Charged by Chicago


Here we are again, on Sunday morning. However, this Sunday morning differs from last in the fact that it’s going to be about 30 degrees warmer for my long run! Heck yeah!! Secondly, as I sit here typing and eating my pre-run breakfast after a oh-so-sweet eight hours of sleep, Shane is on his 21st hour of work – with no sleep. Pretty sure whoever gave him this project needs a reality check.

Anyway, lastly – it’s different because today is the Chicago Marathon!!!



Good luck to ALL bloggers running it. You’ll all definitely be my inspiration on my “long” run this morning 😀

But let’s talk Saturday. It was a busy, go-go-go day, but definitely an enjoyable one.

Let’s start it of at the beginning, with a funny story, shall we?

Since this weekend is the end all be all of one of the husband’s projects, like I mentioned before, he’s probably gotten a total of 5 hours or less of sleep this WHOLE weekend. Friday night, he didn’t come to bed until around 4:30, so that meant at 7:00 when I woke up, I needed to be very, very quiet. I never ever wake up before him. So I had a predicament on my hands…


I love love love our grind + brew coffee machine, but man oh man is it LOUD when it grinds. Not only is the machine itself loud, but of course it also sends Clarabelle scattering across the house, and Niko barking her face off for it to stop.

But I really needed cofffeeee. So what did this unabashedly proud coffee addict do?




Took the entire machine to the basement, pressed on, and waited for it to finish grinding. Then I took it back upstairs and turned it to “grind off” to let it (quietly) finish it’s thang.


You’re so worth it, coff.




Shortly after coffee and breakfast, I met my friend Amber on the trail for a 4 mile run. Saturday’s usually my cross training day, but I’d never run with Amber before and we both agreed we wanted to take it easy, which meant about a 9:50 min/mile pace. No harm done on the legs OR feet!

From there I went straight to the gym and finished it out with 15 easy minutes on the elliptical before watching the front desk for a bit, aka read your lovely blogs and opened and closed up shop.

Then straight from there, I met my girl Heidi at our favorite place in the world, Von Maur, to shop it up.




I. Want. These. Boots. Alas, they didn’t carry my size, so I had to order them in. Maybe by then I’ll feel better about the price when they come in. But then again…the Von Maur charge card is interest freeee.

Oh gosh. I digress. I left for a minute to the beautiful world of Frye boots. But I’m back.

I also picked up a bottle of this for Shane and my True Blood Season 3 premier night:



Factoid: when I really like something, I become obsessed with it. True Blood is no different, I find myself relating real life people to the characters, things in life remind me of scenes in the show, and well…I buy Vampire wine. The husband makes fun of me for it all the time, heh.

A couple stores later and it was dinner time! Dinner was eaten at home, and was such a hit:




Isn’t it pretty? It took me sooo long to make.



Psyche! (psyche?)



Noodles helped me out a bit;) The whole grain Tuscan dish is my plate! And hanging on the side was just some of the husband’s leftover crazy bread. Growing up, my mom, brother, and I each got out OWN bag of crazy bread like..once a month and just ate that for dinner. It was awesome 😉

OK time to go dominate this run! Then it’s to the running store to get some new running shoes! The inner tread on mine is donezo. I think I actually might switch it up from the usual Mizuno WaveRiders.

Have a super Sunday, everyone!


Do you know anyone running in the Chicago Marathon? My friend Christine is, as well as SO many other blogger friends! 😀

What’s your all time favorite store to shop in? My heart has always belonged to Von Maur


12 Responses

  1. I know tons of bloggers running, does that count?! 😉

  2. oh my gosh I almost died when i saw that wine of yours!!!!
    i just finished all 3 seasons about two weeks ago.. so i am right there with ya!

    the chi marathon sounds so exciting! can’t wait to read everyones recaps 🙂

    I’ll leave ya with this..

    “Sookie.” – Deep Billy voice (lol)

  3. i follow a bunch of the bloggers who are running the Chicago marathon, but don’t know anybody personally doing so this year.

    Oh, and my favorite store to shop in would probably be Target, lol. They have so much stuff there – from household items to cute shoes!

  4. What a perfect way to kick-off the watching of Season 3!

    I think my favorite store to shop in would be Trader Joe’s. I know you can’t find clothes there but good god, when you’re wandering the aisles, The Possiblities Are Just Endless.

  5. I love our grind and brew too! There is nothing like it. Totally worth the coffee adventure 😉 That noodle dish looks like the jam. I’ve heard really good things about noodles & company. I neeed new boots. Maybe Josh will take me shopping tomorrow 🙂

  6. That was a tough race!!!!!

  7. Hope you had a great run! How sweet of you to take the coffee machine down in to the basement! That made me laugh out loud a little. I hope your husband gets a break soon, geez! That’s gotta be rough

  8. Hey Paige!! Thanks for the shout out and well wishes! I got a PR but not by much. I will have a write up posted later today. I hope we get to meet up for a run again sometime! 🙂

  9. Love Fryes! I got my pair three years ago and wear them a ton every fall/winter along with my Uggs. They are great and will last forever.

    My all time favorite store is Nordstrom ❤

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