When In Doubt, Wear Long Sleeves…

Well, guys, I had my first go around with the new Adidas’s this morning.


From what I can tell, they survived the 6 mile run just fine. But see, I was a little distracted (and still am) by the COLD COLD temps. I came in 45 minutes ago, and my left lower arm (where my Garmin sits) is still not right. Truth be told I’m a little worried. But I’m also over dramatic.

And foolish, apparently. Not knowing whether to wear warm weather clothes or cold weather clothes, I went half and half. Except I did it the wrong way. As you can see in the pic above, I wore running tights. With them, I wore short sleeves:


In 40 degree temps. Folks, if you’re not sure, always always go with long sleeves on top and shorts on bottom.



The legs are the working limbs, so they have blood flow to them regardless. The arms, that just hang out and pump a little, need the coverage.

Obviously, something hot was calling for breakfast (after a 20 minute HOT shower)



HOT oats in a nut butter jar.


Jar de jour:


And after all that heat, my wrist still isn’t right:(

I also tried out the Saucony’s yesterday on the treadmill for a 5 mile tempo run. They withstood the jaunt just fine:) They have a little less “beef” to them (as the running store owner said) and should be used for shorter runs, while the “beefier” Adidas’s should be worn on runs 6 miles or longer. Works for me!


And I enjoyed hearing everyone’s shoe stories. Congrats to those who have found “the ones,” and to those who haven’t, they’re out there somewhere. Don’t fret, everyone has a sole mate 😉 (pun intended, bahahaha I crack myself up!)

The sixth time’s a charm

A charm for a real, hot, home-cooked dinner!    IMG_9660          

I have tried consistently for the past five nights now to take this squash that’s been sitting on top of my fridge for the past week and turn it into something tasty (anyone else keep non-refrigerated produce ontop of the fridge?)

Last night was the sixth night that we would eat leftovers or frozen food in this house, and I’ll be darned if last night became the sixth.

I came across a recipe in Clean Eating for butternut squash bread pudding…


Now I’ve only had one bread pudding, and it definitely did not come from this kitchen. In fact, I declare it the best dessert ever. So why not try my hand at a savory version?

It turned out pretty good!


I didn’t have a couple of the spices it called for, like thyme and rosemary, alas didn’t taste as “herby” (hehe..herby, that’s a funny word) as it should have. But some extra pepper kicked it up a notch.

I was so enamored with making this bread pudding the I entirely forgot to make anything else for myself. Shane got chicken (which he said has been grossing him out lately! Possible conversion into vegetarianism coming soon?!!? 😉 ) and I just threw down the easiest salad known to [wo]man. Spinach+sliced tomater+balsamic vinegar. Done and Doner.


Bread pudding has always been one of those dishes that’s scared me. Like if I knew what went into it that I wouldn’t love it anymore. Alas, now that I know it’s not, I plan on trying my hand at a dessert bread pudding very very soon. The husband and I have already plotted it’s flavors muahaha. Anyone else feel that an evil laugh should come after the word “plot?” Yeah me too 🙂

Well it’s time to go get my work on! Ciao, friends!

Have you ever had a scare because of the cold? I should have known better. Really, I should have.


16 Responses

  1. I’m trying to figure out a good place to get some new running tights/pants for the race. Most of my races/running has happened in warmer temps… Any suggestions?

  2. Agreed on the long sleeves on top and shorts on the bottom. I’ve discovered this is a good combo for that in between cold and warm weather as well!
    I’m intrigued by this savory butternut squash bread pudding! Interesting idea!

  3. I did the same thing last weekend–except with the opposite conditions. I had capris and a short sleeved shirt on, and it started warming up quickly. So my arms were good, but my legs were just dripping wet with sweat.

  4. Paige~ That butternut bread pudding looks yummy! I just whipped up Jenna’s (eat,live,run) recipe for Butternut Butter. So easy and DELISH!! You should try it, it’s vegan! and maybe add it to the seasonal lineup!



  5. HA I adore that photo of you holding your finger up. You’re cute. That squash bread pudding sounds like it could be really incredible. It also reminds me of a savory mushroom bread pudding I made last fall, so thanks for the reminder.


  6. I can’t believe it’s already that cold up there. I’m not ready to run in the cold, it’s going to be a shock to the system for sure!

  7. bnut squash bread puddnig?!?!? omg that sounds fantastic!!! love the looks of it too! 🙂 I need to be eating more squash for sure!

    looking hawttt in those spandex, girl!

  8. One could hope he’d just not eat chicken anymore, but I know that they just have to make that decision themselves! Wishful thinking?

    All I can hope for is that my veggie food is accepted, too!

  9. Savory bread pudding? Love that. Maybe that’s what needs to be happening to the Butternut Squash that I’m hoarding?

    I know that I’m always partial to running with more on top and less on bottom…It’s always hard knowing what to wear when we’re moving from warm to cold. For some reason the cold to warm transition is easier?

    I hope your wrist feels better!

  10. Lately I’ve been running in shorts and long sleeves, and just yesterday I wondered if I should try switching it up and wearing a t-shirt or tank on top with longer pants. Thanks for the post—now I know the answer! I’ll be sticking with my regular outfit.

  11. I think muhahaha should come after the word plot! And it wouldn’t hurt to hold your pinky finger up to the side of your mouth like Dr. Evil either 😀 HAHA.
    I hope your arm feels better..I never know what kind of clothes to wear. If it’s cold when I first start out, I usually tend to overdo it and wear sweatshirt and pants.

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