The Fun Running Award

Before every race, weeks and months in advance, runners start getting down to business. They create training plans, they begin training, and they analyze everything from distance to pace to weekly mileage. Sure, running is a physical sport, but like any, there’s a lot of business involved, too.

Sometimes too much, don’t you think?

I’m definitely one of the analysis driven runners. I mean I was telling Christine the other day how if I don’t have my Garmin along with me on runs – especially long runs – I’m a mess! I need that digital device to tell me if I need to reign it in or pick up the pace, and how close I am to my target mileage for the day!

So last night this morning during my last hour of sleep (which is always the most vivid, no?) I had a dream that I’d run a race, and was sitting down afterwards waiting for the awards to be named. I remember saying, “wait a second…Why can’t we just go home? I know I didn’t win an award.” And then, out of nowhere, my name was called as the person who has the most fun with running and who had the best attitude running the race! LOL – funny award, yes, but it made me wake up thinking. (We’ll just ignore the part of my dream where my “fans” who showed up to cheer me on were actually somewhat enemies in highschool. Oh, and Erica, you won the whole race! Girl from Real World came in second…LOL)

It kinda makes me want to strip off all gadgets and just…run.

Actually, it reminds me of last week’s Big Bang Theory, when Penny and Sheldon decide to go running together:


Sheldon, who was donning multiple gadgets and tracking devices, was astonished that all Penny had on was her running clothes and shoes, and that she wasn’t going to track how far or fast she would go. Penny responds, “Nope. I just run until I get hungry and then I stop for a bear claw!”

Now honestly Penny and I are more alike than I care to admit, but I actually like her non-statistical, fun way of viewing a run:) This is more like how I’ll view running after “race season” is over.


Taco, Taco!

Last night for dinner, taco salads were on the menu. I can always count on taco salads being a meal both the husband and I enjoy. Plus, they’re so BIG and so filling, there’s no sides required! Or I guess..all the sides wind up being ON the actual meal 😉

The ingredients/sides, plus cheese:




Layer accordingly:


Romaine>taco seasoning>vegetarian chili>Mexican cheese>guacamole>crushed tortilla chips; then adorn the sides with slices of tomato and avocado.

I promise there’s a mound of chili + cheese under those chips 😉




Beautiful, filling, and oh-so delicious:)


Well I just got back from a four mile run, and now I need to shower and get ready! I did something different on today’s run – I ran up some hills! I typically like to live in my blissfully ignorant world where hills don’t exist, but I hear the upcoming Hot Chocolate 15K race has some, so I better get on it.


When it comes to running/workouts, who are you more like? Penny or Sheldon? I’m more like Sheldon – I like to analyze everything! But I do like Penny’s free-spirited view of it:)


13 Responses

  1. I cracked up when I watched that episode last week! Because there are totally Sheldons and Pennys in the blog world…

    I think I’m a mix between the two. I keep track of mileage, but I count on the treadmill to give me my time/pace. I don’t really count calories burned or watch the heart monitor. I’ve also started a training plan, but strayed from it as of late.

    It’s like I’m all over the board… lol

    Happy Thursday! 🙂

  2. I’ve kind of avoided buying a Garmin for that exact reason. I typically know how far I’ve gone and how fast, but I don’t want to get too wrapped up in it. That sounds like a great dream 🙂

  3. The close up of the avocado = yummmm.

    I used to the be same way w/the Garmin, but sometimes I really just enjoy not having it. Of course, this has to be on a route that I know well so that I roughly know how much I ran still. And then I also check my leaving and returning times to get a rough “estimate” of how long it took. Compulsive much.

  4. I’m like Sheldon in so many ways but when it comes to running — I am like Penny. Sure it would be nice to know if I am running a negative split (or I just think I am) — but there is something freeing about running and I don’t want to overanalyze it!

  5. The Hot Chocolate race has some hills?!?! That’s news to me… I better start throwing in some hill training after marathon season is over! Thanks for the heads up! 😉

  6. hahaha.. i love crazy dreams. that one had me cracking up! and it makes me wanna run with you. i’ve recently become more like penny. and i like it.

  7. Lady, we are on the same wave! I totally fist-pumped all the way through that episode of the Big Bang theory last week.

    I’m a Penny. For sure. I run with my iPod (for entertainment), and an old digital watch from Target that I scrounged up so I can make sure to keep my timing (I usually run for four minutes and walk for one, for no other reason than that I need something to break up the whole extravaganza and thwart boredom). When I run big races, there are cupcakes at the finish line.

    It’s just how I roll.

  8. I’m a Penny, but I’m afraid I’ve never, ever eaten a bear claw. I’d probably become addicted.
    The last hour of sleep before wake up is the easiest one for me to remember, and it’s usually weird 🙂

  9. Haha. What a funny dream 🙂 The only gadget that I have to have is my Ipod for music, other than doesn’t matter. I run routes that I know how long the mileage is and I don’t worry about pace. I just do what feels right!

    BTW, this morning in MY last hour of sleep, I had a really vivid dream that I was working out in the gym, hopping from machine to machine with a smile on my face. I woke up at 6:30 wide-eyed and got ready for the gym 😀 Dreams can also be good motivation

  10. I like to think I’m laid back, but I’m not when it comes to my Garmin, I gotta have that data 😉

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