazy morning in bed. Those simply do not exist with kids. 😦

  6. My long runs have ended up being on Sundays most weekends too. Love the honey idea!

  7. I’m actually going through the process of lookin at different gyms. One of the things I look at is locker rooms and if they are kept clean.

    When I was single I used to love having Sunday as my true lazy day. I would lay around in my bed, watch trashy tv and surf the internet. The only time I would move was to go to the bathroom and to take my dog to the bathroom.

    I don’t think I will ever have that type of true lazy day in my life ever again:(

  8. This sounds like the perfect Sunday morning. Well done!

  9. Oh my word, now that the only races I have to look forward to are 5Ks, I can’t wait to just enjoy running for running’s sake! The lazy Sundays will be a HUGE perk too!

  10. It is ridiculous how lazy i am on the weekends! I easily can sleep until 11 or noon if I don’t force myself to get up.

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