I Get Carby When I’m Tired

Hey guys!

So by now I’m sure most of you have read the infamous Marie Claire article. I’m not going to write a post on what I think of it or on the bad journalistic methods used in it. I think by now, everything that I could have said about it has already been said on one blog or another. And frankly, I’m tired of talking/reading about it.

However, I do want to quickly how it’s directly affected MY blog. On my list of “tabs” at the top of the blog, there used to be a tab called “workout log.” This was a log of each and every workout I do each day. After some reflection, I realized this only isn’t necessary, but it could affect some readers adversely by encouraging workout/fitness comparison. We’re all at different fitness levels for different reason, and your workouts shouldn’t look like my workouts and vice versa. I feel like posting each workout/run/lifting session/elliptical session/class etc could lead to a comparison trap. Plain and simple. Instead, I’ve replaced it with a mission statement for the blog. I’ve wanted to give the blog a mission statement for quite a while now anyway, so it coincided quite well! That which I did want to keep that was in the workout log tab (race training, workout methods) is now in the Fitness tab. So, if you notice something different in the tabs, that’s what it is and that’s why! 🙂

Moving on!

Monday night I got to relive one of my highest passions. In high school and my first year of college, I played indoor volleyball, and loved it. It was my thing…and I’ve never found anything that could replace it. Even this summer I played sand volleyball




…but it still couldn’t compare to the real deal. So when a friend asked if I wanted to join a womens’ indoor league, I jumped at the chance! Monday night was our first game, and it immediately all came rushing back to me! I felt the thrill when hitting the ball from the front left, and adrenaline when I tossed it up for a serve, and the feeling that you only get when being part of a team 🙂 Winning didn’t hurt either 😉

However, the combination of not getting home from the game until late + the adrenaline rush of winning + staying up late to shower + an early, early a.m. client the next morning = one tiiiiirrrrred Paige. Yesterday was tough to stay awake, guys! Like omg-I’m-going-to-fall-asleep-in-my-coffee tough.

So when I got home and everything was said and done, I wanted nothing more than a big carb-filled dinner.

Any nothing says carb-filled comfort food like mac and cheese.




Anyone else just *crave* carbs when they’re super tired?


This wasn’t just any mac and cheese, though. This is Giada’s mac and cheese, and homegirl knows her pasta!




It’s not exactly low fat…


or whole wheat…



woops…got a little wax in there from what appears to be the fontina cheese! LOL




but it is delicious!

To go along with it, I roasted some vegetables:




cauliflower and okra


baby zucchini squash!



But honestly, neither the husband nor I were a big fan. I actually thought it was okra, which both of us love, when I bought it. Ah well! It was fun trying it!

Now the mac and cheese…



oh the mac and cheese was somethin’ else. So delicious and creamy; definitely a winner!

After a little True Blood, dessert followed:



Vita-Mix recipe #5 was pumpkin banana soft serve…



served over pine nut and oat sticky bars that I made while dinner was cooking!



I had some pine nuts in the fridge that I didn’t know what I wanted to do with yet



but when I came across this recipe, I knew it would do juuuust fine. And it did! Wow what a different and delicious tasting bar!

Well I’m off to go do Wednesday! Here’s to a great one!

Are your cravings off when you’re tired? Do you get crabby carby too?


13 Responses

  1. I love this blog post title! Soooo true!

  2. I’m a total carb girl when I’m tired. Often in the form of cereal… 🙂

    The mac and cheese looks amazing. My friend at work was talking about her version she just recently made as well… I should start to experiment…

  3. I start craving sweets when I get tired. Sweets and coffee 🙂 I’m glad you found a volleyball team that you like! Yay for mac and cheese 🙂 When I used to have cable, I would watch Giada all the time..she was one of my favorites, and I loved At Home with the Neely’s too 🙂 Have a good day!

  4. Goodness, that mac’n’cheese looks incredible! Giada should always be the go-to pasta person, for sure!

  5. OMG that mac & cheese looks amazing. Definitely adding that to my list of “must-try” recipes. Bravo! And heck yeah I reach for the carbs when I’m tired… And when I’m not tired… And all the time! I’m a carboholic.

    Love the mission statement!

  6. i definitely get carby! i crave things with lots of carbs like bagels and er, loaves of bread.

  7. amen, i am over the article, too. i didnt address it but instead decided to be more cautious with my own blog.

    i ALWAYS get carby when tired. haha… love your play on that phrase!

  8. Yeah… the drama with that article was intense! I wonder if that is why I had a migraine on Monday.

    I wonder if I should change my format. I do a weekly recap workout post, mostly as a log for myself. What do you think?

    • It was intense! I think if it’s useful for you and you like keeping a weekly workout post, then you completely should! I just felt that dedicating a tab as a workout log wasn’t a good fit for me on my blog 🙂

  9. Carbs are definitely my comfort food! When I’m tired, I want mashed potatoes and cookies 🙂

  10. Oh lord, that article was completely exhausting to read.

    Personally, when I get exhausted I get snacky-hangry, because I want anything, which means everything is an option as long as it’s cheesy/bready/fried/smothered/etc. On those days, you just have to rock the craving and let it roll.

  11. I think I tend to crave carby when I’m tired because its usually the easiest to make.

    And I think the tab changes sound like a good idea.

  12. […] some crumbled pine nut bar and pumpkin cookie on […]

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