It’s a Cheese Quake!!

Hi guys! Happppy Friday 😀 I just got back from training a supah early morning client, and am ready to tackle a full day of errands and work!

Starting with getting this lil’ lady to the groomers.


Furry monkey! On a (very random) side note, my dad and husband think she looks like Jeff Bridges (Big Lebowski) when she’s in need of a hair cut.

image No? Dude 😉


I’m thankful to say that yesterday around noon my left wrist/arm finally felt normal again. My cousin Scott’s a doctor, and my aunt called him to see what was up for me (Thanks Aunt Bobbie 🙂 Turns out the cold + my run + not wearing sleeves + Raynauds disease is a horrible combination for me. Plus, my Garmin was hitting nerves that weren’t getting much blood – and that didn’t help.


Now that that’s settled, I’ll know what not to do next time:)

The rest of the day went by fairly smoothly. The only two clients I had yesterday both had to cancel due to a trip and a cold – so that meant I had the whole night to play!

How did I play? I played in the kitchen!



After taking Niko and the husband (heh) for a long walk, I got busy in the kitch. More specifically, I got busy cookin’ dinner and dessert!

Dinner, while nothing fancy, was nothing short of fantastic:



Almond butter encrusted sweet potato fries, cheesy roasted broccoli, + veggie baked beans.



The fries turned out beautifully crispy and delicious.


As did the brock 🙂 A little cheese tasted fabulous on it. Plus it made it OK for the husband to eat 😉

But it didn’t stop there…


I mean, I already had the oven on…


Every once in a while, I’ll look back on the blog at a post from exactly one year ago. I did that yesterday, and of course, October 14th, 2009 just had to be  the day I ate pumpkin cheesecake at Olive Garden.



Throughout the work day yesterday, the pumpkin cheesecake was on my mind. In my meetings, I was adding up ingredients instead of dollars. And at that point I knew I just had to make it on my own. Since I’ve never made cheesecake on my own before, I figured I’d better start with someone else’s version



And yes, it required one “stick a buttah.” But that’s not bad for a whole cake, is it?

I’m thinking I’d like to try veganizing this pie, but that’s for another place and time. Or at least another time. It’ll probably still take place right here in my kitchen 😉

The pie turned out wonderfully, albeit a bit lopsided!


And although after baking, it was supposed to chill for a good four hours, after two, I just couldn’t help myself 😉







It’s a cheese quake! Run for your forks!



The money shot:


ohhh yeaaah 🙂


And she’s off!

Got any weekend plans? I have to work quite a bit at the gym, but I’m also planning on running with a friend, and seeing my BFF Jessica, who I haven’t seen since her wedding! 😀

Have a fantastic Friday, everyone!!


9 Responses

  1. Paula Deen knows her stuff. When looking for a specific recipe, I may always google it with her name first- not one of her recipes have disappointed me yet! 😉

  2. Haha. I laughed when you said “take the husband for a walk” hehe..that’s how it feels when I ask my boyfriend to come on walks with Trixie and I! Yay for play time in the kitchen! And for pie 😉

  3. “The DUDE!” (Mike’s comment) Your brother just happened to read this post over my shoulder. The Big Lebowski is one of his favorite movies; he loved your post. He also thought your fries look pretty good.

  4. Um, that cheese quake looks UH mazing!!

  5. Jason is working from home today – he’s in our office and his phone is out here with me… it just started buzzing and I yelled “PHONE’S RINGIN’ DUDE !!”

    …as I was opening this post. 😉

    your pie = mouth water + stomach growl.

  6. You know I’m still trying to figure out how to make a vegan White Russian, right?

    That cheesecake looks fabulous!

    Just wanted to say hi and thank you always for your kind comments!

  7. Haha – your Dude comparison is hilarious. I see the resemblance!
    Your cheesecake looks divine. Have a great weekend!

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