Tight Hip and Plantar Fasciitis

Congrats to all the Chicago Marathoners!!! 😀

Yesterday’s run may have been inspired by the Chicago Marathon, but I’m pretty sure it was the last leg of it. This week, my training planned called for taking it light. Yesterday’s run was only eight miles instead of the usual nine or ten. I felt fine. It was my body parts that were holding me back.

I felt like I was running eight miles after already running eight. My Plantar Fasciitis was acting up again, and around mile seven, my right hip’s “tightness” turned into a sharp pain. I had to walk, which is fine. I was just worried about the pain.

After showering and refueling,



With some crumbled pine nut bar and pumpkin cookie on top.

…my parents came over for lunch. But before lunch, I had to get one thing out of the way. I’ve kept my Mizuno Wave Creations for far too long.




I immediately visited the local running store to get new kicks. Luckily, the owner was there, so for about 45 minutes I tried on shoes and run while he analyzed my gait.

There were two that felt great:


And I got ‘em both! I had planned on only getting one, but my mom has always told me to have two pairs of running shoes to rotate to help avoid injury. Thanks to her, I have a second pair to rotate. 🙂

Once that business was taken care of, we walked down the street to get some lunch from a vegetarian cafe called the Coffee House. I’ve been there quite a few times, and it’s delicious every time!

IMG_0545Falafel pita! Falafel pita!


And some of my mom’s sandwich:


Good times!



We made a couple other stops and by the time we got home, relaxation was in order:)


+ Snacks


Right now it’s unseasonably warm in Illinois. It’s typically in the 50’s in mid October and yesterday it reached 88 degrees! I, for one, LOVE it 😀


Breakin’ open a beer and breakin’ in the new shoes 😉

As you can see, the husband didn’t partake in our Sunday lunch + happy hour. As I mentioned yesterday, he’s worked far more than he’s slept this weekend. Well finally a little after noon, I found him crashed – hard


awww hehe. Apparently Niko was pretty wiped out too from…being so darn cute! It’s a full time job 😉

After a couple brewski’s, we said our good byes and I retreated to the basement for a foam rolling session, per orders of aforementioned running store owner.

That hip pain really scared me today, so I plan on foam rolling nightly – and really focusing on stretching. Also, I didn’t realize until after my run, that I had also run Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. That’s five days in a row, and I try not to run more than three days in a row! Big mistake on my part.

Hm, now that I write about it, I did quite a bit yesterday, but somehow I also managed to watch two Gossip Girl episodes, one One Tree Hill, and a Big Bang Theory episode! I think that’s a great mix of activity + relaxation for a Sunday, don’t you? 🙂

Well I’m off to do a light workout of some elliptical upstairs along with a little upper body weights. Laying off the running for a couple days.

Have a marvelous Monday, friends!! 😀

What preventative measures do you take to make sure your fitness doesn’t hinder you instead of help you? I generally make sure I get 1-2 rest days per week, I try not to run more than three- four days in a row, I make sure to get in at least two days of strength training on non-heavy cardio days, I stretch thoroughly, and now I’ll use my foam roller more. I also make sure I’m getting adequate food intake and adequate nutrition. Gotta have all your bases covered!

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19 Responses

  1. Have fun with the lighter workout today! I hope it keeps the injuries away… 😦

    I’m definitely a firm believer of at least one rest day and another day that is VERY light if anything. I also don’t run as many days in a row as I used to. I’d rather be able to run a little slower than not at all… :p

  2. Loving the new kicks (and the Bud Light 😉 ) I try to rest 2 days a week, or do light activity like walking the dog or something..but it’s hard when I want to get out there and run everyday! Especially since we’ve been having 80 degree weather too! Awesome, isn’t it?! 😀 Aw, your dog is such a cutie 🙂

    PS. Thanks for e-mailing me back!

  3. Oh shoes and Coffeehouse = great day!! What adidas did you get?? The marathon was melting hot, definitely not ideal temps.

  4. Falafel Pita?!
    Holy YUM!

  5. I think stretching is a huge thing for me to keep me from being held back by fitness related pains. And taking one full rest day each week. Those usually keep me functioning pretty well. I guess the fact that I also switch it up a lot between high and low impact stuff helps too.
    I love weekends where I can be productive but still have time to chill and enjoy fun things. Sounds like you had a perfect one!

  6. Ohh, falafel. I haven’t had it in a while and I’m having a big craving for it! New shoes are so important when you’re running a lot- or even just running a little. I’m notorious for putting off a new shoes purchase, but when I finally cave it makes such a difference!

  7. Yes, good idea w/rotating shoes. I do that with my newer and older ones. Saucony is a nice brand, too!

  8. Glad you got new shoes! I always have two pairs on hand and try to remember to alternate them. Sounds like a good time with your parents. That falafel pita looks like the jammmm. HOpe your pain goes away!

  9. […] See the actual page here […]

  10. I make sure to do some yoga and when something starts to bother me, I religiously use my Yoga Tune-Up balls and videos. I haven’t found anything that works better for me. Hope your pain is gone soon!

  11. Yayyy for new running shoes! I spent all weekend working at my running store analyzing gaits and putting people in new sneakers. LOVE the feeling of new kicks 🙂 Are those the Saucony Guides in mens? 😉 Those are usually my shoes… but I’m thinking of branching out to Nike trail runners for my next pair!

  12. Wow it sure is still hot there! It is finally feeling like fall around here. The falafel pita looks deeelish. I love falafel.

  13. When my foot started to hurt a couple weeks ago, I went to a see a family friend who happens to be a chiropractor. I am truly amazed by the results. His adjustments and work on my leg made my pain disappear! I have also been rolling my foot on a golf ball and using the foam roller on all of my other tight spots.

  14. I both love and hate my foam roller. Love it because it makes me normal again (I have tight hips and end up with all the aches and pains that come from misalignment) and hate it because it hurts! But between that and religious stretching, I am able to run comfortably and that makes me very happy. Non-running-‘Dee equals ‘Dee-nobody-wants-to-be-around 🙂

    I also have to take days off between runs and what I am not yet good at is working strength training in on those days off. I know more strength can equal less imbalance, so that’s on the list!

  15. I had never thought of having two pairs of shoes to rotate – love that idea.

    I know after I started having issues with my hip I started using a hot-pack – I use it right after my run and then again once I’m in bed. It makes a world of difference!

  16. I love getting new shoes!!!

    I’ve been having some hip pains after my workouts too. I need to do a better job of stretching and foam rolling.

  17. Nice! Love getting new shoes – it’s amazing how different they feel.

    I’m a new runner, so I try to break a day between running, and rest 2 days/week. I also change shoes every 350 miles!

    LOVE that pic of Niko all tuckered out! hehe

  18. I was having scary pain in my feet about 8 weeks ago. As soon as I bought new shoes (which I desperately needed) and started foam rolling the pain went away!
    So now, foam rolling has become a regular part of my daily routine and it seems to be keeping me injury free!
    I hope the new shoes & rolling work for you like they did for me!

  19. […] spirit of the new rule to cut running days down from five to four in order to avoid further injury, I woke up this morning knowing I would forgo my usual Thursday six mile run and instead get some […]

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