Omelet Bomb

What up! It’s Monday again. The weeks just go by SO fast for me. Each time it’s Monday again I’m amazed.

But I’m here to tell you about Sunday. Trusting my body, I decided against my morning run for my hip’s sake and instead had a leisurely morning of reading The Girl Who Plated with Fire (obsessed) and doing a couple loads of laundry.

Once I worked up an appetite, the husband and I went to our favorite breakfast place in town, Wild Berries:


Wild Berries serves up fresh and delicious breakfasts – and their omelet’s are the bomb!

Though this tempted me…


I stuck with my tried and true veggie omelet…


which was as big as my head! Seriously! But there omelets are the bomb – SO dang good. Plus a side of fruit – and a couple bites of Shane’s pancakes. I probably got through 2/3 the omelet before throwing in the towel  napkin. haha

Wild Berries also has a sweet coffee/smoothie bar in the middle of the restaurant and mile long list of shakes/smoothies/coffee drinks. Although I just stuck with coffee and half and half, I got a little excited when I spotted a couple sexy Vita-Mixes:


Oooh yeah 😉 bahah

It was nice to have a relaxing breakfast out for a change. Between my weekend runs, training clients, and being out of town on weekends, we hardly get a chance to do it, but it was quite nice! Plus, this breakfast kept me full for a good five hours, clearly.

I think I’m still full…

Ok we know that’s a lie 😉


Well I’m off for an easy four miler + some ab work! Hopefully the body will cooperate with me this time 🙂

What do you usually order when out for breakfast? I’m usually an omelet girl – just because I rarely make omelets at home. I’m horrible at it!!


14 Responses

  1. I’m an omelet girl too! Also I just finished the third book of that series and I’m so sad there aren’t more books..they are so good

  2. I usually get an omelet too – or a scramble of sorts. I don’t like sweet breakfast when we’re out!

  3. Such a hard decision: eggs or pancakes. I love pancakes and sometimes get those when I eat out since I eat eggs so much at home. But I adore a good omelet!

  4. I’m the same as you- it’s almost always an omelet when I’m out for breakfast. Because I like making eggs, but I am yet to perfect the omelet!

    Glad you had a nice and relaxing Sunday… 🙂

  5. Yay for a breakfast date! I’m terrible at making omelets too. They always break or just get turned into scrambled eggs 🙂 Hope your 4 miler went well! I usually order omelets or pancakes when out for breakfast and of course coffee! I’m off to do your training sets at the gym! 🙂

  6. I don’t think I could have resisted those pancakes. Pumpkin AND cinnamon butter? Holy yum. Usually I’m an eggs, goat cheese, spinach and some other veggies kind of girl though lately I’ve been indulging in crab cakes benedict which is soooo good.

  7. I SO would have jumped on the pancakes, but the omelet looks good, too!

  8. I order omelets out most of the time because I can’t make them myself. Lately I’ve been wanting to go to a place across the street and order sweet potato pancakes though. Sounds so yummy.

  9. I’m so a pancake girl when I order breakfast out. Nothing compares to a quality pancake! And ya know? I always feel like the weeks are flying by too…but then when I think I still have three months left of this pregnancy it seems like time is DRAGGIN!

  10. I love going out to breakfast and I don’t do it nearly enough. When I go out, it’s all about the pancakes! I also love a good batch of home fries.

    Take care of that body. Hope your run goes well!

  11. I’m finishing up the last few chapters of The Girl that Kicked the Hornets! The series is so good, I’m sad to see it end! I recommend the Swedish movie version of the first book, even my husband liked it!

    For breakfast I definitely go for omelettes! Feta and tomato is a favorite.

    • I was sad to see it end too! I like TGWPWF more than TGWTDT. It ended because Stieg (the author) died, right?

      • Yeah he died before becoming popular. I also heard there is another book he was working on but according to the family they have no plans to publish it since it was meant to be the fifth book- oh the drama.

  12. This is a tough question. I usually order an omelet but sometimes I’m swayed into ordering a dessert like pancake or waffle!

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